Death By a Thousand Sluts, Part Two – Ebook

I’ve just released the Ebook version of my second book. You can buy it on Lulu here.

I might even write a post to celebrate.


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  1. Did I just buy it? Indeed I did.

  2. stop flogging this dead horse and get on with writing some blog posts you lazy waste of space. you can eat bags of Haribo when youre finished. I need to know how to get LAID. thanks.

  3. I am going to order this book…

    Just wondering how many copies of your last book did you manage to shift?

    1. And you are?

      1. Eduardo Santana Avatar
        Eduardo Santana

        Awesome Ebooks. Bought both copies. Thanks for sharing your PUA knowledge. Keep on writing ebooks and I’ll keep buying them. 🙂

        1. please write more ebooks………….your pua ebooks are off the chain

  4. oh you fuckin cunt John! I paid top whack for the printed version you haribo eating twat and now you fuckin release this!!!? fuck you! 😉

  5. Yes, I paid full price then this shitface John Bodi discounts to buy more time with Hooker pussy as he need to feel better about not getting any white pussies even though he English. Total loser guy. He just sad 40 year old sweaty English man in Asia now banging hookers pussies to feel good then we all know he will do! go to Asian food market to stuff stupid face with food to get over shame he feel. Then this shitface will wrote third book and try sell to all us guys to do all again. John Bodi sucks dirty hooker ass!

    1. thailand_monger Avatar

      this had me in tears….. bravo

  6. John Bodi I read this pickup artistry book and I still don’t think you work out how to get with any ladies unless it be by accidents! It sound like you do so many approaching and only got a few results from it. I think maybe this is just the luck with the girl who are a bit desperate for the cock and like the pasty skinned Gwilo ahaha

    1. Very true, Ching.

  7. Hi John just finished the second book. Was struck by how much strauss obviously followed the hero with a thousand faces. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who got the “i got the girl” ref from the game. But back to your book it really was very funny. The gay HIV test was comedy goal and it’s a shame that because of the source material you’ll never get the audience that the book deserves. An interesting q but does anybody know of another published game book. Not sure feminist publishing houses are too keen to let the flood gates open. Cheers and update the blog you beautiful cunt.

  8. John Bodi sucks dirty hooker ass!

    1. Often quite literally true.

  9. Biff Tanner, Esq. Avatar
    Biff Tanner, Esq.

    What the fuck are these turds doing on your blog? You strike me as a sincere and generous man, willing to share your personal experiences for the greater good, and compiling your thoughts into book form only because others have suggested that you should, and only because they said they would pay for it. And now hyenas mock you? Fuck them. I’m buying the book just to spite those fuckers, and to remind you that you’re the one winning here.

    [Moments later]

    Wait… It’s not available on Amazon? Bro, Kindle pays you 70% of retail price and reaches the world’s largest market. Why Lulu?

    1. thailand_monger Avatar

      I love this user name.

    2. hey biff why you not go the full way and just offer suck some bodi dick, huh? you know this guy is used to paying for the hooker so if you try this you should ask him for cash upfront! bodi is disgusting guy though, sweaty white man in asia, like eating lot of fatty foods, make sure you charge enough as this real nasty job! Ching.

      1. So, so weird. Keep it coming.

  10. Bodi why you just use my real name? Lucky no one but sad man like you read here hahahaha you think I cares you stupid white gwilo with eye too narrow to each other! Ahaha

    I want money back you dirty man!I thought I actually learn something from your book. You don’t know how to get any hot girl apart from find Desperate Asian girl in London! This or you pay for sex with hooker! You very sad man!

    Asian Chode

  11. For anyone yet to buy DBATS part 2, it is definitely worth it. The best part is that the author gets his end away a bunch of times. The first book was brutal in its honesty, but also in the lack of mercy the author showed himself on a day to day basis. After ordering part 2 I was thinking that if it was as bleak as part one I might not have been able to finish it.

    I’m looking forward to the third part when Bodi goes off traveling to the America’s and Asia. And the fourth part where he settles down or something. Then maybe the fifth part where he is whoring around Asia as a dirty old Grandpa.

      1. I’ll buy all your ebooks mate

  12. never ceases to amaze me how many paki haters you have john! keep up the good work son!

  13. I’ll have to check this book out. I’m a sucker for PUA literature lol.

  14. Asian chode is awesome.

  15. have you stopped blogging permanently Bodi? are you still in pickup or settled down now with a girlfriend ..wife (?)…enjoyed your stuff so just wondered if you’re coming out with anything in future. Thanks,

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  17. DBATS Part 2 is a fantastic read if anyone is still on the sidelines and hasn’t read it. I’ve read most of memoirs from the top London daygamers and this is by far the best. Really well written, brutally honest in places and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

    Bodi – Do you have an email I can contact you on?

  18. In one of your 2 books, you mentioned you are on TRT. I was wondering if its possible to be on trt while living in eastern europe? Like Poland or Estonia? Do you know any good clinics that prescribe medical grade depo testosterone?

  19. Really fun read, a friend turned me onto it and I am glad he did.

  20. Xmm, I think i am a little late to the party. Just finished your second book, back-to-back from your first.

    Found you via Krauser’s memoirs. It seems like your books are truly complimentary to his own written life story, offering an entire new perspective on the same situations. Even his own memoirs couldn’t depict his personality and intricacies as fine as you did. Loved the portrayal of the accent.

    I will agree with the previous people that reviewed your stuff. Its was a rather hilarious and intense story of Redpill and Daygame to go through. Massive take aways. Adored the drawings and the tables of critical info.

    Nevertheless, i have to confess i felt that feeling of emptiness towards the end. Like there was more story to be told. More insights to be shared.
    I firmly believe that its worth to write a last story John, released as part 3. The entire book gave that glimmering light of “to be continued” sense in the far distance .I hope you eventually consider it down the road.

    Regardless of the Daygame journey, it’s so pity there is no much blog activity nowadays, even in the form of mind-wanking. At least you still keep the blog open.

    Anyways, thanks again for transcribing your journey on paper.
    Good luck to you too, John.

  21. […] read Bodi’s book Death By a Thousand Sluts, Part Two… the content is very good but the book effort itself has some half-assed qualities, as it […]

  22. Absolutely hysterical book! couldn’t put it down. I’ve experienced the grind and shared some of your frustrations but I think you’d agree its worth the heartache..
    really enjoyed your work pal

  23. Hi Bodi,

    it’s been almost 3 years since your last post.

    Will you give us any update? Your old readers would love to hear what are you doing.

    Did you make it with your small business? Got married in some South American country, or even relocated to SEA? Still doing daygame?

    It’s a waste we lost one of the only truthfull writers in the game sphere.

    Wish you all the best,

  24. The link you just asked for on Twitter:

    I hope you still check here, because I don’t have a Twitter account and can’t answer you there.

  25. Please Delete Comment Above Avatar
    Please Delete Comment Above

    Would you please delete the comment above (which was made on December 8 2020)? I didn’t realize the blog would pull my image from gmail account.

    1. Deleted. The answer is that those will be in DBATS III.

  26. That will be in DBATS III.

    1. Hi Bodi – Any idea on when you will be releasing DBATS III? What time frame will it cover?

      Loved your first two books.

      1. I hope before Summer.

        1. great white north joe Avatar
          great white north joe

          Can’t wait. I prefer reading memoirs over technical books and you’re a gifted writer.

  27. consists of the book itself

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