I had high hopes for Colombia. I’d heard many a player raving about it as the promised land. “All the girls are so hot!” and “there’s such a disparity between men and women, they love us!”. Many a misty-eyed PUA said to me: “Man…. we would be SO SHINY”. I thought I’d see for myself.

Colombia has a rich cultural heritage
Colombia has a rich cultural heritage


Medellin is two words connected with a hyphen: over-hyped. For game, that is. We arrived in January and reconnoitred the whole city. Daygame is zero. Hot Colombianas don’t ever seem to spend a moment of their lives alone. They don’t seem to do anything at all, actually. The malls are full of families, the Universities were on holiday. That’s basically where the daygame is: in the Uni’s. If you’re young, speak Spanish and doing a course or something on campus then you can gorge and wallow in sets. Sadly, due to PUA incompetence we arrived right in the middle of their ginormous, woppy 6 week Christmas holiday.

The talked-about part of Medellin is Poblado. Meh. Fair enough, you can walk around there safely, but it’s nothing much. The bars are full of groups of Colombians that don’t mingle, or loud American ex-pats. I get the feeling the overhype about Medellin comes from exactly this source. We met plenty of young Americans who’d literally never been anywhere abroad, this was their first trip. Having hot weather, cheap food and pretty girls walking about sent them doo-laley.

You can pull in Medellin, but speaking Spanish would quadruple your chances. Spending time there and working social circle would help.

After ten days there I was bored shitless. The place has no soul. There’s nothing really cool there, there’s no vibe. Their middle class all live in big family houses and watch TV all day. There’s no history except Spanish killing people, then nothing, then drugs. Boring.

Tom and Rami, my original wings, arrived a few weeks after I left. They’d spat the dummy and refused to change their plans and listen to my hard-earned knowledge about Medellin. Cue a Youtube video full of quad biking, Escobar tours, zip-lining and other such girl-lite activities.


I moaned that Medellin had so little cosmopolitan middle-class that I never even saw a hipster. I walked around in Bogota the first day and saw a couple in my first hour. Yes! Something here must at least be interesting. I stayed in Chapinero and it was nicer than Medellin. Actual salad bars, cafes, and restaurants that had food other than disgusting Colombian food or pizzas/burgers. Normal, mid-20’s, professional people walking around.

I did a lot of walking in Bogota. You can actually walk round it, which you can’t in Medellin, where you have to drive to areas then walk round those areas. Bogota has an old area, Candlearia, which is quite interesting. Museums, galleries, traditional food, guinea-pig races, it’s at least something.

Pablo was nervous - if he didn't beat Scamps and Wee-Wee in this heat the cartel would slit his throat.
Pablo was nervous – if he didn’t beat Scamps and Wee-Wee in this heat the cartel would slit his throat.

Daygame in Bogota was better than Medellin by far. For a start there were actually parts of the city that people walked around. Ontop of this in Bogota, as I cleverly predicted, all the mid 20’s professionals who haven’t managed to leave Colombia come here to work. There are targets. It’s not great though: not speaking Spanish is a massive hindrance. Ontop of this the Colombian girls themselves are a massive hindrance (see below). It was nothing special. No better than Europe. Mostly the game just resulted in timewasters. I spotted a perfect target sittig reading a book in a mall (a rare activity for a Colombian), ran shit-hot game on her and banged her a bit later. An 8, a professional dancer, she’s actually been in one of those ludicrous RnB videos. Big shakira hair, pretty, amazing body. Very sweet girl. Crap sex- like I care.

My verdict on Colombia? I definitely will not be returning. You can find out why below.

Here are Bodi’s observations about Colombia:

It’s not as dangerous as people say.

It’s fine. I mean, I’ve felt more threatened in London. I didn’t see any crime at all. The difference is this: you probably see more petty crime in London, but in London if you piss someone off the chances of them hiring someone to disembowl your family in front of you then burn your children alive are pretty much zero. Not so in Colombia!

