[Ok, it’s a bit flat, but I’ve finally written a post. Rather than prevaricate futher, I’ll publish it and get the wheels turning.]



Since my last post I’ve been busy. A winter in South America and now back to the UK, ready to start the Euro-jaunt season. Thinner, wiser, browner and more dashingly handsome than ever.

My goal had been to find a winter bolt-hole, somewhere I could bugger off to each year in November and return from in late February, having simply bypassed all those wasted months of life, huddled inside a heated house as the rain and gales lash the cold, windy streets outside. As most men over 35 have realised, time is their greatest commodity. Staying in the UK over winter effectively wastes 25% of your life, every year. As I sauntered the sunny streets of South America, and later Singapore, sitting outside in the blazing sun and drinking coffee, I looked at text messages from my family complaining of gales and snow and I just thought “why?”.

South America was on the slates again, after my previous foray to Argentina, because of the same basic reasons:
-possibly as weird and interesting as Asia
-women are passable as white women, more or less, so are hotter and feel like less of a compromise than Asian women

Where to go? I’d tried Argentina last year and wasn’t inspired enough by it to return. Hysterical children waving their hands about in their chaotic and retarded country, with beautiful, manipulative women, so asexual you’d think they’d all had cliterodectomies at birth…. no thanks. Chile, Peru, Bolivia, all those sounded a bit grubby and pokey. Jesus, what if there was no Starbucks? Central America… too squalid and dangerous. Sitting on a bus with peasants and chickens is to me no longer ‘fun’. I’d try the two most obvious ones: Mexico and Colombia. At least if they were good then I could focus on learning Spanish and use it in two countries. Brazil? Expensive, squalid and dangerous, and I’d heard that the women are nowhere near as hot as you’d expect.

First stop was Mexico City, and I arrived at the end of last November. The plan was simple. First, do my usual trick and join a boxing gym. This provides structure to the week and stops any “what am I doing?” midnight wig-outs brought on by too much money and too little responsibility. On top of this I’d learn some Spanish and then chase some local birds.

Things went swimmingly. I found an old-school local boxing gym and started training there every day or so (thanks, TrT). With my pattern broken, I went cold turkey off caffeine (which for me, due to issues with my receptors, is quite a big deal) and after an initial 5 day period of bleak depression soon became happier and more stable. Even better, my friend DesiTornado had foolishly taken my advice at an inner-game consult I’d done for him and was sojourning for the winter season in South America. He’d already banged two girls (I take all credit) and was a great tonic for me, his relentless positivity fighting against my forays into cynicism.

I was in Mexico City for about five weeks. Let me categorize and give you my thoughts on a few things, and then I’ll finish up by talking about game and chicks (but not too deep, as I’ll milk that for more blog posts!).

It’s not dangerous. In five weeks there I didn’t witness a single crime. Police are everywhere. There are no drugs, gangs or shifty men in suits. Nada. I felt significantly safer than in London. The subway is safe. You can take Uber everywhere. The Mexicans are less genetically prone to everyday aggression than the Anglo Saxons (with disclaimers). Of course, let’s not forget I was living in a bubble. I didn’t venture out of Mexico City and I’ve heard that it’s not long before it all turns to shit. Even more, I was living in a bubble within a bubble, lodging in the middle class La Condessa area. Fuck ‘slumming it’.

I like Mexicans. In general I found them warm, friendly, trusting and welcoming. Even in a touristy suburb and working in crappy jobs, such as runnig a taco stand, they still smiled, took care to say hello and were genuine. Mexicans have a genuine interest in others.

Taco Stands
Taco stands are everywhere: I think they are to Mexico what pubs were to England. I suspect there are a multitude of cultural aphorisms along the lines of “I heard it at the taco stand”. Indeed, Mexicans LOVE tacos. The stands are crowded with people holding tiny plates up to their mouths and delicately, artfully, eating tacos with their hands. There’s a real skill and art to this, and how they liked to chuckle as my taco fell apart onto my face. Sadly, once can’t eat at taco stands for long; the white intestinal tract cannot take it. Once you take out Tacos, the national cuisine seems to be pizza.

