Death By A Thousand Sluts, Part Two


It’s been a long time coming but I’m glad to announce that my second book in the cataclysmic ‘Death By A Thousand Sluts’ series is now available.

My release page is here.

You can buy from Lulu here.

It’s paperback only and I will not release an ebook until some indeterminate point in the future.


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  1. Just ordered it, can’t wait to read!

  2. That sales page is a fucking work of art…Had me in stitches all morning!

    1. Jabba, shouldnt you be looking at Google Adwords instead of reading this blog? LoL

      [ed. the rest is redacted. if you want to speak to steve you know where to find him]

  3. Ok, I’ll buy it but if I cant find the ‘TRUE REAL ESSENCE OF GAME’ I’ll be asking for a refund 🙂

    1. I loved part one. I agree with “Guerrilla Jr.” in releasing an ebook. I will pay double price for an ebook version

      1. You’ve waited this long, you can wait a little longer!

  4. Ordered. Can’t wait.

  5. Ordered. Read the first in a weekend and will do the same again if it arrives by Friday!

    1. Cheers. Lulu are a bit crap recently, so don’t hold your breath for Friday. May well take a week or more 🙁

  6. Can’t wait to read it, I read part one in one sitting gripped to my seat, the horror of london life alone, the breakdowns, the mad demented world of pua rang true to my experience, it also was one of the funniest and wise books I’ve read in a long time

    1. Cheers! I wonder if the second is more or less demented…

      1. Is this one documenting your rise to pua greatness? Or is it more depravity?

  7. I’m hoping there will be a bit more success too. Judging by the posts on this blog Bodi is in a much better situation now.

    Still the last book was powerful. I hope the next one is just as honest. Best read of the year.

  8. Bodi, do you adress how you overcame Avoidant Personality Syndrome in your new book? It’s exstraordinary to overcome avoidant personality and I’m very interested in how you did it.

  9. Loved the first book. Been waiting for part two for a while now. Ordered!!! 🙂

    What time span does part two cover? Is it when you quit your job and went to Singapore? Or is it during the gap between when the first blog went dead and the second one hadn’t started yet.

    1. It follows straight on from the end of the first book. It covers about Mar 2012 to January 2014.

  10. I have read DBATS Part 2 and it is even better than the first one. I’m basically hoping that Bodi will go for a trilogy, but doesn’t “do a George Lucas” and put ewoks in part 3.

    Nahh, only joking. I’d love it if there were ewoks in part 3.

    1. Well now he has to fuck a girl while she is an ewok outfit before he writes the third part.

    2. Meursault your book was a work of art! Will there be a second one?

  11. just ordered, looking forward to it 😉

  12. Why do you keep putting out instalments covering 2 years at a time? Why not just put it all into one book? At this rate your memoirs will have 10 instalments (on basis you die early from a cream cake overdose).

    1. ‘keep’? i.e. twice?

  13. I bought your book the day it was released and still no peep from Lulu.

    Just saw you talking about caffeine withdrawal symptoms on your twitter feed. I gave up coffee and tea (as it contains high caffeine too dependent on brewing time etc, with green tea being particularly bad, despite health food wierdos drinking this like fish). Giving that shit up was one of the best things I did in the last 5 years. Used to drink about 7 good cups of it a day previously. Mental and physical health is much better since. I went cold turkey and it took a week of migraine, stress and generally feeling lousy to break the addiction. Take a week off to just get off the stuff as you will be able to achieve nothing in this time. Worth doing.

    Ps always makes me laugh when daygamers talk about how they love drinking coffee and how red pilled they are, when coffee chains are some of the biggest corporations globally through pumping their poison into every citizen at exorbitant cost. Basically a drug dealer with a license.

    1. If coffee and tea were just discovered now they’d be made illegal. It’s literally a cup of mild opioids.
      I’m beginning to wonder if caffeine addiction and effect hasn’t been a greater insidious effect on my life in the last few years than I realise.
      I still feel like dog-crap on day 10. But aggression/manic behaviour has dropped about 90%.

      1. Romeo_is_real (@Romeo_is_real) Avatar
        Romeo_is_real (@Romeo_is_real)

        “If coffee and tea were just discovered now they’d be made illegal. It’s literally a cup of mild opioids” Hardly John, but they would probably be licensed exclusively by the Pharma industry.

        1. I was told caffeine is an alkaloid, from the same family as all the opioids. If someone doesn’t touch it for a few months, then drinks a venti americano at starbucks, you tell me the effect is any different from cocaine!

          1. Romeo_is_real (@Romeo_is_real) Avatar
            Romeo_is_real (@Romeo_is_real)

            The key thing is POTENCY John. They are not the same in their effects on the body. I’ll stop before my latent gamma traits come to the fore.

          2. Why not type out a long comment rebutting my points one by one, and showing your mastery of the subject area in a vindictive fashion.That would be beautifully Gamma.

          3. Romeo_is_real (@Romeo_is_real) Avatar
            Romeo_is_real (@Romeo_is_real)

            – should be “In the amount of their effects on the body”.

