November 2010

  • Becoming selective

    A common misconception about Game is that it’s about developing the ability to get any girl. Wrong. What is an attractive quality in a man? Pre-selection. What do men with choice do? Select. What do desperate men do? Take anything. How can you be the selector? Select! To a certain extent if you copy the… Continue reading

  • Online dating: first impressions

    I’ve been “doing” online dating for about six weeks now and feel like I’m ready to make a few initial conclusions. In general I’d say my expectations were pretty low to start with but to my amazement I’ve still managed to be disappointed with the experience. I know some guys seems to have success with… Continue reading

  • RSD close-video sinks to new levels

    Come on Tyler: This is going a bit far. (do NOT click that link at work!). Continue reading

  • Dater baiter

    Seriously. This all begins a while back when Jimmy Jambone at RSG mails me and asks if he can use my “real” profile on his online dating account. Just to remind you it goes like this: ****************************************** The Reality Me Thirty five but younger at heart than you. A bit fat but in a 1950′s… Continue reading

  • Tiny piece of Game in coffee shop

    I did some Game therefore I can write about it. Just grabbed a coffee at work and had a nice little chat in the cafe. I’ve noticed a gorgeous little brunette works there now. Slim, small, very pale skin, dark, dark eyes and raven black hair. She was there today with her non-HB but very… Continue reading

  • Blog disgust. Me.

    DrunkenBaker was ripping it out of me a few weeks ago saying that I was the ultimate bedroom-PUA and was more interested in writing about Game than doing it. We both realised how utterly apt my monker ‘Bhodisatta’ is as I truly do remain pure to help others (mainly that little shit DrunkenBaker) gain enlightenment. I… Continue reading