June 2010

  • Struggling Writer’s Awesome Natural-Game

    There’s a wing I met with recently who’s worth a mention. When I first met this guy I thought he was a geek. He work geeky clothes, seemed quite nerdy and talked, talked, talked about game, life, the universe, everything, yet showed no willingness to do any approaches. I later found out that after I’d… Continue reading

  • Joke

    I just made this up. It’s more relevant to guys over thirty. First guy: “..so I have a new girlfriend, she’s twenty-two, an astronaut..” Second guy:“..wow….. twenty-two”. Continue reading

  • 11 reasons I want super-hot cuties in my life

    RSD’s Tim makes a great point on his “Flawless Natural” series. It’s about intent. How much intent do you really have? Is it enough. Do you REALLY want the woman? I think this question runs deep my friend and the answers are suprising. How many men, PUAs, whatever, when going up and opening a girl… Continue reading

  • The Date Frame

    Getting my head sorted for my day 2 tomorrow: She is not a prize for me to pursue and woo I don’t have to pay to enjoy her company. I am awesome. I have so much to offer. I am not outcome-dependent because I am a man with options. I don’t get too serious about… Continue reading

  • Gunwich: no, David D: yes, RSD: yes

    Gunwitch: Way of Gun After hearing Wisdom and Krauser mention The Way of Gun audio course I duly obtained it and started on it. I have to say I was ultimately quite disappointed and it didn’t click with me. Maybe there is genius in the later discs but I could only muster the interest to… Continue reading

  • Pimp my Bhodisatta Up

    Me and Suave found ourselves in a clothes shop a few weeks back and this really got me thinking about how crap my wardrobe is at the minute. Living abroad for years I didn’t have much chance to “shop” and used to just stock up on T-shirts at Gap on my trips back. Not good… Continue reading

  • Social conditioning

    This movie poster has been staring me in the face for weeks on the underground: This is what it says: A beautiful woman is the highest value of all things Men are hopeless dweebs Beautiful women are the prize and men must compete for them, and probably most men won’t have a chance Another tiny… Continue reading

  • Looking forward to my first AMOGing

    I just watched this clip: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymsHLkB8u3s&feature=related] Pretty good way to respond to an AMOG. But of course non of it was neccessary. Why did Ben Affleck’s character even give the AMOG status by acknowledging his question and responding to it?  Big mistake. I much prefer The Reardon and Krauser’s implementation of it. With my sex… Continue reading

  • Mounting obsession

    I am becoming obsessed with game. I think about it all the time. I can’t concentrate at work. Work seems pointless, like some kind of sick puppet show. I sit in the afternoon and think “what am I doing here? I could be IN SET now and I’m wasting my life here“. Game unleashes the… Continue reading

  • More Facebook. Prompts general rant.

    NB: More updates on my previous Facebooking but in the original post **** Finally got a reply from a really hot Thai chick I N-closed a while back. Pretty terse and boring. A big IOD. Bhodisatta June 2 at 7:49pm hi FiDolla, sorry so long to say ‘hi’ to you… i was back in X… Continue reading