The Colombians are utterly paranoid

I’ve never seen paranoia at the level of Colombia, and I’ve lived in China amongst a suspicious, white-hating race. The Colombians take it to a new level. Every shop has an armed guard on the door. I had my bag rifled and they wrote out a special chitty and affixed it to my half full bottle of water, and they don’t even sell water. It was a fucking book shop! In supermarkets the tills only held about £1 in change; any more and the manager would have to intervene. I regularly got asked for my passport when using my Visa card. Like a fucking tall, white foreigner is the one to worry about! Virtually every Airbnb listing had a huge set of rules listed on it. When the cleaner came to clean our apartment the owner came and literally followed her round watching everything she did. In coffee shops all toilet doors were security coded and they wouldn’t even give you the code, they’d come across, cover it with their hand then secretly punch it in. All Colombians think that all areas of their cities are no-go zones. If you tell them “I’m going to x” then they shudder and tell you “eets so dangerouzz”. They say that about everywhere. I had people telling me not to go to the mall incase I was kidnapped or shot. It’s like one of the most modern malls I’ve seen. I get there and mothers, toddlers and old people are wandering about. Just madness.

Tiny minds

Colombians are generally pretty stupid. After a day or so in Medellin I realised quite how stupid they were. “Jesus, this is Africa level stupid!” I told my mate. Checking online I wasn’t surprised to see the average IQ in Colombia is apparenty 84. Every day in Colombia you’d constantly see examples of outrageous, flagrant idiocy. People would drive their cars backwards and crash into walls. Shop assistants would tie my bags shut and not understand that this prevented the handles from being used. After a week it got to me, the dim eyes, without a flicker of intelligence in them. Colombians make Mexicans look smart. Razor smart!

Ego without achievement

There’s a whole “racist” sociology book here. This condition is something I also observed strongly in Argentina, I suspect is prevalent in Brazil and is absent in Mexico. Firstly, the Colombians, I would say, generally have a higher default self-esteem than the British. This is sort of good. On the other hand they lack that gnawing anxiety, the sense that they have to be somewhere, working for something or other, achieving something to make up for lacking something, that is the coal powering the engine of British Beta-Male industriousness, and thus society. It’s not just self-esteem, however, they have bloated and incredibly brittle egos, like giant eggshells. They strut round as a default just thinking they’re the shit, and at the slightest perceived infraction fly into a hysterical fit, displaying all the sense of morality or reasonableness you’d expect from an inner-city black person or a woman.

In Buenos Aires I observed the most amazing sociological phenomena ever, and I encourage you, like taking a trip to see the Northern Lights, to fly to BA and witness… The Invisible Pomp Eggshell. You see, on the evening in the better parts of BA couples often like to take a walk together, or I should say promenade. I would see older couples, arm in arm, expensive cashmere sweaters draped over shoulders, immaculately made up, carefully and precisely walking, almost strutting along the pavements, heads held high and radiating a massive, precious bubble of pomp and ego around themselves. Now, if a similar Pomp-couple would come the other way then at the point they came close on the pavement they would stop, stuck, about 8 feet apart, unable to pass each other. Both couples were literally about eight feet apart but would act like they were unable to pass, and watching the awkward and weird shuffling, stilted nods, arrogant hand-waves, and barely contained rage behind masks of over-politeness you would think each couple had a large, invisible force-field around them preventing them from passing. It was exquisite to watch!

Colombians dont’ quite match Buenos Airesian (I forget the special name they have for these people) Argentian’s levels of pomp, but it’s there.

Face vs Achievement

After a few weeks we finally worked out the truth about Colombians and it was awful. As soon as I understood it I had to leave, because as an Englishman it runs counter to everything I believe in. In Colombia achivement is your public image, your ‘face’, regardless of what you actually have achieved. Your pride, your sense of self, is this bubble of image which others can see, and the important thing is this image, not at all what you actually do inside the bubble. This explains everything. This is why Colombia is rife with corruption and criminality, not because “zee Goverment eez so bad”, but because Colombian people are bad. The vast majority of them would do exactly the same: do anything and everything possible to achieve image, because the image itself, the status itself, is the morality, and the actions executed to achieve this status are not the morality.

This is a total inversion of British and European values. In our culture it is not so much your image, your face, your swagger, but how you act and treat people for real, what you have achieved, what adversity you have overcome, how you have treat people, what value you have produced. In terms or morality, the Colombians have far more in common with the Chinese than they do the British.

