Gunwich: no, David D: yes, RSD: yes

Gunwitch: Way of Gun

After hearing Wisdom and Krauser mention The Way of Gun audio course I duly obtained it and started on it. I have to say I was ultimately quite disappointed and it didn’t click with me. Maybe there is genius in the later discs but I could only muster the interest to get through the first two.

It’s five discs long and has been recorded without proper file information and at a ridiculously low sound level. The guy himself sounds like a cross between a redneck and the fun fat guy in the frat movies. The first disc was about inner game and I found it contained a few decent things but ultimately nothing revolutionary or life changing. The second disc was about ‘Availability’ and to be honest I thought it was crappy. Just very, very basic information about daygame, and with some dreadful advice on gaming. I mean stuff that I personally think is lame. He talks about how he has a ‘routine’ built about asking where the target is from, and how he can work out ways to jump onto this core, practiced routine. I thought this was beyond lame. I mean who needs an audio course to teach you how to ask boring ‘death’ questions? The rest of the disc was a slow, boring loss of interest and I couldn’t face the third disc.

David D: Cocky Comedy

This is a seminal product in the pickup community. I’ve had it a while but after a few chodes told me David D’s stuff was good and after seeing Ross Jeffries constantly ridicule ‘cocky comedy’ in his videos I never felt like watching it. I finally bunged it on the mp3 for my weekly commute. It’s about 6 hours long, a breeze after the Leviathan-like proportions of The Blueprint.

I liked this course a lot. I have to admit that some of this is the beautiful, deep, Alpha-like quality of David D’s voice. It’s just lovely. Gay-crush aside I’d say at first I was a little skeptical as the course starts slow and seems to be giving across a very basic point and labouring it: “don’t take it seriously and have fun with the girl”. Yet the thing is…

what a point to make!

It really helps when someone crystallizes something like that for you and this is such an important point, if not the most important one. This shit is supposed to be fun! And by having fun you get more success. While elaborating on this point the discs go through many varied examples and techniques of how to create cocky comedy. Some of the stuff is pretty basic but some of it is really quite good. For example he talks about character based comedy. I know what this is, but I never thought of “using it” (oh god) in a pickup scenario (oh god!). Listening to the material I realised just what fun character based comedy is, and I started to remember what fun I used to have when younger and just ‘messing round’ in social groups with no pickup intent. So, to reiterate, there are some great comedy tips in here.

The guest speakers are funny and interesting and special mention has to go to Sean Stephenson who has a massive guest slot (like Graham Norton). Seans speech is simply brilliant and makes the whole course worthwhile. I have to admit at one point it actually made me well up. “Pity is a drug” he explains. This was another “BluePrint moment” for me, when someone says something that just makes me stop and think “that just turned my world upside down”. Another one was when David D said that a lot of the questions the attendees were asking were “egocentric” and they were solely thinking of the interaction from their own perspective, not thinking ‘what is this like for her? how much fun is she having?’. Sounds simple doesn’t it once you hear it, but I have to confess I have been so wrapped up in this thing that I started to regard the interaction as something abstract and the girl as just a thing, not a person. Sad but true. Thanks David D for turning my world over in a sentence.

Well worth six hours of your time.

RSD: Flawless Natural

Krauser mentions this on a post of his about recommended reading material. I put this on after Gunwitch and straight away I was into it. I just love RSD products. The speakers are so good and they give out such a state-building energy and enthusiasm. Being an RSD product it’s pretty much inner-game based and at various points I was left thinking what clever little chaps those RSD folks are, packaging such deep philopsophy in such an accessible structure. I haven’t finished this yet so can’t give a full opinion but I’ve done 2 out of 6 discs and I have to say that I actually look forward to listening to this and regard it as a treat, not a chore. I actually think I’ve been having RSD withdrawal symptoms since I finished The Blueprint and Foundations. I think The Blueprint is calling me back…..

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