October 2010

  • Tips for the mid 30’s (and older) PUA

    Bored at work. Knocked this up.   Get in shape Nasty shape. The number one indicator of age is fat. You can do yourself innumerable favours by lowering your bodyfat. Don’t just get ‘acceptable’ either. Get in great shape. Lift weights and put on muscle. You are competing with mid 20’s guys, plenty of whom… Continue reading

  • I have not forgotten about Part Three!

    A quick note… I’m not deliberately dragging out the final part of my RJ review it’s just that I’ve been bloody busy the last few weeks and the tiny bit of time I did have to myself I decided would be best spent getting my online dating profile ready and doing a bit of daygame… Continue reading

  • Bottom-trawling

    The cod fillets I bought in Tesco tonight had “Method of fishing: bottom trawling” marked on the packet. Significant, then, that tonight is the night I finally get sick of fiddling with my profile and put it on the online dating site. I’m a bit late, I know, but I do have a real job… Continue reading

  • Actual, real Game.

    Finally I’ve got my arse into gear. It’s been a horrifically long while since I’ve actually, really done some actual real Game, rather than just sit writing enormous reviews of a Ross Jeffries seminar. I’ve been mulling over the whole thing and finally sat down this morning and thought through what I want and how… Continue reading

  • The Krauser Daygame Model

    Krauser, Trafalgar Square’s number one PUA and man twice voted “Person most likely to get thrown out of a Cafe Nero for sexually interfering with women”, has recently published his ‘Daygame Model’ on his site. I strongly recommend you check it out. Krauser’s Game has come on leaps and bounds this year and he now… Continue reading

  • Goals

    As a following post will show I did my first daygame in a long while today. Before I did so I sat down and had a long, hard think. The thing is, I didn’t actually want to do daygame. It’s difficult and draining in the early stages, say for the first….oh… thousand approaches. My reptilian… Continue reading