Posts which contain reviews of training materials.

  • K-Bone breakdown

    The gulf between my theoretical knowledge of game and what I’m capable of applying and using infield is monumental. Kind of like someone who has sat and studied the entire syllabus of Judo on YouTube; every single throw and hold, and can now use small dolls to expertly and precisely illustrate every single technique from… Continue reading

  • The Fountainhead

    I’m starting to understand. The dots are starting to connect. My personal journey is taking me, with slow, roundabout circles, towards a philosophy, a state of being. That’s what this is really all about and anyone into game who doesn’t get this is focusing on their pointed finger and missing all the heavenly glory of… Continue reading

  • Gunwich: no, David D: yes, RSD: yes

    Gunwitch: Way of Gun After hearing Wisdom and Krauser mention The Way of Gun audio course I duly obtained it and started on it. I have to say I was ultimately quite disappointed and it didn’t click with me. Maybe there is genius in the later discs but I could only muster the interest to… Continue reading

  • Excellent article on state-control

    Just saw this article on the LoveSystems site. Excellent. Verbalises some stuff I’ve been discovering in the flesh myself on my recent nights out. Continue reading

  • One-to-one #3

    Last Friday saw me undertake my third one to one with Wisdom and Suave. As a recap my current goals are primarily to work on my AA and beyond that to start working on building the interaction. The session kicked off with Suave offering some great advice on body language. Apparently I have a tendency… Continue reading

  • David Deida’s “Way of the Superior Man” reviewed

    I’d like to write a very brief review of this book and its relevance to the budding PUA. I bought this book because Tyler mentions it in The Blueprint Decoded. Specifically the bit I remember him mentioning goes along the lines of “picking up women is not your raison d’etre. you should be a strong… Continue reading

  • One-to-one #2

    Last Friday saw me take my second one-to-one with Wisdom and Suave from RSG. I decided that building momentum was very important in my current phase so I negotiated a deal with the guys and have block booked four sessions, Friday being the first. My goals for the evening were to work on my AA… Continue reading

  • Harness your inner elephant

    As should be obvious from this blog, the pursuit of game has for me with astonishing rapidity become so much more. While talking to Wisdom the other day we discussed how some material is so potent that often you hear a single sentence and that single sentence just turns your world upside down.It’s as if… Continue reading

  • One to one #1: review

    I went out the week before last with some guys off a forum. They were a mixed bunch. The guy who’d pulled it together, R, was  good looking Indian guy and I’m fairly certain had good inner game i.e. he probably loves himself a bit. There was also W who looked quite cool and good… Continue reading

  • Excellent blog

    I stumbled on this blog: Citizen Renegade And was blown away. It’s a real cut above the others. Chock full of precise, incredibly useful blow-by-blow field reports and nuggets of information. He even links from within the field reports to other posts discussing topics: it’s like a little built in Encyclopedia. I would love it… Continue reading