When I finally understood this, I despised them. (not one a one-to-one basis, but on a kind of macro level)


Not only are the Colombians paranoid and stupid, they’re also very spiteful. Unlike the Mexicans, Argentinians (and I would guess the Chileans and Brazilians), who counter laziness and sloppiness with warmth and happiness, a good deal of the Colombians counter paranoia with a good serving of spite. Whereas Mexicans (and to a lesser-extent) Argentinians deliberately look for ways to be friendly or to make you feel good (smiling as they give you your change, holding doors open for you, etc) Colombians are like Russians, they deliberately look for petty ways to be a cunt. Not since Belarus have I seen people deliberately telling me their shop didn’t stock something which I could plainly see that it did, or slamming change down to be rude. The above-mentioned Airbnb rules nearly always include cockblocking clauses too. Colombians are convinced that all tourists are sex-tourists (well I was, except I wanted it for free) and failing that, they just can’t live with the thought of anyone else having fun. Colombians adore bureaucracy and following petty rules. They relish them. I remember in my gym they would lock the huge class room inbetween classes. The gym was pretty cramped so I asked if they could open it so that people could go stretch in there. Stop the world! Outrage! Their tiny minds overloaded and they started shrieking. The blank-eyed male on the desk started saying “they steal! they steal!” and pointing to the room. “Mate” I told him, “the room is literally empty. There is nothing that can be stolen, except air”. They babbled amongst themselves and gave me dark, suspicious looks.

There’s something just a bit odd about them. A good example is the decaff coffee issue. Colombia is the only country I’ve ever been to where staff lied about having decaff coffee. I learned the Spanish to ask if they had it, and would ask them, and they’d generally just say yes immediately. For a few days I’d rave about Colombia having amazingly good coffee, then I finally realised they were just lying and poisoning me with the real stuff. I started asking them twice, then checking they understood, then standing there watching as they’d literally go and fill the machine-handle-thing from the regular grinder. I’d call them over and remind them decaff and they’d just stare blankly or look sheepish. This became an obsessive phenomeon, an ad-hoc sociology research experiment for me and my wing. We’d keep asking for decaff and collate the results and observed behaviour. Eventually we realised it was a combination of a few things:

Decaff Experiment Conclusion: why do they do it?

  1. They have an inability to actually listen to what is being said to them which makes the Chinese seem like modafinil-drugged autists. Their brains are so fuzzy they struggle to absorb words.
  2. They are lazy, shifty and don’t value human life as much as Westerners, so they simply take the easiest and most lucrative option: pretending they have decaff, taking the money and not caring about the fact they’ve lied and caused a chemical effect on someone (ok it’s not deadly but I’m making a point).
  3. When they don’t understand something, either spoken Spanish or even what the hell this “café sin cafeína” is then to protect their swollen pride they just lie.

Colombia is like China, the main reason they all want to leave is so they don’t have to live with other Colombians, or to be more correct they don’t want to live in a society of mainly Colombians.

The food is horrible

I thought Colombian cuisine would be nice. It’s disgusting, just disgusting. A pile of rice, a flavourless arepa, a fried hot-dog, a fried banana, a piece of fried pig-skin and a piece of avocado: this is a typical Colombian meal: fucking horrible. The only nice thing they have is a traditional soup with big lumps of chicken in it. Every food except the local muck is just burgers or pizza.

The women are insanely hot

"Let me rest these bags on something a moment, they're so heavy" said Conchita.
“Let me rest these bags on something a moment, they’re so heavy” said Conchita.

It’s true, there are lots of crazy hot Colombianas. Additionally, Colombian men seem short, pudgy and like to wear tank-tops. The hotness of their women is not countered by hordes of square jawed, dusky male models (like Argentia or Brazil) but lots of little toads. It doesn’t really matter, though: they don’t just drop their boyfriends because a random westerner comes along – The Group is everything (see below). Medellin has hotter women per head than Bogota and surgery there is very common. The average Medellin chick is pretty hot and most seem to have tiny waists, gigantic, Jen-Selter type asses sticking out, and also big jugs (which are nearly all silicon). Bogota has far fewer hot girls per head, and much more that look European and white. However, you can still see, you know, four or five 9’s a day whereas in London you’d see zero.

In my gym every time I went I’d see at least two girls that were fitness-model hot, with tiny wasp-like waists and huge, round asses sticking out like a shelf, plus massive fake tits. They’d invariably be wearing a tiny, tiny pair of lyrca shorts (which if they farted and relaxed would probably get hoovered up their ass hole) or some sprayed-on leggings, plus bare midriff displaying washboard abs then a crop top. The other women weren’t too shabby too, even the MILFS were worth banging. All that Colombian girls do in the gym is 5 minutes of crunches then 2 hours of ass.

This is common.
This is common.

