Tom Torero

Tribute Book

A few of us are compiling a kind of ‘tribute book’ for Tom’s family. I announced this on Krauser’s blog. If you wish to contribute, submissions are still open until we say they’re not, so please send to tomtributebook and then gmail and the usual suffix.


There is a memorial meetup in London tomorrow, as announced by Lee Cho on his Twitter and Krauser’s blog. I’ll be there if I can.

If you’re coming, please remember to email tommeetuplondon and then gmail and the usual suffix.


7 responses to “Tom Torero”

  1. Hi John,

    Is it possible to have a Skype chat with you, I need some guidance/advice?



  2. Yes, no, maybe, a reply would be nice.

    1. Lol like I sit here doing customer service.

  3. Thomas Meunierr Avatar
    Thomas Meunierr

    Hi John

    I always found your content and take on life quite compelling, is there a way I could come in contact with you?



  4. hi bro,

    I restored the old rooshv pua forum at
    I though you might be interested, as you were registered there (I found your website thru a link on your profile).

    In case you wish to recover your old account, send a message to “citron” on the forum.

    Please share the link, a lot of people may be interested (maybe on your site?)

    Peace 😉

    1. Wow. do you have the old archived posts?

  5. Thats the problem with PUAs like Tom he never made any real friends he could reach out too for help. Despite the number of girls he layed he shoukd have had a good woman by him for company through the rough times.

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