Fifty Sets of Challenge

I’ve realised who my enemy is.

Avoidance Weasel.

He lives in my hindbrain and the depths of his cunning are beyond fathom. His subtle machinations and plans are carried out at a level the naked eye cannot see. Imagine Bob Holness chairing Blockbusters and on one side we have a pair of eight year old mentally retarded kids from Sunderland (i.e. the average Mackem); that’s my forebrain. On the other side we have two autistic Maths-genius prodigy-kids airshipped in from India. And they HATE Mackems. That’s Avoidance Weasel. His plans take months to come to fruition. His tongue is oiled silver. He whispers sweetly into your ear as you sleep. He is Grimar WormTongue to my Saruman. The viruses he writes are at such a low level of machine code the clunky anti-virus software of the forebrain is almost defenceless against them.

As you rest, he plots. In every day and in every way he is there in the shadows. Imagine trying to run a marathon, and every single step of the way someone is beside you, their face inches from yours, pouring poison into your ear “Go on mate. You’ve done enough already. You’ve given it a fair crack. Just take a little break. You won’t last at this pace. You’ll burn out. STOP! What are you doing? You’re going to injure yourself. Come on.. see sense. I’m only trying to help you. Just stop for a few minutes”. Imagine that you’re a smoker and you have to stop smoking but you have to smoke one single cigarette every other day. This is akin to the level of power Avoidance Weasel has.

Why do I have Avoidance-Weasel? Have you got an hour? I’m not really sure. I think he’s there for a few reasons:


As I get older I get lazier. Or rather I get less willing to make the effort to do stuff. This is not a degeneration; it’s hindbrain conditioning, it’s learning. Most people’s lives go wrong. Endless years of starting new jobs in the hope they’d find one that’s satisfying yet they find themselves shat upon time and time again. Endless months and years of trying new ways to be happy, thin, rich, whatever… and failing. The end result is your hindbrain protects you the only way it knows how:

new stuff = shit.

And there’s all the evolutionary stuff as well which goes something like: you’re alive, what you’ve been doing so far has kept you alive, you haven’t been making lots of big changes, that stuff could get you killed, thus keep doing the same as ever.

For me to be successful in Game I require massive, heavy-duty rewiring of my hindbrain. This is very, very hard. This is so hard it’s the hardest thing I’ll ever do in my life. Period. I’m human. I don’t like doing super-hard things. I like lying on the sofa eating Angel cake and watching movies on my laptop.


Avoidance-Weasel wants to keep me away from fear. Fear is bad. Keep as far away as possible from fear. When I do daygame for the first five sets I feel fear. Humans try to avoid fear.


So I sat the fuck down the other day and realised I’ve been weaseling out of Game for months. I’ve been laying down excuses weeks in advance, rationalizing, backwards rationalizing and Hyper-Rationalizing everything.

I asked myself a couple of questions. When was the last time I did PROPER game? When did I go out and open TEN sets in daygame, or go to a bar and talk to at least five sets?

Ages ago. Why? Well…. Of course there’s Avoidance-Weasel. I admit it. But there was of course the fact it WAS winter, Britain was  fucking horrible place to be in December/January plus I went on holiday twice.

The second question was: Does Game work? The answer is yes.

So the result of these two questions is that I need a pretty fucking urgent status assesment on my Game situation.

Where we be at?

I’ve got a year left in the UK till I John-Galt it and fuck off hopefully never to return (see imminent Life-Plan post). I still have an experiment to conclude. Avoidance-Weasel was hoping I’d make Dream Chink my girlfriend then hang up my boots. Fuck that. I want results. Of course I’ll happily go out with Dream Chink if she’s smart enough to seize the chance but I’m not going to stop there. I want results. I want to bang some 7’s and 8’s. I want to score! I want sex and I want options.

From today two things are changing.

JOG (Jambone Online Game)

Jambone is almost finished his online game method. I’m going to be one of the guineau pigs. I’ve seen this in action and it works. It’s a day 2 machine. I’m going to try this out and try and get the Day 2 Dojo that my previous efforts failed to give me. When I get Day 2’s I’m going to go in with a frame of not giving a shit and just escalate regardless, following Jambone’s 3-step escalation model.


I’ve consulted my stats on last year’s daygame and it seems like if my shit was together I could get a date with a cute HB7 or HB8 girl for every fifty sets I do, maximum. If I knew then what I knew now and if I managed to not fuck up (which I did) then I could have laid those girls.

What the fuck am I doing sitting here for then?

Quite right. When I shut Avoidance-Weasel up and actually faced up to the stats it was shocking. Jesus Christ. Is that IT? Is that ALL I have to do? Go out gaming five times, do ten fully commited sets each time and keep my shit together and I get to date a real, live fit girl?

And so begins Fifty Sets of Challenge.

I’m still job hunting. The weather’s improving. I’m not depressed. My state is good. I’m happy to be alive. I appreciate everything more. I’ve been training my hindbrain with Anthony Robbin’s “Get the Edge” stuff and it’s had an incredible effect on me.

I refuse to weasel out of my great experiment.