They just do hours of ass exercises; nothing else. Squats, lunges, reverse step-offs, cable rear extensions, supermans, jumping squats, adducttor flyes, everything. Whilst doing these they stare constantly at their big asses in the gym mirrors observing every inch of gluteal acreage and mentally willing it to become huger and firmer. Their mind to ass connection is stronger than the mind  to muscle connection of the most dedicated bodybuilder.

Bigger. Bigger! Marta willed it to grow ever larger.
Bigger. Bigger! Marta willed it to grow ever larger.

I’d often see one particular small whore, obviously on Anavar or something with her combination of curvy muscles yet sunken cheeks (face obviously, not ass) and ripped abs, do a whole 45 minute stepper workout whilst twisted around watching her backside going up and down in the mirror. It’s a wonder she doesn’t get chronic back pain. After their workouts they often go and jump on the machines, spread their legs wide and take semi-pornographic selfies in front of the whole gym.

Colombian gyms are great.

Finally, Margarita felt like the squats were doing something: she'd passed the Bodi Cup-Test.
Finally, Margarita felt like the squats were doing something: she’d passed the Bodi Cup-Test.

The women are morons

By and large our greatest stumbling block with Colombian women was their own tiny minds. They are truly stupid. A lot of them couldn’t remember their own phone numbers, or email adddresses. They’d forget what they were walking along the street for. Not only that, but they’re incredibly vapid. I never, ever thought I’d big up the horror-pigs that are British women but compared to their 98lb-lighter counterparts they are brimming with quirkiness and character. They seem to do nothing but sit at home and watch TV or surf Facebook. They had little to talk about at all. Conversation was difficult. Ok, a little diversion here but… this interested me because seeing they had lower IQ’s and were more vapid than British women then why were they  so much more attractive and pleasant? I ended up writing so much to explain this that I’ve cut it out and will publish it as a seperate post, soon.

For any aspiring players in Colombia I’ll give you a priceless system on how to game in Colombia:

  1. Do not try and schedule dates, Colombianas are not capable of any forward planning at all.
  2. What you do is this: collect a load of numbers, several dozen at least, from whatever source, and engage them in relentless, time-consuming Whatsapp chats full of selfies and smilies. Run these chats over days and days.
  3. Regularly go out to a bar with friends and then mass-text your entire list with an awesome selfie featuring A GROUP having LOTS OF MINDBLOWING FUN, tell them you’re having an amazing time and they should come
  4. This will trigger their vibe-parasitism and provide a group for them to flourish and attention-whore in, so maybe one or two (out of 50) would turn up.
  5. Make them jealous of each other, pick the one that fondles you the most then run normal game. No Colombian man actually has game: it’ll work.

They are group animals

Everything in Colombia seems to be done in a group. People live in big family houses. They go shopping together. They work together, they socialize together. When they have nothing to do in a group then they just do nothing: hence the TV watching. They are sometimes suspicious about doing things one to one, and will then soon try and invite along other friends. For a Englishman I found this all a bit oppressive. I’m not a fucking rabbit, I’m a wolf.

I’ve now been to three countries in South America: Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. My general conclusion is this:  South America is over-hyped by wops, but in reality is a bit shit and Europe is better, for lifestyle and for women. Although I’m pretty sure I could bang an HB8 every month or two in Colombia, there’s more to life than women and it’s more important to me to not live in Colombia than it is to bang hot Colombian women.

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  1. Fascinating stuff. Refreshing that you don’t guild the lily like most (all?) the PUA blogs out there who would have you believe they are super MPUAs banging 10s left right and centre.

    I now avoid Spanish / South American girls like the plague. They seem retarded, often are just outright rude and don’t seem to want to engage in a man to woman conversation. Physically can be very attractive but the annoyance factor through a conversation renders this redundant.

  2. Perhaps your best post ever. Consider that the asses are also often fake.

    1. RandomColombia Avatar

      They take fat from their wheat/arepa belly and then put it in their asses. Same thing in Brazil. I don’t know why we south American men are so obsesed with this part of the female body.

