The Date Frame

Getting my head sorted for my day 2 tomorrow:
  1. She is not a prize for me to pursue and woo
  2. I don’t have to pay to enjoy her company.
  3. I am awesome. I have so much to offer.
  4. I am not outcome-dependent because I am a man with options. I don’t get too serious about any one date.
  5. I am not needy. I am a strong man with a strong inner core. I don’t need a surrogate mum or a new friend.
  6. I am comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need her approval.
  7. I want to have a fun time and do cool stuff.
  8. I want her to have a relaxed, fun time.
  9. Maybe she is not good enough for me.
  10. I have masculine intent. If the girl is cool and fun then I won’t be afraid to go for her, to take her and make her mine. I am not afraid to escalate.

2 responses to “The Date Frame”

  1. “Outcome dependent”… Hmmm…

  2. […] am shit at day2’s. I managed to have three day2’s with the Venezuelan and create zero sexual […]

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