11 reasons I want super-hot cuties in my life

RSD’s Tim makes a great point on his “Flawless Natural” series. It’s about intent. How much intent do you really have? Is it enough. Do you REALLY want the woman? I think this question runs deep my friend and the answers are suprising. How many men, PUAs, whatever, when going up and opening a girl actually, really, honestly want to take that girl home with them and visualize this and expect it has a chance of happening? I’d wager not that many. “Get her to like me get a number and roll off” are probably the most likely mindsets.

Do I have enough intent? How much do I really, honestly want that girl? Has the concept just become an abstraction after so long single and so many PUA books read?

I need to face up to my desires and make my intent drive my actions. I’m not going up and opening a set with the intent of  “I hope I don’t get blown out or make a fool of myself and I hope I can get one of them to like me enough to get a number”. No. This is chode. The mindset must be “that girl is gorgeous. I want that girl. I want her to be mine”. Mix this intent with the right state (which they bizarrely call ‘woo’ on the course) and hey presto, you have the essence of the whole Flawless Natural method.

How much intent is enough intent? Calibration is hard if you’ve not done it before. How can you work it out? D’oh! Keep upping your intent and see what happens. I’ve opened plenty of sets now and in bargame generated precious little attraction. Keep doing the same thing and expect the same results. I need to start experimenting. Being more direct. Showing more intent. Emptying my head and vibing and having fun. Being in the moment more. Let’s mix things up a bit and keep trying different tactics.

The whole PUA mentality I see with a lot of wings is questionable. Do as many approaches as possible, get numbers, roll off. Where are the closes? Why are they not taking girls home? Because they don’t go in with that intent.

On the Flawless Natural course Tim recommends writing a list of 10 reasons you want super-hot hot cuties in your life. I struggled with this then thought of 11 so in no particular order, here we go:

  1. I can make a woman so happy it’s heretical that I’m sitting here, wasted.
  2. It’s the ultimate expression of myself as a man and a statement I feel ready to make.
  3. I want to experience dates, activities and adventures with a cutie as these shared experiences are awesome.
  4. When I have women in my life, life becomes ‘real’ and I experience all other parts of my life differently and for the better. I want to live in this state.
  5. I want sex. They want sex. We can have some great times together.
  6. I love female company. I want to spend a lot more time with women.
  7. I want to reach my full potential and this part of me has been woefully neglected.
  8. I am so awesome I deserve to be shared.
  9. To prove to myself I can do it.
  10. It’s the beginning of the road to finding a long term partner and having a family.
  11. Being in love is awesome. I want this again.

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