The Holy Trinity

Right. I’ve cracked it. I’ve worked out the answer. This is it.

1) State of mind

Find inner peace with yourself and learn to control your state.
2) Don’t fuck up

Learn a basic structure in which to operate and not blow yourself out.
3)Meet women.

Conquer your AA, do loads of sets until you can be yourself, then go out and talk to women.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Everything you need for a lifetime of abundance.

4 responses to “The Holy Trinity”

  1. Agreed. My personal take is: alphaness + experience + courtship navigation = game.

    Not much difference really.

  2. #2 is my current struggle.

    I tend to notice my fuck-ups after they happen. It’s very easy to reflect on a situation and be like, “oh shit, that’s where I fucked up!”

    It’s a solid holy trinity, but definitely takes a lot of experience to get it all down pat exactly.

  3. Where are you Bhodisatta? I’ve been a junkie for your posts and am going cold turkey.

    1. Snapback.

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