The Blueprint: Finished


Finito. Done. JIE SU LE! Ended. Over.

I feel like I’ve given birth. EIGHTEEN hours of watching and listening to Owen Cook talk in a seminar room at LAX. Over. I finally finished it tonight.

It’s taken me seven weeks to watch it. SEVEN WEEKS! All you students could probably rip through it in a few days but us working men have to steal the odd half hour here and there when we can. Seven weeks of my life trying to get through this beast. Sheesh. This post isn’t really about anything more than me being happy that I’ve finally finished.. I just had to do something to celebrate!

In hindsight I’d recommend NOT spending seven weeks watching it. I’d allocate a single week to it, clear the decks, get all personal life-admin done, stock up the larder with canned food, the fridge with refreshments, suspend all appointments, get all your laundry done… then go for it. Just get it done in a week, whatever it takes. Three hours per day Monday through Saturday and you’re done. 7 till 10pm every night. It hurts.. it requires dedication.. but just burn through it.

I intend to watch more seminars over the next few months and will use this technique rather than letting them drag on.

I’m going to write a review of The Blueprint and post it online soon.

In the meantime if anyone knows where I can buy a copy of the book please let me know.

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  1. I’m having the same problem, about 4 hours into the Blueprint and that’s taken me 3 weeks already! I can’t seem to concentrate on it for very long…

    1. Dude, it’s well worth it in the end. Stick with it but increase your momentum. You have not built up a head of steam with it. Block off an hour and half for four consecutive days and get another 6 hours done, then you’re past the halfway mark.
      Oh.. and take notes!

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