    2. RandomColombia Avatar

      this one, and the one about Argentina are a complete treaty in South American mind set

  3. RandomColombia Avatar

    You could not be more accurate about Colombian social dynamics. despite the fact Roosh did an interesting book (Bang Colombia) about Colombian psyche, your contribution in the subject is superb. The only thing I disagree is your statement about the local guys:”No Colombian man has game” I believe we have plenty of players being all of them red-pill naturals. there’s no question about the type of society we have down there: r-selected. as you mention in your book: “they re not natural analysers and deconstructors; they tend to be more straightforward people. They tend to have a natural revulsion to Gammaness; as teenagers they would be the ones out playing soccer, certainly not indoors playing videogames”. Aditonally there are some other things you probably did not notice about Colombia but we are quite similar to Chinese,’”mindlessly follow consume trends and group-think” in a similar fashion to Chinese girls, Colombian women seem a bit “manipulative (with gammas specially), character-less and money-hungry” and as Krauser mentioned about Thai men, I used to be in Colombia some sort of “high oestrogen faggot”. Thank God I discovered the Manosphere.

    1. Hey viejo, tu eres PUA? haces Daygame tambien? no he conocido al primer daygamer de Colombia.

      1. RandomColombian Avatar

        No soy PUA, pues trabajo de tiempo completo, pero si soporto el trabajo de Bodi, Krauser, y Torero. Daygame no el sentido de salir a sargear de tiempo completo. pero cuando estas en el metro, autobus, haciendo cola para pagar en el supermercado, y haciendo mis hobbies que mas circulo social que otra cosa pero las mismas armas se utilizan.

        1. Chevere, yo tambien tengo como referente a Torero y Krauser, y a los tipos de Street Attraction, cada uno tiene estilos diferentes pero a la final predican las mismas cosas.

          En Colombia solo hice un total de 10 approaches pero por lo que me contaban los “PUA” de alla la prevencion con extranios en la calle es tremenda, especialmente si son Colombianos, por eso no segui intentando, hace poco le comente a un amigo de Praga ese problema y el me dijo que cuando el salia ha hacer daygame en su pais les hablaba las viejas en Ingles, yo creo que eso puede llegar a funcionar en colombia para los daygamers colombianos.

          En Europa la cosa efectivamente si funciona, como lo vengo comprobando hace meses desde que empece con el cuento de los Eurojaunt, es dificil igual pero las recompensa es tremenda, ademas que las viejas de aca me gustan mas.

          1. This isn’t a message board. Exchange emails and get it over with.

  4. Another blog post to live vicariously from while I lie on my couch. Pretty good summary of Latin culture in general. Loved the “Russians deliberately looking for ways to be petty cunts” bit. Not that I’ll probably ever get to use it, but good to hear some unbiased information about Colombia. I did have a sneaking suspicion that all the rave reviews of the place are by amercian blokes actually banging hookers, not guys looking for willing participants.

  5. Great write-up. I’ve never seen the appeal of giant cartoon asses – I prefer the fit yet petite ones. A handful, not an arm-full. To each his own though.

    I snorted at this line:
    “They’d invariably be wearing a tiny, tiny pair of lycra shorts (which if they farted and relaxed would probably get hoovered up their ass hole)”.

    Hilarious description. A+

    It’s interesting, the more I learn about IQ, the more it becomes clear to me just how much of the world is barely above retarded. That 70-85 IQ range.
    All of Africa, South and Central America, the sizeable combined population of hispanic and blacks in the US/Canada, practically all of the Middle East (inbred) and huge amounts of Asia (east asians being the only significant exception).

    There’s a reason most of those countries are stagnant shitholes and it has precisely nothing to do with the evil west keeping them down. The real reason is much simpler – they are almost entirely borderline retarded. It makes complete sense that they are the way they are.

    Fucking bleak.

    Sorry – didn’t intend to go off all stormfront but it’s unreal just how huge even a 10-15 point drop in IQ has on a countries standard of living and values. Makes me really appreciate Europe and how important it is to protect it.

  6. Can you right a similar post about Poland/Ukraine?

    1. *Can you write (Jesus Christ)

  7. There are a fair amount of good players in Colombia, most of them naturals as the pick up community is small and I haven’t actually seen a successful PUA in Colombia, there is a guy that teaches seduction but he is a scammer that is married, has zero infield evidence and only does online consultations.

    Bodi, you make some very accurate observations about my country: The paranoia phenomenon, the public-face obsession and the group animals mentality. I agree with about 60% of your post, you make several generalizations that i find simply true since I lived there 22 years but they are quite reasonable from someone staying for a short period.

    Probably the most ubiquitous element in the colombian culture is extreme classism, I wonder if you noticed that, it is tied with what you said about colombians only caring about how their external image is perceived, there are plenty of people living in the most expensive areas of Bogota with luxury cars,nice clothes, an empty fridge and massive debt.

