History of this blog

I started this blog (on the original URL “mygreatexperiment.wordpress.com”) about fourteen years ago when – finding myself a hate-filled, middle-aged Gamma who was terrible with women – I decided to attempt to do something about it and sign myself up for a “PUA Bootcamp” in London, run by none other than beanpole-wunderkind Jimmy Jambone and Thriller-jacket wearing, prime-era Krauser.

I blogged for about a year and a half then, like my game, gave up and engaged in a meltdown/avoidance period. After a year and a half break, I returned and continued the journalling at a new URL (“bodipua.com”).

On that platform I wrote continuously until about 2016, where I realised I no longer gave a fuck and had nothing new to say, so I stopped.

Now many years have passed and my life has changed immeasurably. Now I have something to say, so for a finite time, I will do so.

I have imported the contents of both of my old blogs (mygreatexperiment and bodipua.com) into this one, putting all my content in one place, and will shut down the former URLs, codifying the bodifying in one place, once and forever.