Unexpected Consequences of Taking the Red Pill: #2: Liberation From The Matriarchy!

Civilization is run for the benefit of women. Aside from the one historical but rapidly dwindling drawback of being socially constrained from alpha-chasing and forced to marry betas women do a lot better out of it all than men.

Women live longer and they work less, facts which can easiliy be supported by looking at life expectancies by gender and tax paid by gender. Why do women live longer? It’s not a genetic trait of the sexes, look at the studies on religious groups (monks and nuns) where with equally unstressful and ordered lives lifespans were equal.

Consider a socialized healthcare system, a socialized education system. Men pay more and recieve less benefit. If you’re a woman you’re more likely to go to university and it’s far easier to get a job for a given amount of ability than it is for a male. In fact affirmative action laws and policies ensure that women recieve an allocated number of jobs in certain industries. The NHS is a massive mechanism for female employment.

If you’re a woman you’re less likely to be found guilty of your crimes and you’ll recieve less prison time, if any. If you get divorced you’ll usually be default allocated the children and the organisms of the state will enable you to use this custody to extract compliance and cash from the father and should you so wish turn his children against him. If you ever want to get a man in serious trouble it’s easy: you just falsely accuse him of rape. Don’t worry; you’re guaranteed privacy and what’s the worst that can happen?

One of the greatest unexpected consequences of taking the red pill for me was the “They Live” moment when after months of discussion with free-men and after reading Tomassi’s book the penny suddenly dropped and I realised that in fact women were the beneficiaries of society and not the oppressed.

There is no ‘patriarchy opressing women’: there is a load of men busting their balls to create a prosperous and safe world for women to live in and getting spat in the face as a reward. The greatest thing the devil ever did was convince people he didn’t exist.

Looking back on my life I see that I’ve been suffering under The Matriarchy for most of it. Ever since I was a young boy I was told to work hard at school so that when I was older I could have a big house and a happy family. The indoctrination was relentless: when I was older I was guided towards more staid and highly paid careers so that I could continue my mission of working for others people’s benefit. Twenty or so years later and a couple of miserable, boring, joyless careers behind me I look back and realise that I, like nearly all my classmates was raised to accept misery and hardwork as our neccessary role in life so that we could first win, then provide for a woman and our offspring.

How many young girls are ever told they need to work hard to buy a man a house and provide for his children? How many teenage girls ever really feel this heavy hand of responsibility on them. None of course. For women careers are a source of fulfillment; pure emotional porn. Women pick jobs which will give them status, ego or whatever their particular hamster feels it needs.

I never actually known any women who accept any form of serious discomfort or unhappiness for other people’s good unless they’re getting a sick people-pleaser thrill from it. In a woman’s life she is number one. She lives for herself and her own happiness. Whatever she’s doing is working towards that goal. She might fail of course, or might end up poor and in an awful job, but the motives were the same. All the women I’ve ever known were raised to not accept unhappiness in their lives. Nearly all the men I’ve known, including myself, were trained to accept misery and unhappiness for the future rewards of providing for others.

Men get paid more and earn more because primarily their busting their guts providing for women, yet women commit the ultimate treachery of turning this against them, denying it and trying to steal from men the very wealth men accrue to give them.

Recently, age 39, I had a final ephiphany and realised the monstrous extent of the beta worker-bee programming to which I’d been subjected. I felt sad; I looked back on the last twenty years of education and career misery and wondered what would have happened if I’d just been told to work for my own benefit, do whatever made me fuzzy inside and to always ensure I was happy and content.

Better late than never. A week ago I made the decision to fuck the future and fuck providing for anyone else. What I do now is simple: I follow my values and I put myself first. I regard my future career, should I have one, in the same way a woman does. Whatever provides me with purpose and emotional porn I shall do. I do not live for other people’s benefit. I leave you with a quote from Warren Farrell:

Men have misdefined power as “feeling obligated to earn money someone else spends while he dies sooner.” 

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  1. evilwhitemalempire Avatar

    “The greatest thing the devil ever did was convince people he didn’t exist.”
    The greatest thing the devil ever did was convince people that the oppressors are oppressed and that the oppressed are oppressors.

  2. Hey Bodi,
    I’ve just read one of the best books on happiness by Ivo Toman, czech edition only, it’s a new book, so this is a distillation I made. I remember you were looking for self development material.

    Accept your situation – take action.
    You need small mind chaos, control of your sphere of influence. (I wonder why people aren’t happy when they read manosphere.com all day, lol)
    Goals of meaning, outcome independent, so basically a compass. ( not “fucking 150 women”.) Being moral, humble, helping others…are necessary as well as other that are already well covered by manosphere – experiences, relationships, appearance, health, sleep, travel, status, finance…
    There is a difference between pleasure – that should be enjoyed and the intervals prolonged – flow, and meaning, with meaning being the most important, flow second, and pleasure third. (pleasure – tv, easy sex, food…flow – hard skiing in the alps, meaning – saving lives, helping through the books etc.)
    Managing expectations: First, expect the best and give it all, then lover your expectations to zero when you have no influence, and cultivate your frustration tolerance. (whoa, that looks like what daygame does)
    memories: weaken bad, strengten good – peak-end theory, so to weaken bad memory you need to lower (reframe) the peak bad moment and also the last moment.
    Pleasurable things should be done with breaks and unpleasurable without breaks. Expressive writing also works very well for happiness.

    That’s about it.

    1. Thanks dude. Any chance you could translate the entire book for me?

      1. Haha…no:)) It’s not worth it anyway. Basically it all comes down to planning your habits based on those outcome independent meaningful goals, having control in your life and taking action. Anyway, I think he sometimes makes conclusions based on studies but lacks the education for proper interpretation of data.

  3. Again good stuff. Had similar consequences of taking the Red Pill. Only having quit my corporate job before that since I was too much of a lone wolf, taking the Red Pill only made it clearer not to return to a corporation and strike it out alone.

  4. Yeah, life change dramatically once a man always asks himself “what do I get out of it?” and only goes along when he’s getting an advantage. The funny thing is, most people around him will reluctently accept his choices with an undertone of frustration: “damn, I can’t fool this guy into doing what I want, why doesn’t the trick work on him?”. You always feel a whiff of fearful respect.

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