Impromptu Day Game

I went to my Stand-Up Comedy class on Saturday afternoon. We did some fun games and one was a ‘status’ game of roleplaying an interaction and trying to maintain the highest status. Needless to say after doing all this recent self development I utterly demolished the competition with spectacular efficiency. When I left the class I moseyed on down to Trafalgar Square. It was sunny, my state was really high from the class and there was some sort of festival in motion.

Now at my one-to-one the night before Wisdom had given me a 10 day challenge. A very clever one indeed I think:

Wisdom’s Ten Day Challenge

Observe and count every single point in your daily life when you could have, assuming you were Ultimate-you, opened someone and talked to them. I also added another bit which was to make a note of a sample opener you could have used. (By the way these are not gamey openers but normal everyday lines like “where is the tube station?” or “have you got the time?”).

Anyway the genius lies behind the cunning elephant control. If your elephant knows it doesn’t have to approach and is not allowed to approach then it gets sulky and frustrated and starts to want to approach. Also, if you’re not nervous then of course you can think of openers to use.

So powerful was this reverse psychology that my elephant demanded that I do day game in Trafalgar Square. I felt weirdly compelled to do it. Before I knew what I was doing I was wandering among the festival crowd doing the easiest, virtually AA-free game ever. All of them basically: wander up to girls, say “what’s going on here?”. Easy! I did a quick 11 sets, got a few joke conversations going about the pole-vaulters (seriously). I felt great.

Then I noticed the National Gallery behind me. Mmmm. Wonder what that’s like. In I went. Wander round. Find a set looking at a picture. Stand behind them for a minute then say “do you like it?”. EASY. It was so much fun.

Then I stumble onto a solid-gold discovery. I see a few fit girls with their mediterranean boyfriends so I open up a couple-set. I game the guy a bit then talk to both of them and act like Mr Naturally Social. Suddenly I realise this:

Opening a mixed set produces almost zero AA yet builds my state MORE than a women-set.

FECK ME. This is it! How awesome is this. Next time I want to go out I just game shit loads of mixed sets to get my state really high then I move onto the women.

On the way out I spotted a pretty Chinese girl with an incredibly chubby face taking close-up pictures of cakes in the coffee-shop with an SLR camera. Seriously. I manage to open without saying something like “you obviously love cakes” and to my delight find she’s from Taiwan. She’s young, about 22 and student (obviously rich as fcuk). Within minutes I’M GAMING HER IN MANDARIN CHINESE. How awesome is that? I Facebook close her and leave 16 approaches the richer and a better man for them.

Sorry Wisdom I broke the challenge. Can I start again? I promise I won’t open anyone next week.

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  1. I’m afraid there’s no hope for your game if you’re going to go around opening everybody. That’ll never work! 😉
    Loving the blog. Me and Krauser were talking about it when we met today and how cool it is seeing your progress and development unfolding.

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