More people
Sitting down at any stand I barely needed to bumble through a sentence of retard-Spanish before total strangers were introducing themselves, welcoming me and assisting me in ordering. SEVERAL times total strangers insisted on paying for my lunch for me simply “to welcome me to Mexico”.

In shops and restaurants it was similar. I think that Mexicans just don’t really take work that seriously. They have a laconic rthym which is almost unshakeable. Mexicans just don’t have the gnawing sense of panic and low self-esteem that the British do,  which makes them (the British) bust their guts at work. The Mexican exists in a network which the Brit does not: the family. A Mexican has dozens of friends and a large, extended family to call on in any circumstance. Gossip, television, babies, grandparents, Jesus and napping play a far larger important than they do to the average Westerner.

Sure, I’m not completely misty-eyed. In the crowded downtown area there were plenty of hustlers and shifty types, but that was the only place I saw them.

In every airbnb place I stayed the hosts were effusively welcoming and brought me into their social circle. They were just interested in a way that jaded and skeptical Europeans rarely are. The sad thing is that I see with their trusting, warm natures and er, laconic, attitude how easy it would be for a bunch of Spaniards or whities with muskets and rage to simply butcher them all by the drove.

After my time in Mexico I’d rate Mexican girls as ‘high interest’ on the personality side for dateability. Also, if I was socializing and met Mexicans, I’d make more of an effort with them than other nationalities, as I’m now more interested in having them as friends and see that they are a race with which genuine connection is possible.

Mexico City is apparently very big, but doesn’t feel remotely as big as London. It has a decent Metro system and shitty roads, clogged solid with the Mexicans’ obsession with car ownership. It’s fairly Western, with millions of Starbucks, cafes, restaurants, ATMs banks and shops. Everything you want, really. However, it just looks scruffier than most European cities. The classic, beautiful, colonial architecture of the city is left to degrade and ruin; the Mexicans don’t seem capable of maintaining it. In fact, the Mexicans don’t seem capable of really that much in terms of efficient government or logistics. More than once, more than once a day really, I was left with the eerie feeling I was watching little brown Aztecs playing round in the trappings left behind by a more advanced civilization. I went for the day to Teotihuacan, an ancient and fantastical city built around two pyramids. The Mexican daytrippers wandered about, scrambling and trampling over everything, blowing bird whistles to endlessly amuse themselves, then sitting on priceless ruins to stuff their faces with yet more tacos. Obvlivious, disinterested. Mexico struggles with the same problems that most countries in South America do: when anyone gets power they become corrupt, and few people can organize or execute things efficiently.

After five weeks in Mexico City I started to feel something I didn’t expect: boredom. There’s just not that much to actually do. The nice bit is small, the food is monotonous and there’s not much culture. There aren’t even any nice malls to walk around. Most of the city has a grubbiness that makes it not worth walking round. More street markets? More taco stands?

Going North
I thought that going to the USA to work would be a common thread amongst the Mexicans. It’s not. I hung out with a lot of middle class Mexicans and it was barely mentioned. Mexicans look for jobs in Mexico, then complain about them. The same goes for the less well off Mexicans. It seems that most people going to America are either a) placed there by their company, and have a good job b) are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. I saw the same phenomena in China. Leaving Asia to work in the West is rarely considered as an option for middle class Chinese. Why? Because without crippling UK socialism they can have a better standard of living in China. Generally the only people who go abroad are from the shifty groups of the lower class, lured by *other Chinese people* into various get rich quick abroad schemes.

The problem with Mexico is quality. Outside of middle class urbanized areas the majority of people are short, brown, squat Mayans. They have bulldog necks and nearly all have stovepipe torsos with little bellies. The only really hot girls you’ll see are middle class and in middle class areas, and as a ratio of the population this is tiny. Walking round downtown Mexico city the standard of totty is far, far below that of a city like London, and seismically below that of Eastern Europe. Even in a posh, middle class area, you are lucky to see a couple of HB8’s in a single day. When I stayed in Zagreb I remember once going to the corner shop to buy a bottle of milk and counting NINE HB8’s on the way.

