Bank holiday Monday saw me off out to do some daygame. This was a really interesting day as the first half was pretty crappy but still valuable whereas the second half was a great success.

I began by going up to Covent Garden. I wandered round for an hour and found a total paucity of sets. At the end of an hour I felt pretty dejected and my state was low. I took solace in writing the thing off as a learning experience with the following conclusions:

  • Solo daygame is hard. It’s not so hard to get in state initially but keeping in state is really difficult.
  • When there’s not many sets available keeping in state is harder as you get longer between the sets to get inside your head and psyche yourself out
  • I have less AA than previous but still too much. I have not ‘served my time’ and built up indifference.
  • Approaching immediately without thinking is the best way.
  • Women don’t go out on the Bank Holiday much.
  • Women can’t stand silence and generally blab on their mobiles if they’re alone
  • 2 sets of UK women scare me

In the end I had done zero sets for an hour: pathetic. I felt dejected so left and decided to try my luck in a gallery. I walked to a nearby gallery and started hunting for sets. I spotted a young, blonde, say a 7.5 and went in. This turned out to be my best day game so far. I just did a very basic opener: stood behind her, looked at the picture for a bit and said “do you like it?”. The first few minutes were a bit hit and miss because her English was a bit hesitant. Turns out she is a Russian on holiday. I sink into my more Alpha stance and body language, use my hands expressively, keep good eye contact and start kinoing. We’re having a nice little talk. Then I tell her “look at this picture over here” and get her to move to a different place. I repeat this again and damn me if ‘it’ doesn’t work. Controlling a woman’s movements and touching her builds attraction. I started to feel it in the air. I was softening my eyes, smiling a lot, joking… generally being nice and not trying any frame control stuff. It really was quite easy as I genuinely did like the girl. I made sure we talked in a lot of visual, expressive, colourful language about the pictures. I drew parallels with life and got her talking about other stuff. I DHV’ed a few times in a very minor way. I BOUNCE her to another part of the gallery, kino her a bit on the way and then…. I just know “it’s on”. I can just feel the attraction in the air like a static charge. It actually feels kind of uneasy.. like a great tension needing release. I look in her eyes and know that I could take hold of her and kiss close her on the spot, in the middle of the gallery.

Holy crap.

I don’t though… as I’m chicken. Talk a bit more then mention a Van Gogh exhibition and see her face light up. I’ve cunningly already mentioned a few minutes earlier the same exhibition and seeded the notion that I’d like to go again. I ask her if she wants to go. A second later I have her number and a Day Two arranged. I stay a little while longer then can’t stand it anymore and split.

I’m high as a kite by now. Nobody told me gaming was addictive! I literally feel a rush. On the way to the station I spot a tiny Indian girl in a big hat at the bus stop. I sit next to her and immediately open her asking her about her hat. I have a genuinely beautiful conversation with her, turns out she has a deep, loving, respectful personality and is a doctor. She’s tiny and quite quite, again at least a 7. I ask for her number and she freaks a bit.. this never happens to her. I just remain calm and impassive: “it’s up to you” I say, then talk about something else for a few seconds. She gives me the number and insists on taking my full name as she says “men are not to be trusted”. She also mentions how hard she works and how little free time she has. Sorry babe I’ve already lost interest. Bless. What we have here is a sad case of a young, bright girl watching the best years of her life slip away working stupid hours. She’s probably had hardly any boyfriends and expects to remain single until one day magically “meeting someone” and getting married. She tells herself this every time her slowly dying eggs start twinging. Babe.. magic doesn’t happen. Opportunities arise. They are now. If you can’t even give out your phone number and hook up for a date after having a wonderful 20 minute conversation with a handsome stranger then WTF? Cue the long singleness then marrying some pot-bellied old Indian consultant her parents dredge up.

