August 2015

  • Death By A Thousand Sluts

    Well. Finally… I released my book. I started writing this in January 2014 with a simple remit: describe the phases someone would go through when doing their first thousand sets of daygame. God knows I’d had ups and downs and I thought a book breaking down the phases, the emotions, the weasels and the issues… Continue reading

  • We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

    The old man looked across the spotless, bare aluminium desk at the white coated technician with glasses on. He’d heard about this place in hushed whispers amongst the elite wealthy. A month before, his best friend Gaston, an Austrian billionaire, had disappeared for a few days and returned a changed man: permanently. Whereas he was… Continue reading

  • The State Hare and the Vibe Tortoise

    [I’m just toying with these concepts at present…. so consider this post a ‘theoretical’ piece]   State There’s a trick to PUA Bootcamps. What you do is brutally force a student to approach in ultra-rapid succession, far quicker than they ever could solo. The result is they get “In State”, or I should say “Peak… Continue reading