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  1. I will soon turn off the comments.

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  1. Hi John, I recently listened to the Tom Torero podcast about the inner game rollercoaster. I have also read your first book and enjoyed it very much. You touch on the fact you had problems approaching even though you wanted to. I am also having problems approaching at the moment, much to my annoyance. What helped you start approaching? Could you give me any helpful advice on how to have a better mindset, and improve my inner game?

    Looking forward to read your new book

  2. Hi John, I also listened to the Tom Torero podcast and I felt that your experience in starting with DayGame really echoed with my struggles.
    On the podcast you mentioned that you’d be open to have a coffee and a chat.
    I am based in London.
    If you’d be available one afternoon for a chat I would be very grateful!

    Thank you,

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