Anyway the number is mine and I’m off home.. two solid number-closes the better. I feel amazing and really proud of myself. I get back to Greenwich and decide I should take advantage of my mega-state by doing another set. I wander round the little market and see a mixed race babe packing up her stall. “Do you bake your own cakes?” I ask. As Tyler said, you can open with anything if everything else is right. My voice, body language, everything is perfect and she beams at me, stops and the conversation starts. I’m witting and nice and have her laughing in moments. She has an older woman with her who is packing up the stall as well. Normally she would be sour and cockblock but she has somehow pre-scanned me and found me acceptable material and actually starts DHVing me massively! “You must work in advertising or something” she says.. which ego aside must mean a reference to my general insance confidence level at that point. I’m a little taken aback (I’m not used to any of this) but (sort of) lie and say “no… but I do stand-up comedy”. Wow! Christ on earth… what a DHV this is. They almost piss themselves on the spot. I buy a little cake and tell her I ‘might’ drop by and chat with her next time I’m at the market and she gives me massive IOIs and asks me too. Then I leave. Don’t need a number.. but may drop by next time.

If you’d have told me of last November that in five months time I could walk into a gallery, walk up to women and charm them to the point of being able to kiss them on the spot, or that I could walk up to babes and charm them, then I’d have told you to lay off the crystal meth. And the funny thing is… now it seems congruent. I can believe that I did that and it was not a case of luck. I made that sh!t happen. I’m already dying to get out there and do it again as I now feel that it’s not so impossible anymore. I think I can do it again. Also I now want to get out to bars and try the same feat in bar game.. I think it is so close.


I texted the Russian the day after:

Me (16:07)

Hi RussianHB. It was nice to meet u at the gallery yesterday. I checked the van gogh exhibition and it has closed! 🙁 but there is a good exhibition at the X if u would like to go there instead? Its open late Thursday. Bhodisatta

(why f.uck around?)

HB (16:33)

Hey Bhodisatta I don’t c any problem. Let’s go to the X it wold be better, because I have not been there yet J

(nice IOI, despite venue change still wants to meet)

Me (21:22)

Hi RussianHB. Thats great. I will meet u Thursday 5.30pm at Y tube station. Let me know if this time is ok. Bhodisatta

(make her wait a bit.. I’m a busy, social guy… being more decisive, giving her instructions)

HB (22:09)

Time’s okay. Is it alright if I come with my friends? They haven’t been in this place too

(agh! The friends trick)

Me (23:00)

Sure! See you then.

(make her wait a bit… give her a feeling she might be losing it before responding.  Of course say yes.)

I actually surprised myself at my rapid PUA-volution by being pleased that she’ll bring friends. Previously I would have sulked over this believing ‘my chances were ruined’ and that she’d ‘tricked me’. Now I scoff at such novice thoughts and think that this is a great thing. I instantly reframe it as:

  1. She’ll be more likely to actually turn up!
  2. I get to meet new people. When she buggers off back to Moscow then I may have made connections out of this. Given the amount of hotties in the Russian expat community I’d love contacts into this social group.
  3. Makes it less datey and therefore makes me less outcome-dependent.
  4. Means I can game more. Only the AFC thinks his chances are better with less people. If her friends are there then I can win them over and gain massive social proof. If they judge my value as high enough then they will assist the interaction. Plus having a group makes it easier to pull a few Mystery Method isolation and teasing riffs on her.
  5. If nothing happens between me and her then maybe it will with one of her friends, ha ha.
  6. Great practice for me in gaming groups and obstacles.


11:14PM and I’ve just had a missed call from the Indian Doctor. I smell weirdness. She’d probably be all “why didn’t you call me?” etc after just two days, and that’s considering the pain in the arse she was about giving out the number. I also forgot to mention that she had hands like shrivelled, vile monkey’s paws with grotesque, bitten-down rags of nails on every finger. I felt quite sick looking at them and found myself in the unusual position of seeing an attractive womans hands and determining that they would never, ever, go anywhere near my dick.

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