August 2010

  • Apocalypse neg

    Are you a ladyboy? Continue reading

  • Guest post: DrunkenBaker’s Glory

    Last Friday night I was idling in my mate’s house when I got a text message from DrunkenBaker. Within seconds I was phoning him. “Is it true?” I screamed… “really, honestly?… tell me you didn’t make it up”. DrunkenBaker had just hid the motherlode and had the most amazing SNL sexual encounter of his life. I… Continue reading

  • I fuck a fat black whore.

    As part of my new Snapback recovery program I’ve decided to fuck whores to try and release some Beta-rage and maybe kid my elephant that it’s getting sex. I’m browsing the goods on and see this whore in Lewisham who looks fairly decent at £100 an hour: £100 an hour! And that’s cheap. For… Continue reading

  • This is (one of the things) that’s wrong with the community

    I recently had a comment posted on an old post about me sort of NLP’ing a girl at a wedding. You can read the original post here. Hey man I actually replied to this on LSS. In case you did not see it, here is the post. Hey I read a post on here earlier… Continue reading

  • Krausertude

    Anyone been following the goings-on over at Krauser’s blog? It’s gone wild! The guy has entered some kind of mythical Golden period. He’s boning teenage virgins. He did a Muslim girl in the arse. He’s on fire! Truly tales any man can be proud of. Just coming out a period of total depression, sad Beta-Rage… Continue reading

  • Snapback

    This is my first serious post in around five weeks. If you’re still checking this blog regularly then more the fool you thanks. Apparently about 25 of you a day are doing so. Where have I been? I’ve been encountering something I’m going to call Snapback. The short version of the theory goes like this:… Continue reading