Mexico is where you come if you have low standards and want to bang a lot of 6’s from Tinder.

Daygame in Mexico is difficult, entirely due to the above reason. Even sniping at adhoc sets, you can still struggle to get any volume of girls to approach. When you finally do find one, two thirds won’t speak good enough English to make the interaction work. When one does, however, it will usually go pretty well. The hottest girl I’ve ever stopped was in La Condessa, a 21 year old stunning model, and she showed genuine interest. Sadly it died on the text exchange.

Mexico City is a city where people don’t really walk much. Mexicans seem to want to ape the americans. Anyone who can afford to gets a car and then drives everywhere. There is no culture of perambulation. There are no real areas of shops around which one walks. You drive to location X, then to Y, then to Z.
We tried Universities but the problem there is social pressure. Mexicans are far more involved with and concerned about their peer group than Europeans. Most people on campuses walk round in groups. Sounds odd but I’m serious: you literally get less people walking round on their own than in the west. At any point we stopped a girl she was immediately worried about what others would think.


By the time I arrived DesiTornado had already clacked two senioritas. One, he shamefacedly admitted, was a “Tinder fattie”, which he’d done to ‘warm up’. The second was a HB8, 23yo genuine hotty, done from blind luck and hostel game. I decided I really needed to “oil the wheels” on the holiday and get laid fast, so I’d fuck myself a Tinder Hog as well. Hopefully, once I’d stuck it in a hog, the worry about not getting laid at all would subside and I could relax a bit.

Coming up next: Tinder Hog-Farming

Coming up soon: Colombia, Singapore, Lay reports

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  1. Change the tacos to M n M’s, Coca Cola or some other sugary crap and you’ve just perfectly described the Philippines too.

  2. Why do people stay in England for the winter? Because they have jobs that they are unable to quit. Being able to take three months off for winter is a dream for 95% of people.

      1. I’d love to be able to laugh a haunty laugh of distain from a cafe in Singapore or Colombia at the freezing plebs chained to their jobs… But I am one of them =(

        How was the whole social network/getting a circle of male and female friends to be a part of (not to avoid approaching) in Mexico City? I notice you didn’t mention teaching English this time. I don’t imagine there would be many expats at all in Mexico City. I’ve suggested a small tourist dive town for this, but then I think those places would have the whole “tourist girls in packs” problem fucking up any day game. Perhaps no place really has it all?

        Props to you and your wing for checking out the unis even though that turned out to be a bust. Did you try hitting up any hostel bars?

    1. Actually, a large number of people could afford to go somewhere hot for the whole winter. The cost of living is lower than in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of spoiled baby boomers could afford to (and a lot do). A huge number of non-old people could too, if they stopped pouring all their money down their throats in shitsville each weekend. In Newcastle the average 20-30 year old is spending £5000 a year on alcohol. Think how many men are slaving for some imaginary future or to buy a future ex-wife a house.

  3. As a resident of the city relatives of mine that live in the nearby provinces always tell me that there´s a lot to do in the city, howver the few that have come to work and live here find it dirty, expensive and all around stressful.

    And it is dangerous all around, accidents, corrupt cops, muggings, you probably didnt get any of that by sticking to the posh areas and being foreigner.

    However you should have tried food in the provinces, is fresher and more palatable.

  4. Good to see you posting again Bodi. To fulfil your requirements on a winter bolthole (warm, cheap with white chicks(ish) although not as weird as asia), what about southern Europe.. Greece, Italy both could be good?

    Interesting you gave up caffeine, I gave up coffee a couple of years ago, but carried on drinking tea as I hadn’t realised it contains roughly half the amount of caffeine that similar cup of coffee does dependent on brewing time (Doh). Stopped the tea a few weeks ago and feel a lot better now generally without energy levels fluctuating. Coffee shops really are the devils work.

    1. Tea fucks you up just as much as caffeine, maybe even more, due to the theanine in it.

      1. Yes sounds ridiculous to say but drinking tea through the day was fucking me up … causing strange effects, never heard of theanine but I’ll look into it. Ta.