    1. Ah yes, I forgot to mention the snobbery, plus how it ties into race. You know, this aspect is shared with Italians, who often bankrupt themselves to maintain a local image of having three holidays a year, a good car, etc.

      1. In Colombia this so present, middle-income families can afford to have maids which generates more cultural separation between the middle class and the classes below, usually this women live with their employers and do all of the housework, when the family meets to eat dinner, the maid usually eats in the kitchen by herself and is allowed to leave the house only on sundays, they always live in a tiny room that was never designed to accomodate a person but to store bicicles or gear.

        Parents encourage this segregation this by telling their children not to socialize with people that do certain jobs like taxi driver, security guard or maid. It is always emphasized that you surround yourself with “good people” (people with money)

        Also, one of the more common first questions a Bogota person tipically asks to you is “Where do you live?”, the answer of this question gives you an idea of the socio-economic level of the person, neighborhoods are classified by six levels (taxation is based on this), people will treat you depending on that.

        Other ways you can see this observing Colombian humor, jokes are mostly associated with making fun of the poor or the difference between classes.

        Race has some importance as well but is far less influential than wealth, white european or north american people are idolized to a retarded degree and there is a tendency to think that any product coming from abroad is superior to the local one.

  8. I’m here in the land of fake asses at the moment, so far it’s been a month and a half and I have about the same time left.

    I’ve not been to Medellin or Bogota, although I’ll probably hit them towards the end of my time here. My only reference experience is a week in Santa Marta and the rest of the time in Cali.

    The diet here is hilarious, they took one look at a guide to eating healthy, then decided to throw it out of the window as it wasn’t for them. They have the diet of a 14 year old boy, mountains of sugary carbonated drinks, they drink coke by the gallon, the super markets have aisle upon isle of processed shit, crisps and biscuits.

    Having said that, if you can find a clean, homely type cafe the food can be very good, very tasty and cheap. It’s hit and miss though, just find one good place and do all your meals there.

    Tiny minds
    Today I was chatting to a girl, and she didn’t know what google translate was. I had to explain to her. Then I asked to see her facebook, she tells me she doesn’t have it. OK, let’s use my amazing powers of investigation. I stick her phone number into FB search, voila her full name, job and photos of her playing with her kid in the park. That’s just plain stupid, if you’re gonna try to hide a kid, make your fucking FB private.

    The group animals thing is a funny. It’s worse with night game, you just don’t find 2 sets of girls on their own in bars that often.

    Evening going to malls is a group activity too, it’s pretty common to see a hottie trailing behind her mum and a menagerie of other relatives. How are you going to open that? “Are you sisters?” to her mum, her, sister, gran, and aunt?

    Having said that, you can hit all the stores as they almost never have any customers. The problem again is isolating them from the other 100 or so other workers who are there. I’ve never been to a place where the shop workers outnumber the customers.

    I found the best option for daygame is to go in the rush hour (5pm – 7pm), just find a transport hub. sit down, get your ahem *de-cafe* coffee and wait for the buses to spew forth their contents. There will be a heap of dross, but sift a little and you can catch some stunners. The girls will be on their way home from classes or to work. It really is the best time to get them on their own.

    If a girl has more than 22 years, she will likely have a child, and the father will probably be absent. Single motherdom is just an inevitable future for the girls here. I’ll bang single mothers, as they are generally dirty as fuck, but that’s not what I’m here for.

    I’ve done daygame in London for a year and half, so I can compare. I find the girls here hot, some are really really really hot, the tight jeans and tops showing their midriffs. The way the girls here walk, man, you just don’t get that level of sensual-sexy in London. Hip-sway central.

    The flake-rate is on a par to London for me, it’s probably fractionally harder to get the girls onto an date. Then again, the stops are generally very easy compared to some of the shit you have to battle in London.

    You have to speak at least a little Spanish, I’m taking classes out here, and without it I’d be fucked. Because even if they understand your English, they will respond in Spanish. You have to be able to understand their response. I always open first though in English.

    As for dates, I’ve had a girl bring a friend twice on dates, but actually they turned out okay. In both instances the friend stayed a bit, then headed off of her own volition. Having said that I didn’t bang either girl, but that’s more down to me than her bringing a mate.

    Overall, I just like the girls here more than London. Their intelligence is counter-balanced by their hotness and sexuality. The asses are amazing, the curves are incredible and their accent is cute.

    Probably I’m converted to Colombia, although I do love Kiev.

