March 2010

  • Approaches

    For the uninitiated an ‘approach’ is going up to and talking to a ‘set’, which is a girl or group of people that you want to ‘game’, which is talk to, amuse, work and chat-up. One of my goals when taking the Bootcamp was to work on my AA, which stands for ‘Approach Anxiety’ and… Continue reading

  • Bootcamp review

    Pasted right out of the forum: ******** It was with disbelief that I found myself paying the deposit to Sarge School. 49 quid in advance, 100 on the day. This all started, as it so often does, with 2 factors. The first is being an AFC. The second is reading a book called The Game.… Continue reading

  • And we’re off..

    I’m a great believer in building up momentum when you’re trying to get into something new. After reading The Game I thought ‘what I really need is a Bootcamp’. I did a little bit of research and found that there was a company running PUA Bootcamps in London. I thought about it for a day… Continue reading

  • My Great Experiment

    Welcome to my blog. This is post number one. I’ve already revised it three times, this writing this is difficult. In the end I decided just to plough on so here we go.. The subject matter of this blog will be my journey from failure-with-women to not-failure-with-women. Dare I say ‘PUA’? Maybe not, but at… Continue reading