South America

  • Colombia

    I had high hopes for Colombia. I’d heard many a player raving about it as the promised land. “All the girls are so hot!” and “there’s such a disparity between men and women, they love us!”. Many a misty-eyed PUA said to me: “Man…. we would be SO SHINY”. I thought I’d see for myself. Medellin… Continue reading

  • Mehico

    [Ok, it’s a bit flat, but I’ve finally written a post. Rather than prevaricate futher, I’ll publish it and get the wheels turning.]     Since my last post I’ve been busy. A winter in South America and now back to the UK, ready to start the Euro-jaunt season. Thinner, wiser, browner and more dashingly… Continue reading

  • South America #1

    I’ll try to make this short n sweet: I suddenly have a lot more to do with my life than spend it online. My choices were Europe or South America, and I’ve picked the latter. The timing’s not great, it would be better to enjoy the European summer (and avoid the SA winter) until late… Continue reading