Tiny piece of Game in coffee shop

I did some Game therefore I can write about it. Just grabbed a coffee at work and had a nice little chat in the cafe. I’ve noticed a gorgeous little brunette works there now. Slim, small, very pale skin, dark, dark eyes and raven black hair. She was there today with her non-HB but very friendly Fillipino workmate.

Me: Hi there. [beaming smile]
Filipino: Hi [smiles. eyes roll up as she tries to remember]… americano, grande right?
Me: [Just look at her, expectantly. Point at her]
Filipino: [giggles… thinks a bit]
Me: Can’t get it?… Ok, it’s decaff.
[both laugh]
Me: You’ll learn it soon
[I’ve been ignoring the HB up till now and she can’t stand not being included and sidles in]
HB: [to Filipino] they all expect us to remember their drinks! [steals side-glances at me]
Me: [to Filipino] I’ll tell you what, each time you get it wrong I’ll slap you. Will that help?
[calibration is off here but it still goes ok and she laughs]
Filipino: Yes, that’d help.
Me:[to them both] the other girl, the tall Polish girl with blonde hair, she always remembered my drink
[get women talking about other women, even better their colleagues and their jealousy engines immediately start warming up. also illustrates pre-selection i.e. another girl bothered to remember my order]
Filipino: oh you mean Anna, the supervisor?
Me: No! No! This girl had curly hair, Anna’s hair is like a blonde helmet [do hand gesture]
[they both laugh a lot. I realise here they really like me. I’m kind of mildly eye-fucking the Filipino as well throughout]
Filipino: Oh! you’re so funny… [I’m fascinated to see that as she says this she turns and looks at the HB and kind of nudges to me. She is in effect DHV’ing me to the HB and giving me the selection-OK]
HB: [to Filipino] Where do you think he’s from?
[Filipino tries to guess]
HB: no… Newcastle!
Me: [point at HB. pointing is nicely demeaning. then talk to Filipino] I thought she was Eastern European [a neg? a compliment (they are fitter)? neither: it’s ambiguity. scatters her brain nicely to let me walk on in)
Filipino: I think she looks kind of Italian
[Me. Make dismissive rasping noise with lips and flick hand to indicate I do not wish to discuss HB]
Filipino: you don’t care?
Me: [just flick head a bit, neither a yes nor no] She’s probably a Romanian and is just lying.
[comedic neg. also there is an undertone here of what on earth is a Brit doing working in a coffee bar in London. is she poor? this is too dangerous to go near and possibly a little cruel so I avoid it directly. Also, I am quite OK with dating a nice, feminine girl who works in a coffee shop, in fact it could work really well.]
HB: [to me] where do you think she’s from?…… China!
Me: [laugh at her] Obviously not. It’s the Phillipines.
[they are both impressed]
Filipino: wow!
Me: Manilla I believe
Filipino: WOW!! [just guessed. always guess the capital city]
[I’m ignoring HB again by now]
Filipino: how did you know?
Me: Oh… I’ve been there
[wait. no boasting]
Filipino: holiday? or business?
Me: a bit of both. the company I used to work for had offices in China and the Phillipines. I was working in China so I took the chance to visit the Phillipines.
[unleash the guns of DHV]
Filipino: wow. what did you think?
Me: different… a little dangerous
Filipino: maybe…
Me: well if you’re a six foot white guy wandering round looking for Starbucks it is
[drop in the fact I’m nicely tall and tower over these tiny females]
[by now they are both kind of glowing and their energy is ‘pinging’ off each other. I realise that what i am seeing here is the “females in presence of Alpha male” response]
[Another customer turns up. They ignore him and are staring at me]
[Pick up my coffee, give a deep, quick look at HB and she gives me a gorgeous, sexual smile. I look at Filipino, beaming smile then..]
Me: I’m off now. See you guys later.
[As I leave they are both still staring at each other with a strange look and weird, scatty body language]

Let me extrapolate a few conclusions.

  • Game is best when it’s not game, when it’s just identity and being social combined with a basic knowledge of how to not fuck up.
  • Game is fun
  • If there’s an HB with a totally out of the question friend or colleague: like here where the 18 year old HB with the 35 year old short, plump, Fillipino mother was, then it’s good fun to eye-fuck and heat up the ‘obstacle’ and ignore the target. They sense the energy and it warms them up by proxy, too.
  • Get a woman talking about other women. It kicks in their jealousy circuits. I’ve only just realised this.
  • Use ambiguity. I’ve never done this before and always taken a nerd’s delight in being black or white. I don’t know why I started doing it but it’s good stuff. It just kind of scatters a woman. You give an ambiguous answer and their brain fuzzes. Their forebrain is trying to deconstruct it while the hindbrain gets aroused at a man demonstrating emotional control.
  • There’s an art to gaming a group and working them off each other.
  • Women go WEIRD when their hindbrains realize there is An Alpha Present. They fiddle, shuffle, get a weird vibe off each other, will look at each other and get really excited.

I’ll probably Game the HB a bit more then try a number-close.

Go get a coffee.

6 responses to “Tiny piece of Game in coffee shop”

  1. Beautiful. This exchange and explanation wouldn’t have been out of place on a [legit] instructor’s blog.

  2. This beautiful tiny piece of game contrasts nicely with an awful piece of game I witnessed yesterday. I was in a Soho pub during the afternoon when it was quiet, and along came two young Russian girls. They weren’t especially hot, only about a 6, and they looked quite timid so I left them alone. As they were walking from the bar to their table, they walked past the table of a lone black youth in his mid twenties. The guy stood up as they walked past and held his arms out at the side and said “Hey babies, you’re so beautiful, how about I give you some company?” Needless to say they just brushed past him and sat down, so he just glared at me while I sniggered.
    I’ve seen this type of approach a lot by young black men. Normally they hang around bus stops in Brixton and just walk up to girls waiting for a bus and say something along the lines if “Oh baby, you’re so fine”. Has anybody ever seen these tiny rubbish pieces of “game” ever work?

    1. I’ve seen the same non-game in Philadelphia. Black males will stand on the sidewalk and cat call like construction workers. They’ll even tug on the girls clothing. I’ve never seen it work. I just see the disgusted women’s expressions. To me, it seems like a show of boldness to prove to other males that they have balls. I don’t think they actually believe it would work, unless they’re going for fool’s mate. I also think white males don’t (or can’t) do this, due to an overall lack of strength and a lopsided alpha/beta value system (not that I suggest anyone do it). This ‘non-game’ must work at least 0.15% or we wouldn’t see it so much in field. I think it’s great for real Game practitioners because it creates a larger gap between those that ‘get it’ and those that don’t.

  3. Excellent post, dude. This is full of a lot of insight and wisdom. The ambiguity, jealousy, Manilla, light negs, and zero fuckups tell me that you know what you’re doing. I’m not sure why you beat yourself up so much. I can’t wait to see what you do when you go Full-Time.
    Your first conclusion is spot-on. Haters say game is manipulation of women, but it’s really manipulation of self-identity coupled with social skills.
    Can you elaborate on how your calibration was off in the beginning?

    1. Thanks Pulsotic. What I meant was the “each time you get it wrong I’ll slap you” joke was too harsh. Saying, for example, “I’ll pinch you” would have been better.

      1. Ok, that makes sense. Slap is a little harsh for that. Pinch is playful. But, I like ‘spank’ better. The women do to. Not sure how well it would’ve worked in your situation, though.

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