January 2011

  • On holiday

    Needed a break. In Thailand… back soon! Continue reading

  • Daygame phases

    Off the back of my last daygame status update I’ve tried to list out the phases I see my game as having gone through. 1)Curiosity/Disbelief/Fear I wish I could get girls off the street like in The Game. Off to a bootcamp. I have to do what? You can’t be serious. I’ll get arrested. Ok,… Continue reading

  • Male company.

    I’ve been mulling over this issue for a while and in fact talked about it with Krauser the other day. Turns out he’s beat me to the blog with it but as his approach and style is very different I thought I’d go ahead anyway. As a chode, a young chode, I believed that female… Continue reading

  • The Dip

    Since my cup of coffee I’ve been gradually getting back in the saddle with daygame. Last Saturday, coffee day, I did 5 sets and got three closes. I’ve indulged in some text game and got a provisional (50/50 probably) date for Thursday with an Italian girl. Sunday I went out with SalsaLord, Krauser and Jambone… Continue reading

  • The best cup of coffee of my life

    I drank a cup of coffee today to pep me up before doing some daygame. I don’t normally drink much caffeine so it has a very severe effect on me; probably akin to giving a six year old a snort of charlie. BOOM. My mood goes into the positive and I suddenly realise that I’ve… Continue reading

  • A ‘bad’ day

    I was late out today after staying up till 4am watching “The Other Guys” because it was so damn hilarious I couldn’t turn it off. Opened an Israeli girl in Waitrose. Turns out she was 35 and had a boyfriend. Hooked ok though. Opened ok though. Had a nice chat. Terrible open on a British… Continue reading

  • The Manifesto

    I’m working on something big. Something in my brain broke the other day and I worked out some super-big truths about myself. I typed and typed till 5 in the morning. It needs some more work, mainly to make me sound less clinically insane, but when it’s done I’ll post it up. It’s the biggest… Continue reading