And we’re off..

I’m a great believer in building up momentum when you’re trying to get into something new. After reading The Game I thought ‘what I really need is a Bootcamp’. I did a little bit of research and found that there was a company running PUA Bootcamps in London. I thought about it for a day or so but there was really no doubt in my mind that I was doing it.

This problem is the most important thing in my life. THERE’S A F**KING COURSE YOU CAN GO ON TO SOLVE IT!

Oh my god. All those countless wasted years of going to bars with friends. Getting drunk and finding that the cold icy hand of fear was still in my guts. All the thousands and thousands of pounds wasted on booze. My friends totally incapable of providing any practical assistance to me in the matter whatsoever. £149 paltry pounds and some guys will FORCE ME to confront my fears.

I couldn’t book fast enough.

My mate G in Liverpool ‘couldn’t believe’ I’d booked it. Why not? I dont f**k around once I decide to do something.

The bootcamp is done. My next post will be a my review of it lifted off a PUA forum and pasted in. I’ll take the opportunity now to say it was easily the best £149 I have spent in my life. Admittedly a close contentder was the £149 I spent to buy me FIVE sessions with “JingJing” a 22 year old Chinese call girl with model looks, skin like slik and F cup tits. But although it’s a close thing the Sarge School bootcamp wins out due to long term benefits.

I’m a changed man since the bootcamp. I went out THE DAY AFTER on my own in Greenwich and chatted up an 22 year old Austrian drama student on the street and got her Facebook off her. Unbelievable. I was walking on air the whole week after. Some kind of switch got flipped inside. Something has been unleashed. One theory I have is that The Failure made me a broodingly obsessive nerd with  a laser-like focus. A juggernaut of focus. Then you suddenly discover that THERE IS A SYSTEM. YOU CAN LEARN THIS STUFF. So the laser-beam moves onto The Failure… and sparks fly.

I’ll post up the review next.

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