March 2016

  • Mehico

    [Ok, it’s a bit flat, but I’ve finally written a post. Rather than prevaricate futher, I’ll publish it and get the wheels turning.]     Since my last post I’ve been busy. A winter in South America and now back to the UK, ready to start the Euro-jaunt season. Thinner, wiser, browner and more dashingly… Continue reading

  • Ebook release

    Finally, I’ve got round to releasing Death By A Thousand Sluts as an ebook. You can buy it here. It’s formatted as PDF, which although being ‘non-flow’ at least preserves the layout with footnotes, pop-out boxes etc. This is how it looks on my Kindle paperwhite:   And this is how it looks on the… Continue reading

  • Ebook oops

    Well I obviously haven’t posted in a long time and this one is going to be a great anti-climax. Ok ok I will write a ‘real’ post today or tomorrow and break my posting-fast. In the meantime, I was toying with making my ebook a pdf and accidentally left the project accessible for sale on… Continue reading