He’s back! And more fabulously good looking than ever!

I posted a while back wondering what had happened to Assanova. His blog had disappeared. I thought Assanova was a good writer and liked to read his stuff, but it seemed with time he with increasing regularity would return to his favourite meme: that looks are all important in game and oh, if he hasn’t happened to mention it already he is lucky as he is SUPER SUPER good looking and that’s the reason he’s a success with women. In fact, most men should just focus all their energies on their looks and fashion and not their corny openers. And make sure they’re the most attractive guy in the bar. By magic.

Krauser wondered if perhaps he just simply got too good looking for the internet, and his blog kind of evaporated off the servers. Perhaps God took him to heaven to make him an angel?

Obviously not as he’s back! And this time with a special domain name for SUPER hot men:


Men who have been “made right”. In fact the byline tells us this is:

Game For Attractive Men

Fuck! I’d better not read it then. Will this not work for me? Exactly how attractive do I have to be to qualify?

I’m conflicted with Assanova. Sarcasm aside on one hand I do think he writes extremely well and has a lot of no-nonsense advice. His ebooks were good and I’d recommend them to anyone. He doesn’t sell them anymore though, which is a bit odd. Not the typical Game advice by any measure, just lots of sensible advice on topics most guys miss as they’re obsessing about routines and openers. A lot of it is ‘logistics’ and common sense. On the other hand Assanova seems to have lost the plot like a black-Zoolander and more and more just obsesses with his favourite message: game doesn’t work, looks matter most.

And here I think he is utterly wrong. Utterly. He’s maybe super, super good looking and had women chat him up and not had to work for it. Super-good looking guys don’t. And they think Game doesn’t work? This is utter, utter horse-shit of the highest level. He is absolutely and totally wrong here and I think his super-good looks have blinded him.

Let me clarify. Ugly spods with Game Workshop t-shirts on do not walk into bars and pull 9’s with the power of game. That’s what people think after reading “The Game” and it’s not realistic.

However Game can radically change how a man potrays himself to others. Game can give him a set of basic social skills so that he ceases to fall at the first hurdle like he’s been doing his whole life. Game can give him a community from which he can find a wingman and provide a framework for systematically approaching women. It provides an algorithm to solve the problem. I have seen guys on a bootcamp literally after a few hours of lectures and some one-to-one EXPONENTIALLY improve their chances with women. Before my own eyes I’ve seen the radical changes in how women perceive them. I’ve done it myself.

Behaviour is to women as looks is to men. Within reason. And with some exceptions.

12 responses to “He’s back! And more fabulously good looking than ever!”

  1. Good to see him back.

    I think you oversimplify his argument. He doesn’t says “looks and looks only” are the foundation of attraction but rather “appearances and composure” are.

    My opinion is that the seduction community has neglected the looks side of the matter.

  2. Hmmmmm. An African-American blog writer disappears and suddenly reappears.

    He was jailed, definitely. Obviously, being the prettiest piece of ass in the joint has made him wildly egotistical about his looks, hence the emphasis on attractiveness. Fair play to him. Nobody even gave me the courtesy of a reach-around when I was inside.

    1. He’s so good looking he broke the law!

  3. What do you think about this post of his: http://www.realmademen.com/2011/07/men-have-forgotten-their-role.html

    It seems to go against what a lot of PUAs say about not spending money on women on dates. I hope what he says isn’t true because I’m a cheapskate.

    1. I think there’s a lot of truth in it. I have been planning a similar post for a long time. There’s a hypocrisy in the PUA community about all the “we should be alpha, they should be super-feminine” then expecting the woman to go dutch to the N’th degree. It’s in women’s genes to expect resources for their sex. Meeting someone off POF… fuck that, don’t pay a penny, try and rip them off, most of them are fat, over-the-hill timewasting cunts anyway. A nice girl you’ve got to know… if I was her if a guy couldn’t treat me to a dinner or a coffee I’d think “what a loser”.
      Men should have resources. You should. Dude you seriously need a new job. Your money worries Beta-tise you. The job/money thing seeps into your personality. Would you not feel different if you had a cracking job on twice the money doing awesome stuff? If you can’t get that then do you deserve the hottest women in the tribe?

  4. IMO a job can be a source of stress and a massive time sink which can adversely affect your game… but if you are not earning enough to get by comfortably then this can be a massive source of stress. And it is not just about paying the rent. If all your social peers are earning more than you then this can start to get you down (even if it shouldn’t logically).

    Getting a job that is both mentally and financially rewarding enough, without being stressful is very difficult though. I don’t think that this is a particularly new or ‘modern’ problem either. Hence the old quote “Most Englishmen lead lives of quiet desperation”. They don’t like their jobs, but they dare not leave them.

  5. I know this is a bit of an essay, but there are some issues here I can’t really discuss on my own blog, for certain reasons, so I thought I’d get them out here.

    When it comes to dates I’m not absolutely anal about going dutch. I would say over the course of a relationship with a girl I end up paying 2/3rds of all costs. I’ve heard of someone on the LSS splitting £7 coffee shop bills in half. That’s just silly. Having said that, I think the old way of doing things (the man always pays) was partly down to the fact that 50 years ago, an average man would significantly out earn the average woman. Going dutch in this situation would be silly. Nowadays this isn’t the case.

    Having said that you have been very astute (as per usual) and identified what I believe will soon be the biggest sticking point in my game: lack of resources.

    As I approach more easily and start to get numbers and dates more easily, the number of women I get out on dates (and therefore fuck) will soon (I’m guessing by around the end of the year) be purely limited by how much cash I have, rather than how good I am at picking up women. I really can’t afford to go on more than about 5 dates a month. That will probably be a case of getting 3 women out on day2s, with two of them going on day3s with me then the cash runs out.

    By the end of the year I think I’ll be getting a day2 for every 15 odd sets. This would allow me to easily date more women than I could actually afford to in a month.

    I guess when this starts to happen I would be prudent to cut down my hours spent sarging and work out how to use the extra free time to increase my income.

    I did interview for new jobs around the end of last year and early this year, but then my boss gave me a large pay rise so I stayed put. My biggest problem is money management, not just how much I earn. I’m slowly adopting better habits with my spending.

    It’s not that I’m poor, I earn around London average salary. Thing is I’m trying to go out 3 nights a week partying plus date multiple women. It’s not cheap. If I do moderately well in my current line of work I’ll probably earn quite a bit above it in the next 5 years. If I really went hell for leather with my career (and I do know what needs to be done to increase my value on the job market) then a 50% salary increase in the next 3 years wouldn’t be out of the question.

    Here’s the problem though. I have recently come to hate my job. My entire profession in fact. Not just that, I can’t stand working in an office. Given this I’m going to find it hard to motivate myself to do what needs to be done to progress. I have my eye on a completely new career, but that will take time to realize, so for the moment I’m a bit stuck.

    I must say you have the habit of cutting right to the heart of an issue, and without pulling any punches. I remember you commented on my approach anxiety a couple of months ago saying if I didn’t start approaching I might as well give up. This motivated me and I’m now approaching a lot more.

    I had a big think last night in response to your comment about where I’m at with my career and where I want to be. I’m starting to formulate a plan, but it’s going to take time. Until then, money will be an issue, and yes it will start to have a big impact on my potential lay rate.

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    1. Your blog is hilarious. Will allow this final spam of yours…

  7. You gotta love Assanova… despite this piss-taking post he adds me to his blogroll! What a toff.

  8. I saw this headline and for a minute thought you were talking about me Bho 🙁

    1. You aren’t bad looking for a Moomin.