K-Bone breakdown

The gulf between my theoretical knowledge of game and what I’m capable of applying and using infield is monumental. Kind of like someone who has sat and studied the entire syllabus of Judo on YouTube; every single throw and hold, and can now use small dolls to expertly and precisely illustrate every single technique from memory. He can watch footage of judo matches and provide superb, high-level analysis of the way the fight goes down; a critique far more expert than, say, the average judo brown belt training four times a week could give. However, stick this Poindexter in a Gi and put him on a mat and he literally cannot execute a single throw.

So what we have with me is a Black-Belt theory and a… phh.. I dunno… green coloured practical belt.

This IS being worked on. The gulf is slowly narrowing. For a start I read almost zero new pickup material. What’s the point? I know more than I’ll ever need. And there’s little you need to know about game that you can’t learn from Jimmy’s, Burto’s and Krauser’s blogs. A full “status update” type post is going up imminently.

In the meantime, like the fat, bedroom-nerd Poindexter Judo-journalist I was watching one of K-Bone’s infields today and decided to give it a blow by blow fight-write up.


0:10 she’s a winner. warm, beautiful smile. great energy. this is a marriageable girl

0:18 hilarious opener. she’s absolutely loving it.  High Value.

0:34 “the Audrey Hepburn look” nice. try and put a girl into a romantic state. shame it doesn’t click

0:45 who is this pie-faced moomin wandering in the background?

0:49 mocks accent. Low Value: trying for the vibe without adding enough real value. I hate this because I’ve done it so many times myself.

1:00 “i’m gonna say something…” builds pull energy for the comment, creates dramatic pause, gives him time to think of something

1:12 neg. slightly miscalibrated but she doesnt flinch

1:16 we see now how massively high esteem this girl is. see her whole response. negs dont work on high esteem girls. (as much as low esteem ones)

1:17 “you’re so bad girl” Low Value. tries to create a vibe which isn’t there. this girl is too high-esteem for the “you’re a bad girl” shtick

1:26 she still likes the interaction tho. this girl is sociable

1:43 talking about her again. actually… it’s all been about her. is this KDM?

1:47 this compliment/neg works. High Value

1:55 “you could make a good wife” stuff. this works. amuses her.

2:03 “arm candy”. genuinely very funny. High Value. she laughs, he laughs. the exact moment of synchronous, hindbrain laughing is 2:06. you can just, faintly hear Krauser’s chuckle. this is the best moment of rapport in the set.

2:13 statement of intent again. she’s not overawed. something’s amiss.

2:21 “daft hair” another neg. Krauser is plowing the push/pull here.

2:26 introduces himself

2:30 she gives her name and he says “a boys name” self amusement. ok.

2:33 “a unisex name…. a unisex name” he repeats what she says. he’s buying time here as he needs a second to think of something new. Not having a new comment to make and repeating what she says is Low Value: seeking rapport without adding value.

2:44 “are you educated and stuff?” gentle teasing. notice no questions yet like “where do you live?”. What K is doing is pure vibing/free-associating.

2:55 inspector gadget coat. classic RSG pickup stuff; talk about cutesy cool things from childhood. commonalities which appear to be unique.

3:00 starts describing what he used to wear. starts linking into private eye films. finally! we have K painting his own world, showing he’s interesting and drawing her in…

3:13 to 3:19 BOOM look at the gaze she gives in these 6 seconds and watch the eye-blinks. this is the moment she hypnotic scans him and starts to feel attraction. i believe these 6 seconds are where the first feelings of attraction to K occur

3:28 she’s enjoying herself now. K is doing much better now than at the start

3:30 notice the tiny glances behind him. she’s not fully invested in this.

3:36 seeks rapport RSG style. fails. he’s too old ha ha!

3:55 she looks agitated and distracted now.

4:08 “there’s a dream, though”. oooh very nice indeed K

4:20 another woman pursuing another self-indulgent career paying £14k a year. want to work in the music industry. really? how many musical instruments can you play? what’s a pentatonic scale?

4:24 “are you totally into music or do you just want to be bossy?” drive-by push/pull. she ingores it. there is something amiss here.

4:39 “weelll… if you’ve got a love for it and a talent for it”. good statement. positive. although is the slight drawl on the “well” Krauser’s hindbrain saying “I suspect you have no deep love or talent for it but are pretentious. “?

4:50 notice she’s talking more now. qualifying herself.

5:00 will use connections rather than ability to progress. typical female.

5:07 “you’re a little bundle of suprises. you’re very motivated: i like that.” framing language. she’s the little girl. frames himself as selector. High Value

5:17 ah ha! she’s with someone. the look behind.

5:40 goes for the instant date..

5:53 unfazed “like a boyfriend?”

6:00 “how many have you got?” ha ha funny High Value

6:15 now has flawlessly moved to interrogating her. notice he has not moved an inch to leave. alpha.

6:26 lovely little comment.

6:33 the onomi turns up. he’s tall and handsome and looks like a model. K totally unfazed. the average chode would cack his pants at this point.

6:42 bf starts to bend into K’s frame and laugh at his joke

7:00 burn and leave.

As K says, this is a solid set. Not amazing, but reasonable. If this was your average level of outcome you’d be doing great. If she wasn’t with her boyfriend this could have bounced to an instant date. There wasn’t massive, eye-spazzing attraction but K subcommunicates absolute, total one hundred percent belief that the most natural thing in the world is for them to both be talking to each other having fun. There’s not the slightest, tiniest, sub-molecular sized grain of an indication that he should be uncomfortable being there or should be moving on. And let’s not forget.. this is in the middle of a poky little clothes shop in a market, with people jostling past all the time. This is the subcommunication of…


K has engineered his hindbrain into totally accepting he is entitled to be there and doing that. It’s the Alpha concept of the KDM. And even when attraction is not as-yet generated this subcommunication has great power and, as I just stated above, could have had the power to pull an instant date.

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  1. Well done.

  2. Keep an eye on that northern cunt in the background…. he might steal something

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