    TL:DR – Daygame Colombia
    1. Learn Spanish
    2. Go to a transport hub – metro / bus station
    3. Sit at a cafe, buy a coffee.
    4. Wait for a hot girl to exit – run after her
    5. Open in English, switch to Spanish
    6. Close, then invite for drink another night.
    7. Offer to pay taxi.
    8. Ignore her objections – when she says she has to study / work
    9. Expect her to be late
    10. She may bring a friend
    11. Buy drinks, run normal 2 venue date model
    12. Rinse repeat steps 6 to 11 until bang.


    1. Oh I agree, despite everything I said game Colombia craps on game in London.

  9. medellin_Comment Avatar

    As I write this I’m exactly a week short of three months living here in Medellin, a city that I still can’t quite come grips with and figure out. As much I try making sense of the city, I feel that during my time here I’ve either barely scratched the surface or stayed two months longer than necessary.
    I usually figure out cities pretty quickly. My previous stints in some of Latin America’s largest metropolises gave me the experiences to appreciate the diversity of the cities. Cities have a unique way of letting you automatically organize them. I appreciated Mexico City for its “in your face” Latin culture and overall largesse. I credited Buenos Aires for its European feel and unique style. I loved Rio for it’s beach life and its colorful tropical setting. But after three months here, I’ve yet to find what I think of this city, and it troubles me.
    The negatives come in droves. It’s a landlocked city with no beautiful oceans and accompanying views. The people are nice, but I’ve definitely met friendlier locals elsewhere. I can count on one hand how many nice sunny days I’ve witnessed in three months (lately it’s been raining daily).
    The unique social scene makes it difficult to meet people — especially during nighttime.
    I remember than even after two years of living in Montevideo, I would wake up and still pinch myself to see if it was just a dream: I couldn’t believe that I was living in paradise. Perhaps the most beautiful city in the world, even though I started to find the locals a bit snobby towards the end of my stay.
    When I lived in Montevideo, I loved the city for its charm and even it’s overall arrogance of not wanting to be considered Latin American but European. It’s still an amazing city and that’ll never change.
    But Medellin for me is something a kin of a small country city that grew beyond its means in population but not in mentality.
    It’s an incredibly organized city (for Latin American standards anyway) with solid infrastructure, honest, hard working people, but also a city where everyone sticks to themselves. On the weekends, you see large families hanging out in the malls, drinking coffee and talking, but overall people are serious, and are rarely joking around with each other like you would constantly see in Brazil.
    The locals would never forego an opportunity to greed you with the typical “Buenos dias” and later, “Hasta luego”, but beyond that you’d met with silence on the ascent to your 10th floor apartment. Do the same in Uruguay or Mexico; you’d probably trade life stories in that time span.
    Everyone sticks to themselves, where as in Uruguay I’ve made some close friends that I continue to stay in touch with until this day.
    Walking around the city has a distinct grey and monotone feel. All the buildings are the same brick color. Add the typical grey skies and you have the city’s depressingly omnipresent grey/maroon color scheme.
    The locals are not much of help either. Most are very reserved and closed off, a sure anomaly in what should be an outgoing Colombian culture. It’s almost like there’s something bubbling up and lurking under the surface as remnants of the violent past this city endured.
    As hard as I try to find something positive here, something to justify my time investment here, I keep coming short. It just doesn’t seem compatible with my personality and my travel experience.
    In many ways Medellin is a city without a soul, a city without charm. A city where everything works but nothing is special that motivates you to return or convince others to come and visit. Sometimes it’s those imperfections that make a city standout, and prevent a city from becoming too generic. For some, a well functioning city is enough, but I’ll take an imperfect city with a soul anytime.
    I’m glad that my mom is saving her vacation time for a more deserving destination. Whether it’ll be Lisbon or Istanbul, some cities give to the visitor more in terms of culture and tradition and as a result warrant that visitor’s precious time and money. Medellin still has many, many ways to go if it’ll ever join the ranks of those world cities.

    1. A bit narcissistic – reads more like a diary entry than a comment, but I’ll allow it.
      I read your diary entry and just thought “why are you still there?”.

      1. medellin_Comment Avatar

        bodPUA, Thank you for letting me express my anger

    2. Sounds a bit like waffling boasting about how many places you’ve been too. And fails to answer the key questions of the reader – (1) Is it easier or harder to get laid than other places? (2) What type of approach works best there ( will it suit the reader)?

