Hot Indian flakes

No I don’t mean Cadbury’s is adding garam masala to the recipe….

1980's schoolboys ejaculate en-masse into their Y-fronts as this advert shows on telly.

I mean as per previous post my Indian babe has flaked. My attempts at text game with her so far are:

Me [Monday 16:49]

Hey there. Nice to speak to you yesterday. Hope yr having a good day. Bhodisatta.

(Nice and simple. Adding value. No shit jokes. Nothing threatening. probably waited too long to text her consdering the close was around 3pm the day before. In future will text back same day to keep the memories fresh).

Her [Monday 20:14]

Hey! Yes was lovely – if only everyday could be a sunday!!! It’s been frozen yoghurt weather today as well but i’ve only just got out of the office 🙁 no rest for the wicked!

(Despite a dissapointingly long response time the response is awesome. Lots of happy exclamation marks and she even mentions back to our conversation (we talked about frozen yoghurt))

Me [Tuesday 11:14]

Poor you.. well rec-cons [recruitment consultants] are a little wicked so i suppose u deserve it. What did u do with the sun? No yogits for me I need my cardie.

(Waited till the next morning to reply. Didn’t want to seem too keen. Still think this was ok. Bit of a tease about the job. Open question about the sun to make a reply easy. Then a retarded Alpha-collapsing nonsense on the end which I can’t believe I wrote. Misspelling yoghurt for comic effect…. UGH I feel sick. Mention of a cardie… DLV myself why don’t I? both for the fact I’m saying I need a cardigan plus using a gay-sounding northern slang for it. Yuk.)

Still, this isn’t some “one strike and you’re out” game so I’m not going to beat myself up. I am the prize, not her. Could have done better but could have done a lot worse. My AFC self would have just asked her out on the first text!

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