May 2010

  • Hot Indian flakes

    No I don’t mean Cadbury’s is adding garam masala to the recipe…. I mean as per previous post my Indian babe has flaked. My attempts at text game with her so far are: Me [Monday 16:49] Hey there. Nice to speak to you yesterday. Hope yr having a good day. Bhodisatta. (Nice and simple. Adding… Continue reading

  • Welcome to the World Of Flaking

    I’m glad I put Sunday in a little box and stored it away.. as I now have to start facing up to the next challenge to face the budding PUA…. Flaking Looks like my gorgeous Indian from Sunday has done so… who knows why? I’m sure she has a logical reason in her genetically illogical… Continue reading

  • Great training offer..

    One of my trainers, Johnny Wisdom,  is offering a never to be repeated special on a 6 month training package. Take a look here. Anyone wanting to make a change to their life and looking for someone to help with this couldn’t go far wrong with this as a start. Continue reading

  • The perfect day (game)

    Sunday was a great day. A classic. I’m going to pop the memory of Sunday into a little glass-sided presentation box and keep it on my memory-mantlepiece. Why so great? Another hill crested on my way up the mountain range. I didn’t think the day would be so good. In the morning my bottle of… Continue reading

  • Guest post coda: SNL Freak Out

    Readers, a follow up to DrunkenBaker’s first guest post: ************** POST by DrunkenBaker Well, it was inevitable really, and totally within the boundaries of what has been written about how Game works. This woman was wild during the evening we spent together – practically forcing me to have have sex when I would have been content… Continue reading

  • Turned on by a Zwinky.

    I’ve just finished watching a South Park episode online. I notice a little advert for something called a ‘Zwinky’. Something like this (can’t find the original ad): Although my ad had little click-boxes to let you change the upper clothes, lower clothes and accessories. At the start the Zwinky was in her underwear. I’ve seen… Continue reading

  • Guest post: Game Vindication!

    Hello readers, today we’re having something a little different. My good friend DrunkenBaker has just had a stunning first success with Game so I’ve invited him to write a post….. *************************** POST by DrunkenBaker Finally.  Just when I was getting committed to the idea that 2010 was going to be a dry year for me, I… Continue reading

  • Day Game Denial

    I was sitting outside today in the sun, seeing a few single girls here and there doing likewise and I caught myself thinking “I wish I could go up talk to them”. Then I thought…. Whoa! WTF? I’m supposed to be a wannabe PUA here. What am I doing? I mulled this over and realised… Continue reading

  • P0.rn, whore.s and w@nking.

    P0.rn, Whores and Wanking My mate G, the natural from up North suggested to me the other week that drastically decreasing the amount of times I choke the piglet may have a beneficial effect on my game. I’ve given this some thought and think there may be something in it. The thing about wanking is… Continue reading

  • Excellent blog

    Someone who left a comment on my site suggested this blog: I’ve just read it from start to finish, every post. Some fascinating insights, and the guy has obviously undergone a spiritual change as part of his daygame journey.  It’s heartening to see a “PUA” with such a value-giving and profound attitude. At first… Continue reading