Social conditioning

This movie poster has been staring me in the face for weeks on the underground:

unless you neg her hard

This is what it says:

  • A beautiful woman is the highest value of all things
  • Men are hopeless dweebs
  • Beautiful women are the prize and men must compete for them, and probably most men won’t have a chance

Another tiny spot of water in the tsunami of social conditioning which is giving young women the sad delusion that they are a prize and men must compete for them. The result of this? Grotesquely inflated sense of self worth and endless singleness resulting in eventual spinsterhood and cat ownership.

7 responses to “Social conditioning”

  1. It’ll probably be a funny movie, though…

  2. traitor

  3. Spooky. I was looking at the listings last night, saw this film & thought “I bet Bhodisatta & Krauser will have a view on this.”

    I reckon film writers are all PUAs & produce films like this to keep the competition down.

  4. I agree, i see this poster on the underground and it makes me wince everytime i see it. the only thing that gives me solice is the fact that i know that somewhere out there, there is a guy that is sick of fucking this girl.

    1. Nice.

  5. This is why the field will never be saturated by game.

  6. I had a visceral reaction to that poster. Hated it.

    But yes, once you realise that 80% of men are that dude it makes you feel almost sorry for women that they have to accept one or die lonely.

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