          4. Just finished the book ( was great, looking forward to pt3 ) and got around to reading comments on here.

            I started to suspect caffeine was “evil” for lack of a better word about two years ago. It started when I watched a medical documentary about what it does to your body. Long story short its fucking horrible for you unless used once every couple of months.

            If you look at the neurotransmitter imbalance it causes and the way it can basically burn out your dopamine and serotonin receptors then ya… it’s very similar to cocaine. Anyone who takes the time to read a few research papers will agree.

            I have experience with using coke and the feeling it gives is very similar to the euphoria you get when you’ve been cold turkey from caffeine and then jump back on.

            Some things I noticed caffeine does to me when I’m in addict mode

            – anxiety
            – makes me angry/aggressive. I’d rage about silly shit.
            – willpower and drive takes a shit except for when it “hits” but the longer you use the less the hit zone lasts. ( then during cold turkey it goes to zero. haribo red zone )

            I remember when I was “off” I’d wake up in the morning feeling good. I’d have energy and be calm.

            Now I agree everyone has different body chemistry and maybe some people are effected much worse than others ( existing brain chemistry problems probably get fucked up worse ).

            I agree with Bodi if it was discovered now the shit would be at the very least regulated like alcohol/cigarettes.

            I think caffine should be used with the same mindset as coke. Either once in a blue moon or never. Don’t be fooled by the fact it’s not regulated and anyone can buy it.

      2. I’d give it time, push through that cold turkey period using distractions to just run down the clock while the body re-adjusts. I replaced tea and coffee drinking with water, hot water with fresh lemon, mint tea (using actual mint) and milk (once in evening). Saves you money too as once the bastards have got you they extort you in coffee shops. Nice even energy through the day, clearer head, lower anxiety to name just a few benefits (anyone with anxiety or depression should not be going near the stuff).

        Btw book came this morning so Ill be saving it for my Euro jaunt travel reading.

        1. Day 10, looks like I’m through it now. Dreadful yesterday but normal today. I shudder to think what this stuff has been doing to my life for years now. I feel *radically* different than 10 days ago.

          1. Interesting. Tried before but only managed seven days. Could barely function and didn’t want to lose my job so went back on it…

      3. John, try red bush tea (rooibos tea as its officially known) its 100% caffeine free, milk and sugar can be added if required and is easily available nowadays in all the high street supermarkets. Sworn by the stuff for years, my favourite brand is tick tock but even tetleys do it now lol. Worth a try anyways 😉

  14. Its interesting how the PUA community especially loves their coffee. Its become a core part of the whole PUA lifestyle. The incessant stopping to recharge their vibe in coffee houses is almost mandatory. I’m sure a lot of PUAs spend more on coffee each day than on food (actually in some cases it may be more than on everything else including their rent). Makes sense with the obsession with vibe and state. Anything that can help is seized upon! Of course the woo woo fringe of the PUA community has veered off into more exotic pastures with Ayuhaska and magic mushrooms (usually leading the realisation that they are one with the universe and don’t actually need girls) LoL

    My view is that what you get with one hand from any drug including coffee is taken away with interest by the other so better just avoid it all rather that trying to cheat the system (which is impossible). Peace. Z

    1. I’m really surprised cocaine hasn’t been praised in the day-game community yet.

  15. I’ve got the book today, and it is very good. I really hope the bit about Krauser having an uncomfortable footstool in his room to make people subordinate is fact and not over egged exaggeration for humor.

    One question that is bothering me is – what happened to the half Vietnamese chick? Did you just fuck her once for some reason?

  16. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Haven’t had so many laughs in a long time, although I do find the sadistic musings a bit disturbing. I found myself really envying the mansion lifestyle. As a now fully entrenched (but polite) misanthrope, I push everyone away. It’s liberating to not have to slot yourself into the pecking order, inevitably somewhere low, and deal with the mind games and bullshit of relationships. It’s also painfully limiting though. I wonder if John would have succeeded without the time spent with the other guys.

    1. “I wonder if John would have succeeded without the time spent with the other guys?”. I’m wondering the opposite, if he didn’t get much from approaches 650 to 1000 because he was no longer living in a house/wing with 5 mates, but was just him and Krauser in wing with randoms.

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  18. Really enjoyed the book Bodi. I was a bit sad to learn toward the end that you cut out some of the ‘game theory’ as I thought you expressed lots of ideas really well, especially on the nature of women (clearly you have read a lot on this subject and given it much thought). I still learnt a lot from the book though and was particularly interested to hear your style of game doesn’t seem to involve a complex (verbal) model, but something which sounded like a hybrid using bits of LDM and what some of the ‘natural game’ guys do.