    2. Those Mediterranean resorts all shut down in winter, except those further south such Cyprus or the Canary Islands (in the Atlantic), but both of those are low cost package holiday shit holes marketed at either the 18-30 crowd (really the 18-19 crowd), or chavy working class families. A fair few places proudly advertise selling “egg and chips”. And daygame is definitely out due to touts for bars being everywhere.

      I’d suggest somewhere like Utila (dive island resort in the Caribbean). But that place probably has the “people walk around in groups” problem, precluding any day. It may also have the “Pueblo chico, infierno grande” (small town, big hell) problem where due to the small community you could get a reputation as the town leach fairly easily. You don’t have the anonymity of a bigger place. Also the tourists in Utila would tend to be older serious dive buffs.

      Somewhere like a Thai island may have the volume of backpacker tourists that a PUA would need. But loads of westerners want to live there, so the only real tourist job (diving) is low paid and long hours (usually 6 days per week). I don’t know if you could actually work for a dive school part time? The balance of power may be in the employers’ favor so that they can demand 6 days a week from everyone?

      Also a lot of those tourist economy places can feel a bit depraved after a while too.They are not real cities with real lives going on. Anyway, fantasy rant over…

      1. Good point on this Jim. I like Corfu Island, but I’ve been there only in the Summer and I remember now the hotel girls saying they only work there seasonally.

  5. Lightning Jack Avatar
    Lightning Jack

    I’m starting TrT in a week after throwing a load of money at a perhaps not so surprisingly sympathetic private London doctor. He did say that my level was ‘low-normal’ and that given my symptoms I should have had a three month trial long ago.

    However the NHS being the rotting carcass that it is, I was refused any such treatment after seeing several different GPs over the last few years. I should also note that this doctor has been using TrT himself for ten years, being probably in his late 60s or early 70s.

    I’d be very interested to hear about your experience with TrT John!

  6. I’m a bit ashamed to admit how much I’ve been anticipating the next Bodipua post after reading Death by a Thousand Slut. That was good but I somehow feel the meat of the dish is still to come.

    Incidentally I’m in Zagreb at the moment and can confirm that it’s still packed full of HB8s

  7. Bodi, why do you feel banging girls in SEA is “inner game destroying” ( from a old post ) or settling? Do you simply not find Asian women attractive or is it because SEA is the land where low market value western gammas go to finally get their dick wet… hence it makes it feel a bit dirty.

    Where as when you grind in a place like London or Prauge and bang a hot white girl, you are banging a girl 5000 other guys couldn’t bang by just showing up and saying Hi.

    One of my location independent friends used to be really into the Philippines but after living there a bit he left for eastern europe, saying after a while playing the game on “god mode” just gets boring and you have no sense of fulfillment.

    1. @Guice – I’m not sure if you are trolling, but I’d have thought the answer was pretty obvious. The poorer the country a foreign guy is in, the more local women will look at him as a big walking pile of cash or ticket out of a miserable life. A girl in Europe will turn you down because she has other options, a poor girl in Asia without a pot to piss in has no options. If a guy gets the feeling that a girl is only with him for money, and is not attracted, then that could get inner game destroying.

  8. I wanted to get your take on this Bodi…

    The manosphere is so anti-immigrant, very far right etc etc, but from a dating point of view, the “invading” guys are alpha as fuck. They are r-selected and the bad boys. Women love this and love new DNA. It is the beta western boys who are white knights, no?

    Peace out,


    1. Lightning Jack Avatar
      Lightning Jack

      Alpha? Is that what you call gang rape and pack animal behaviour.

  9. “Girls
    The problem with Mexico is quality. Outside of middle class urbanized areas the majority of people are short, brown, squat Mayans. They have bulldog necks and stovepipe torsos.”

    I’d fuck a short girl anyday. Or a brown girl anyday. I’ve never been to mexico. But yeah it seems your point scale is a bit skewed towards slavic girls. I assume that the girls have asses that are a little bit big and round and are wrapped in pocketless jeans? Sign me up. Also there are the super cute types of Mexican girl. That’ll do. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. These girls are not hot. They make Filipinas look like supermodels.

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