April 2010

  • David Deida’s “Way of the Superior Man” reviewed

    I’d like to write a very brief review of this book and its relevance to the budding PUA. I bought this book because Tyler mentions it in The Blueprint Decoded. Specifically the bit I remember him mentioning goes along the lines of “picking up women is not your raison d’etre. you should be a strong… Continue reading

  • Chip, chip, chip.

    Reading this blog some of you might be wondering “when do we get to the bit with the f*cking in it?”. Fair point. “Probably in a good few months yet” would be the reply. Tiny chisel, tiny hammer, chip, chip, chip… slowly, slowly taking shape. Another tiny chisel is being added because today I’ve decided… Continue reading

  • Analogue and digital

    I was thinking today about the difference between a conversation which builds attraction and one which does not. Being an RAFC this concept has until recently been pretty hard for me to grasp. I just thought that people talked, as per normal, and sometimes they ended up attracted to each other. If pressed I would… Continue reading

  • The Blueprint: Finished

    FINALLY! Finito. Done. JIE SU LE! Ended. Over. I feel like I’ve given birth. EIGHTEEN hours of watching and listening to Owen Cook talk in a seminar room at LAX. Over. I finally finished it tonight. It’s taken me seven weeks to watch it. SEVEN WEEKS! All you students could probably rip through it in… Continue reading

  • My rancid Beta-ness

    I went to the first session of my acting class on Wednesday. It was good fun, like being back at school and getting a free reign to play games. I think the average London-Drone could do with some of this, it would help try and train their zombiefied minds how to re-integrate with other people.… Continue reading

  • Online dating?

    My friend BG has gotten into online dating recently and signed up for Match.com and Match Affinity. I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of having a go as well. On the plus side the women are all pre-invested in the idea of meeting someone. They are not out in bars giggling and capturing… Continue reading

  • Future plans..

    I’m getting obsessed with this life-change experiment. I’m obessed with the dynamics of male-female interaction. I heard Tyler on The Blueprint say “I went out a thousand nights straight” and I thought “oh that sounds like a great plan”. Now I can’t get the idea out of my head. I’m thinking that when my lease… Continue reading

  • Impromptu Day Game

    I went to my Stand-Up Comedy class on Saturday afternoon. We did some fun games and one was a ‘status’ game of roleplaying an interaction and trying to maintain the highest status. Needless to say after doing all this recent self development I utterly demolished the competition with spectacular efficiency. When I left the class… Continue reading

  • One-to-one #2

    Last Friday saw me take my second one-to-one with Wisdom and Suave from RSG. I decided that building momentum was very important in my current phase so I negotiated a deal with the guys and have block booked four sessions, Friday being the first. My goals for the evening were to work on my AA… Continue reading

  • Harness your inner elephant

    As should be obvious from this blog, the pursuit of game has for me with astonishing rapidity become so much more. While talking to Wisdom the other day we discussed how some material is so potent that often you hear a single sentence and that single sentence just turns your world upside down.It’s as if… Continue reading