Ebook release

Finally, I’ve got round to releasing Death By A Thousand Sluts as an ebook. You can buy it here.

It’s formatted as PDF, which although being ‘non-flow’ at least preserves the layout with footnotes, pop-out boxes etc.

This is how it looks on my Kindle paperwhite:



And this is how it looks on the Kindle app on a Samsung S4 phone (this is a screenshot of the whole screen):



9 responses to “Ebook release”

  1. Hey Bodi, when is part 2 going to be released? Loved part 1 so looking forward to part 2.

    1. Thanks. Good few months yet I’m afraid…

  2. Second that. One of the best books I’ve read in a long long time. I will buy #2 as soon as it comes out.

    1. Also looking forward to the second book.

  3. Thanks. Been waiting for a digital release. Just purchased it.

  4. Been following your twitter and notice you are on cycle. Would be interesting to get your opinion of TRT and also doing ‘blasts’ of steroids and high T… either in your new book or a blog post.

    I think once you get to your 30s and beyond – Testosterone, HGH, and other steroids/hormones are an often overlooked tool in an aging players arsenal. I know for me personally once I started doing 250 test-e per week both physically and mentally things shifted. 5iu of HGH per day seemed to heal up a lot of old injuries and allow me to workout every day. Don’t want to write a giant comment but I’ll just say I’d recommend the intelligent use of these substances to any man who is willing to educate himself and is financially secure.

    I live in Thailand and most of the older expat guys I know who are in good shape take lots of gear. You can buy it OTC here.

    ** on a side note, I will probably say the prediction Roosh made a few years ago about steroids being required in the future if you want to be a player – I think he is on to something.

    1. In the article I wrote for ROK I said “men are in a literal and figurative ‘arms race’”.

  5. I just read that ROK post you did. You are right about everything there – except that a woman can whip her body back into shape diet & exercise wise, it’s just that the level of dedication and discipline required to do so is elusive to 95% to attain if those mental attributes are not already there.

    Few years back I had a 45 yo naturally red pill, naturally alpha, friend (American, working in Brazil) bring his hot little 24 yo Brazilian girlfriend to my extremely large American City for a trip and she was unable to restrain herself from commenting to me about the vast number of ‘hot’ young men in my city (I live in a young professional neighborhood). The men are constantly in a super competitive environment or professional work & mating here. Everyone here is in the full time business of maximizing their SMV and constantly exploring ways to up that with any angle available: crossfit is rampant, all kinds of rough toughmudder runs, 5k’s every weekend, all manner of beach sports in summer, etc.. Had jet lag this week coming back from FSU trip, waking up at 0430 all week and decided to go to gym: FULL of people at 0515. This Sh$%t is taken seriously here. Competition is intense. BTW my friend goes back to Brazil a day earlier than his 24yo gf and I find out like a year later she did a young fried of mine.

    Go to Eastern Europe and the dropoff in the SMV in almost every aspect of FSU men is palpable. Interestingly, the level of women taking care of themselves is above what it is here. Not to mention that accomplished middle aged men are appreciated there. Now I am sort of an international businessman kind of guy involved in markets but it doesn’t take that to ascertain there’s a great market opportunity !!

    Btw Mr. Bodi – if you’re into salsa there’s a salsa festival almost every weekend in Europe, in case your’e not aware. For example this weekend is Helsinki.

    1. Yeah, it was a bit hyperbolic that article.
      In the balance of male to female SMV there’s definitely a tipping point at which one rapidly goes down and the other correspondingly has to go up to match it. In the UK/US men full time preen themselves to compete for the under-supply of hot women, and vica versa in Russia.
      BTW, there’s a common misunderstanding of sexual economics here. The pot bellied Russian guy who looks like a toad but has a hot girlfriend: he has high local SMV (but low internationally) and she has low local SMV (but high internationally). It is precisely because he has high SMV that he can pull a hot girl whilst sporting a tracksuit and belly.

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