July 2011

  • Best Game Movies

    On a lighter note.. I was reading Big-Toes blog and saw he was watching a Paul Newman movie. This got me thinking I should land-grab the topic of “Best Game Movies” and start a list. If you’ve got suggestions, whack them in the comments and I’ll add them to my new exciting page devoted to… Continue reading

  • And so it begins…

    It begins. So the clockwork is broken. The system is running backwards. The pigs are running the farm. Heart surgeons are watering weeds with orange juice. Women feed their babies till they die then push geese round in prams all day. The sky is now called the ground and vica versa. Nobody does any work… Continue reading

  • The Value Gap

    I met a female Chinese student the other day for “language practice”. I do want to keep up my Mandarin but admittedly if the girl that turned up happened to be hot I would have nothing against attempting to bang her. She wasn’t. They mainly aren’t: Asian students in the UK are generally geeky. But… Continue reading

  • He’s back! And more fabulously good looking than ever!

    I posted a while back wondering what had happened to Assanova. His blog had disappeared. I thought Assanova was a good writer and liked to read his stuff, but it seemed with time he with increasing regularity would return to his favourite meme: that looks are all important in game and oh, if he hasn’t… Continue reading

  • I love immigrants

    I was at Salsa on Friday and noticed an unusual increase in the number of attendees and the number of young, hot, fuckable women. One look around them told me they weren’t British: No awful clothes. Not much flesh on display. No pads of fat hanging down over the elbows from the triceps. No orange… Continue reading

  • I accidentally open set while not “doing game”

    I was in Newcastle shopping yesterday. The sun was shining. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while going up the elevator in Primark and I thought my tricep looked quite defined and my gynaecomastia was nice and rounded, almost masquerading as pec. I was in a good mood. I was ambling through… Continue reading