Chip, chip, chip.

Reading this blog some of you might be wondering “when do we get to the bit with the f*cking in it?”. Fair point. “Probably in a good few months yet” would be the reply.

Tiny chisel, tiny hammer, chip, chip, chip… slowly, slowly taking shape. Another tiny chisel is being added because today I’ve decided to start doing lunchtime non-game confidence-building approaches. This means just walking up and saying non-gamey stuff to people, even for a single sentence:

  • Have you got the time?
  • Can you tell me where the DLR station is please?
  • Is there a bookshop round here?

Worthless coin for all you PUAs with more than a few months experience but for me it’s still worth collecting it and melting it down for scrap. The way I see it is that hestiation in doing the above comes from a similar place to AA. So if I feel ANY hesitation doing the above then if I do it and remove that hesitation then that is another tiny, tiny, tiny piece of my AA gone. Once that provides no challenge anymore then move up a level. Repeat.

I was outside this lunchtime, it was sunny and there were people everywhere. I spotted a cute Indian girl sitting alone. I went up and asked some crappy question about where the DLR was. Fine. No hook. Didn’t need one. Walked around a bit. Asked someone else the same thing. Asked someone else the time. Then I find my state rising. I’m starting to think “mmmm I need a proper set here”. Interesting. Pretty much going back to my Impromptu Daygame post in that approaching anyone builds state, and that even deliberately non-hooking, boring, openers build state. So maybe this is the way it will go: five warm up sets and one real one?

The result of this is I’ve decided to start doing five or so approaches a day at lunchtimes, but just boring non-gamey ones. I’m sure it will have a benefit. If I get in state I might even do a real one.

3 responses to “Chip, chip, chip.”

    1. Excellent. Just building up the ‘muscle’ and the indifference.
      Although the guy does remind me of Hening When:

  1. Kick it up a notch and practice situational openers – something that relates to what shes doing . I’ve just started game, and am working on dhv stories, when to do kino, etc. I need to create transitions from the openers to take it farther after the open, but for now like you I’m approaching, saying something related to what shes doing, and noticing her bodylanguage – hair sweeps, how she smiles, posture, etc. If I see an interest, I try to take it farther.

    I was in the park last week at a large event. Noticed a cute girl talking with some people. Took a position away from her – 50-50 chance shed walk my direction. She did. I made a comment about something, and we got to talking. No real game, just talking, simple tease. no kino. I stood straight with body posture at angle from her, feet apart, didn’t move a lot, relaxed.

    Someone passed by me, and I had to step closer to her to let him pass. She stepped back, then stepped in to me again. I knew then there was a chance. After couple more minutes I suggested we get together sometime for drinks.

    Got her number. This doens’t mean a thing, but like sales you need prospects and some will turn into closed sales. I’m really looking forward to summer!

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