July 2010

  • The Holy Trinity

    Right. I’ve cracked it. I’ve worked out the answer. This is it. 1) State of mind Find inner peace with yourself and learn to control your state. 2) Don’t fuck up Learn a basic structure in which to operate and not blow yourself out. 3)Meet women. Conquer your AA, do loads of sets until you… Continue reading

  • The Fountainhead

    I’m starting to understand. The dots are starting to connect. My personal journey is taking me, with slow, roundabout circles, towards a philosophy, a state of being. That’s what this is really all about and anyone into game who doesn’t get this is focusing on their pointed finger and missing all the heavenly glory of… Continue reading

  • The PUA Cycle of Funk

    Well I’m back after having a few weeks away from game and I feel a lot better for it. A few weeks ago I went from a state of obsessiveness to fatigue and disullusionment within a few days. Wisely taking a few game-free weeks in the real world, spending time with the family, cleaning the… Continue reading

  • Hiatus

    Sorry folks… been taking a break from game and writing about game for a couple of weeks. It all got a bit much and I needed to go back into the real world for a while. Got a bundle of posts planned and they’ll be going up before the end of the week. Continue reading