Death By A Thousand Sluts


Finally… I released my book.

I started writing this in January 2014 with a simple remit: describe the phases someone would go through when doing their first thousand sets of daygame. God knows I’d had ups and downs and I thought a book breaking down the phases, the emotions, the weasels and the issues would be useful.

It all got a bit out of hand. As I wrote I found that my remit had disappeared, and I was writing for therapy. I ended up with a 180,000 word monster: a ghoulishly fascinating look at one man’s descent into the weird world of pickup and the long, convoluted journey to approach a thousand women on the streets of London.

It’s part novel, part psychology book, part game textbook. My reviewers have told me that it’s “squalid”, “hilarious”, “real”, “dark” and “raw”. If you like my writing you’ll almost certainly like this, and you might even learn a thing or two.

For more information and some screenshots, click here.


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  1. Mate, I hate reading ebooks on screens and have never got more than a few pages into one, but may have to investigate finally getting a kindle for this.

    Or alternatively, does anyone know of a service that will print out and nicely bind an ebook for cash? (Yes I could print it out at work, but that would be even more hassle than getting a kindle).

    1. Dude is this a joke? It IS a paper book!

      1. Sorry bro, had a quick skim of that Lulu site and thought it was for eBooks… purchase made.

        Had it been an eBook some wanker would already have put it up on a torrent site and posted links on various hate sites.

        1. By hate sites I mean that Pickuphate site or whatever it is called these days.

  2. Hello can I buy your manuscript please? I only like to read from the original notes that any book is published from .. thanks. Z

    1. Me too, it was a fucker reading ‘Great Expectations’.

  3. Been reading you for years, looking forward to the book. But paper only? You’re listening too much to Krauser. Had it been an ebook my money would already be in your pocket.

    1. Nah I will probably release as an e-book down the line, just at the minute I’m wiped out from completing the paper version. Laying out the e-book will be a nightmare….

  4. I bought a copy earlier .. I’m going to sit and wait for it in my bedroom … once it arrives I will be like a kid at Xmas and run downstairs to get it … I better start getting laid once I read it otherwise I will be all over you for a refund (as well as Slut Hate complaining about it).

  5. Like Jason says, you’ve been listening to Krauser way too much. Why do you guys love Lulu so much? They charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

    I would’ve instantly bought had it been available on Amazon. Why didn’t you use Amazon’s CreateSpace program instead of Lulu? The royalties on paperbacks are pretty much the same.

    1. Stop whining: you can’t always have everything your own way.
      The book will be paper-only for a month or so until I sort out an e-version.

    2. you think £2.95 is an “arm and a leg” .. what year are you living in circa 1935 … 🙂 I went into Pret yesterday and bought a drink … A DRINK for THREE POUNDS SOMETHING … WTF! Admittedly it was a strange smoothy thing which I didn’t even want, I just wanted to do a pickup there … & didn’t look at the price before going to the till.

      1. I’m based in Asia, wanker. It IS an arm and a leg here. The UK isn’t the center of the world anymore, wake up 😉

  6. The book is £2.95? Yeah I’ll buy it for that price. But went onto website to buy it said 18 pound something. What is the correct price?

    1. Youre in Asia? Just miss a couple of bowls of noodles my friend and you should have saved the required postage. Ofcourse I see the problem with this is you are probably 4ft 3inches tall .. & need all the help you can get to attract hb10s. Maybe long term you can kill some exotic endangered species and grind it up in some wonton soup .. this may compensate by making your tiny winkle big & strong!

      1. Ok. That’s the end of trolling each other.

  7. Fucking hell. Bodi creates something out of his own hard work and effort and all you cunts can do is moan and complain. Every single one of the commentators here has some kind of complaint. You are under no obligation to buy his book and if you’re the sort of cheap fucker who can’t afford a few quid for a book then God help you trying to get laid. Either shut up or create your book – then you’ll know the cost, time and effort involved in creating something longer than a snidey blog comment.

  8. hey come on guys, what would PUA community be without the snarky ego sapping backbiting that goes with it ..that’s half the fun of the “community”.

    anyway I got my book this morning and am currently on page 142 with dirty Rob & his mate who he didn’t mention before (why do these f87ckers do this!).. if you’ve got out there to do daygame a lot of it is uncomfortably recognisable .. many laugh out loud stories already! Cant put this bloody thing down .. it is deliciously bottom world 🙂

  9. finished .. read in straight line. its very funny .. wickedly so .. when’s part 2 of this released, would like to see you get your karmic reward & finally read about you rolling around with 2 HB10s on each arm 🙂

    1. Thanks 😉 Ah part 2 will be a while… the real world intrudes. Feel free to leave a review on lulu, would be much appreciated.

    1. Cheers! Insightful review.

  10. Thanks for the discount code. Just bought it.

  11. Good review Zatara,

    I read the Game back in 2007 and the thing about it that fucked me off right from the start was that the guy was already mates with some of the rock stars of the day but then acted like that had no effect on his results. So I’ll be interested in reading Bhodi’s real world story.

    If Bodi had the ability to invite girls to an amazing party every weekend like Strauss, then that would already be be 80% of the job done in my opinion.

    Rather than deliver the book the courier company delivered a card to say the book can now be picked up from their depot in the arse end of nowhere…

  12. Got the book today, flipped to a random page and it is really good so far. Just read about the “dogdy Indian vendors running their creepy suit selling day game” which brought a smile to my face.

  13. Will this book help Me cure AA? I has it bad today.

    1. Definitely.

  14. Has the “SAVE30!” code run out?

    1. I dunno bro… you tell me.

      1. Yeah must’ve done. Wondering if I typed it in wrong. “GETIT15” takes 15% off. I assume this takes it off Lulu’s cut.

  15. I just dropped in to tell you that I would immediately buy your if it was an ebook. The sales text already cracked me up

    1. It’s like people are allergic to paper books.
      However I will release it as an ebook in the future.

  16. Just finished the book son, fuckin hilarious, dark, witty and a reality check all in one. Highly recommended 🙂

  17. Just finished reading your book. I literally couldn’t put it down for the last half; it cost me half a night’s sleep. Worth it, though.

    I enjoyed it because there are parts I identify with, and I think it’s got some good psychological insights. I also loved the portrayal of the London Daygame crowd; they sound like a fun bunch to hang out with, virtues and flaws in all.

    If you ever write a second edition, though, there’s one thing you should fix. One of the most interesting parts of the book is where you discuss the model of the mind as a rider (the cortex) driving an intransigent elephant (the limbic system), and talk about how you as a rider were doing all the wrong things, unwittingly scaring the hell out of your elephant and making it almost impossible to approach. From a storytelling point of view, that’s a subplot that you introduced to great effect, but then dropped without resolving it. It really deserves a resolution! I want to know whether you eventually figured out a better way to lead the elephant.

  18. This is the best thing i’ve ever read on game. It describes the true agony of daygame, and the multi layer weaseling in a whole new way. I sat at work with the pdf on my computer when i read the part where you shat in the nightclub. I actually laughed myself to tears! Love to read the next one!

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