I believe Day Game works. I believe I can attract HB7 or HB8 22 to 28 year old girls. I believe I can get Day 2’s from it. I believe that if a girl shows up for a Day 2 she is happy to fuck me if I navigate the courtship ritual correctly.

I believe Day Game is a numbers game. I believe if I do 50 sets I’ll get a Day 2 from a girl I genuinely fancy.

So be it!

Out comes my trusty notebook and in comes something Avoidance-Weasel dreads: accountability. My mission: over the next few weeks I’m going to get myself out and do some fully commited daygame and get fifty solid sets done. No wandering round for hours bottling the couple of good sets I see. No finding excuses. Get the sets, have full intent, actually fully try to fuck the girls, record the outcomes and see what happens. And record every single set. Get empirical evidence of what I need to do to get what outcome. Record it all on this page.

And if I do fifty and don’t get a lead then I’ll still be pretty chuffed I gave Avoidance-Weasel a kicking. I know for a fact I’m prepared to do a hundred sets to get a solid day 2 with a girl who fancies me and who I genuinely fancy where there is a genuinely very high chance of getting laid. So for five weeks running you go out every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 3pm and do ten sets. After five weeks you, if you don’t fuck it up, have a HB7/8 girlfriend. You can fuck this girl for months. It’s done. Seems a pretty good deal to me. How many hours does the average chode waste in nightclubs? How long do people spend on Guardian Soulmates attempting to get 35 year old infertile women to meet them? Ten little two-hour sessions and you get a Flesh-Truffle? Result.

I’m squeamish about working out approach to lay statistics. To me getting the Day 2 is the litmus test of daygame. Beyond that you’re onto a different kind of game. The daygame gets you the date. If they show up they’re interested. That’s all the daygame can get you. (unless you have sex with them in the pub toilet like Krauser did that is)

Oh and I’m going to be filming some of these as well and hope to put the footage up.


I’ve been out with Krauser and Jambone a few times recently. It’s good fun; the banter (with Jimmy) is good and keeps me out of my head but I’m not sure how efficient it is for me; I just end up not doing many sets. They have zero AA and I don’t, so seeing Krauser running all over kind of shuts me down a bit. I find that when I’m with them Avoidance-Weasel becomes very powerful and I find all sorts of reasons not to approach. Also I still need to get in state, so it’s difficult for me to do just a few sets and hour like they do. I need to machine-gun off the first five at least. The last thing I want to be is The Guy Who Doesn’t Approach. I’d rather go out alone. Or at least go out earlier and do a solid warm up.

I went out on my own today. I did my first 5 sets. Not great ones. Just warm ups. I was starting to get into state but then the light went. I saw a couple of girls who I felt the DNA ping for but I bottled it. Shame. I learn my lesson. The guttedness now is worse than the worse that a blowout could have felt. I’d rather write about a horrible blowout than having nothing to write about.

But I’m pleased. It’s a start. I actually got up and out and did some sets. I’m going out a lot this week. I’m going to do weasely, easy sets to warm up. Then I’m going to do real sets. By Saturday/Sunday I’d like to be raring to go.

8 responses to “Fifty Sets of Challenge”

  1. I like the name “avoidance weasel” I noticed the exact same thing happening when I was doing a daygame push last year. I used the term “excuse generator” to describe the thoughts that would come into my head when it came to the moment to approach.

    Hows your gym going?

  2. I love this blog because I *know* that if I undertook your journey, considering that we share a couple of relevant psychological traits, I’d have to go through all of the stages that you have but I doubt I’d be as clear-headed about it. It’s really speaking to me.

    I’ve been doing night game intensively on Friday/Saturday nights for the last few months. I find that it takes a lot of energy, and screws up my (already hopelessly messed up) sleep rhythms. It’s not something I can see myself doing month after month while maintaining an engineering career. I want to try my hand at day game when it gets warmer here in Boston (if you think London sucks in the winter!) and while will be less destructive to sleep, I doubt it will save me any time over night game. You write “Ten little two-hour sessions and you get a Flesh-Truffle? …” but consider that your whole day is essentially lost on day-game days compared to what you might have chosen to do otherwise (sailing all day? forget it). I think any way you cut it, actively learning game takes a huge investment in time and energy, and it means sacrificing all sorts of things, not just a few hours here and there.

  3. @Tim: You’re right, it does take a lot of time and effort to learn game. But I think we can all agree that we’re doing it because the effort is worth the prize. The prize in this case not being a woman, but the skill to get women. Teach a man to fish and all that.

    Day game is a lot less time intensive. I basically do it for an hour or two at a time and it doesn’t really mess up your day. Just go out, walk around and approach. Make sure to get dressed first. If you’ve internalized game practices, you won’t leave the house without looking good.

    @Bhodisatta: I am doing something similar here, just trying to get one lead per day. So far about 50% on that with 1-2 hours/day of game. I am trying to eliminate a sticking point of mine, which is lack of abundance. I just blew a lead because I chased too hard, so more contacts=less chase=better game.

  4. this is one of the best, most inspiring posts i have read in a long time.

    i am in a similar spot, and i can only imagine how many other men are in similar situations.

    “avoidance weasel” is a brilliant name.

    keep us posted. i am rooting for you.

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