September 2010

  • Day2 Dojo

    Is this how it ends for some of us? We started with good intent. We read books and voraciously acquired material. We got a nice shirt, maybe a necklace with a skull on it, met up with some wings from the forums and did approaches in bars. Sometimes we went to Covent Garden and walked… Continue reading

  • Porkies = OK

    I was talking to my mate SalsaLord the other week about, wait for it, Game. SalsaLord is not a convert but I sense he is a little Game-curious. When I explain a few basic Game principles I can sense he’s interested but he shows a lot of LMR in progressing any further and has a… Continue reading

  • Decisions decisions..

    I have two equally tempting life plans for December and January (while I’m between contracts) and I can’t make my mind up. Assumptions: You love whoring. Cost is not the most important factor. In a year’s time you plan to take a big chunk of time off work, six months to one year, to do… Continue reading