    Reading the book I’m actually a bit surprised that you didn’t get more results through those 1000 sets. You have a strong masculine look, are very witty and knowledgeable and you have the key game principles clicking and whirring behind what you do. Its also funny that you say you are amazed when you see Torero’s witty style of game and that you don’t think you can do this because in your book you are full of wit and humour. If anyone could do that style of game I would have thought it would be you! I did have to laugh when you found an English girlfriend you were happy with after your posts on English girls. Rather than read much into where your lays came in the sequence (as there is so much randomness in the process) I was struck that 3/5 lays in the book came from ‘asian’ girls, which makes me think that with these girls perhaps you ‘feel’ more worthy and exude more confidence leading to more success. Curious too that none were ‘mainland European’, Eastern or otherwise, in London.

    It will be interesting where your journey takes you to next. Be fascinated to hear your future thoughts on game as you have a good mind, pickup needs more independent intelligent voices like yours. Tc.

    1. Thanks Zatara.
      Feel free to leave more large, very complimentary comments in the future!

  19. Just bought it.

    1. Finally got around to reading it. Finished it last night. Burst out laughing many times, other times, I had to put the book down and ponder my own life because of something Bodi had written.

  20. I can say the first book was a big influence on me. My knowledge of women previously had come from All In The Family and Maude (advanced 70’s feminism).

  21. Bodi mah nigga! Loving the book!

  22. Just finished it. Man, you are one entertaining and talented writer, and the production of this is great. I’ve enjoyed reading both of your books immensely.

    About your luck changing for the worse in 2013, I understand that you were suffering from the intermediate’s disease of “seeking the knockout” (as you explained in your book, Krauser’s metaphor relating the disease of the intermediate gamer to that of an intermediate fighter who focuses too much on going for knock outs, to the exclusion of other techniques, once he discovers he is able to do them). That idea seems very plausible, but have you considered the idea that 2013 was the year that Tinder took off? I wasn’t using Tinder at the time but my impression was that it happened very suddenly. One year, people who weren’t up for the tedium and effort of traditional Internet dating (that would rightly be the vast majority of men and women) had nothing delivering new leads to them, and the next year, they were swiping away.

    1. Thank you.
      I think Tinder has made a bigger impact on dating than we realize. It’s acted like the minimum wage does, warping the salary (or dating options) graph at all points around it to one homogenous lump of bleurgh.

  23. Hey John any chance you can give us a steer on where to find these cheap house sitting places in London?

    Don’t really want to resort to going tranny and applying for one of these

    1. There are 2 main agencies: AdHoc and Camelot. You register with them and go for it.
      Be aware however, the deal has been rapidly souring. Due to the mass influx of people into London the agencies are charging more for living in basically shitholes, so much that it’s barely worth it. Also, the houses are often now full of dodgy pakis and eastern european savages, making them unpleasant.

      1. Sigh…thought it was too good to be true. I wonder if a bird will mind getting banged in a room with eight bunks of migrants.

  24. I should note that I have been in a small room with four bunks when a bird was getting banged, however, she was American, and alas we were not migrants.

  25. When you stop with this long mind wanking sluts book Bodi. You not Ernest Hemingway. We want routines. Lays report.

    1. Please leave more comments like this.

  26. hey, its been a while since your last post bodi, was curious what you had to say about how to find a girlfriend which you mentioned a couple of months back..

  27. This year I saw the funniest film I’ve ever seen – a Danish comedy called KLOVN (Clown). I also read the funniest book – and this is it. Not only is it, like part 1 (which I’ve read twice), a riveting exploration of a sub-world populated by fascinating characters – but it is quite simply fucking hilarious. I told you in person you’re a great writer, and to that I’ll add you’re a comic genius. Yes, the stories and characters are inherently funny, but it takes a special gift to pull that out and convey it to the reader so effectively. You brilliantly describe the warped dynamics, power games and ‘frame wars’ that took place as you all bounced off each other in the ‘PUA mansion’. I was rooting for you as I read it too – the suspense as you fought not to lose those agonisingly close lays was hard to bear at times.

    The phonetically rendered Geordie Krauserisms had me weeping ‘AH’M A SEKSHOAL PREDATA MAN … ME MESMA’S SO FUCKIN’ STRONG’. Piss drunk Poles crawling around yelling racist abuse in Polish at multiracial PSCOs – the ESL texts of the Latvian bitch after being thrown out, the Gamma Watch nuggets – belly laughs from beginning to end. I was sad when it ended and there was no more to read.

    At times it seemed you added in stories of diarrhea-type mishaps to inject more comedy like in DBATS 1, but you never needed to, in my opinion. Poo stories pale against the weird and wacky characters and stories of ‘bottom world’ which you know aren’t made up, because you simply couldn’t make that shit up.

    A great achievement Bodi. Well done.

    1. Wow! Thanks.

  28. […] – my wing in Bucharest – Seven, my biggest inspiration, who recently said I’m doing well for my level – Nash, Tom and other guys that gave me feedback – the memoirs of Krauser and Bodi […]

  29. Just finished reading DBATS1 and 2. Really enjoyed reading them to the point of screeching out loud in cafes, bars and hotel lobbies and nearly pissing myself on numerous occasions. Looking forward to part 3 when or if it gets published. Cheers Bodhi.

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