  10. The same dull-eyed, Third World attitude is one the traveler will encounter in places like India and Vietnam. Us against whitey, let’s see what we can get out of him. I am a man of peace and a wimpish weakling to boot but I came very, very close to punching some little Indian twerps in the head a couple of times.

    1. I’m not sure this is a third world attitude as you suggest … It’s the way of an aggressive capitalist world led by the mono global power the US, I live in London which has appropriated much of US big bad business culture, everyone is trying to rip everyone else off. The winners are those who rip everyone off more than they get ripped off themselves. I wonder if you are Russian (as your avatar suggests)?, if so this is a place which is rife with corruption from top to bottom, your oligarchs seem to have taken a liking to London high end property, do you think they have taken from you too I wonder?

  11. So bodi you seem to be searching for a great game location which also offers a nice lifestyle, as someone utterly fed up of London I’m curious where you think is best so far from your travels?

    1. Nowhere is perfect. It’s a case of finding least worst.

      1. hmm maybe you should just come back to the UK then bodi as its kind of like living in many different countries all at once over here what with the rich multicultural diversity that the country offers. London is especially special in this regard, you can eat and drink from all parts of the world, polish sausage, jerk chicken or a lamb curry. you can talk to a Somalian on the bus, or discuss theological issues with a Pakistani in the local Lidl, or if you venture into one of the nicer parts talk to a French investment banker. If the UK votes remain in the EU referendum this week you may also find lots of Turks to make friends with after Dodgy Dave and his Euro friends grant accession to Turkey, not to mention all the Arabs who will use it as a conduit into a porous Europe. It will essentially mean the world will come to you!

  12. The location independent cassanova knows that no country is perfect, therefore he chooses a clutch of the best and then rotates them throughout the year. Nice to get an opinion from a fellow Brit, If i visit S America I may well scrub Colombia – Better Brazil and Argentina. I’ve spent 5 years in Ukraine, but looking for somewhere for this winter, will be Brazil, Goa, or Thailand

  13. Funny as hell!!! I couldnt have written this any better! Ive lived here a few years and I agree about scheduling dates. Its actually pretty easy to bang skank hotties at bars….just go up to them and rave about how delicious their food is, ask them what part of the country they are from and say you have been there also and that you love it. Its all about getting laid on the first night here. Once you start trying to date them it usually becomes difficult, also because most of them have boyfriends. Make sure you let them know you have a variety of girlfriends….women see that as macho here for some reason….probably because growing up every male member of their family cheated constantly on their wives, girlfriends, cousins, etc….women here are used to being treated like dirt, so be a little bit rude. First night bang. Easiest.

  14. Yeahhh, sorry dude. Medellin isn’t “over-hyped”.

    Few things.
    First, you just got a bad impression because you didn’t research beforehand, you don’t come off as a particularly open-minded traveler and you don’t even speak Spanish. I mean, what are you doing? People don’t speak English here. Adapt.

    You only mentioned El Poblado so I’m assuming you spent most of your time there, which compounded your negative impression because that sector is actually over-hyped and not all that interesting.

    Colombians are gregarious. Plenty of amazing looking girls by themselves but plenty accompanied too. They’re called mixed sets. You’re allowed to approach them. You don’t have to prey on girls walking alone because it’s “daygame”.

    Also, Colombians aren’t dumb because they’re subhuman Thirld Worlders with genetic low IQ. The public education system is just really bad here. Source: Worked in the public education system.

  15. Part of me wants to see this as a net positive because you won’t be coming back and this article will probably help restrict the flow of white “players” coming in Medellin/Colombia. But I love this place and I have to rectify some things because people out there who’ve never been here just won’t be able to tell bullshit apart from true insight.

  16. I’m glad to read some people are have trouble picking up in Colombia, I ment from have high success rate in Mexico to barely being able to get a girls number in Bogota, they don’t even want to stop to speak. The woman are hot here but I don’t think they are more attractive then any other country then personality is zero.

    PS You should not complain about peoples IQ if you don’t know which continent Mexico is on. I

  17. wrong, and horribly racist – I barely spoke spanish and had almost no skills picking up women, and I had at least 8 x 10’s and 2 7-9’s pulled in 2 weeks. Its like, if you can’t get laid in Colombia, there is something really wrong with you, and not just looks, it would mean that you are not much of a man and probably have no sense of class or know how to dress. Even if you can’t dress or don’t have class you will still get 7’s and 8’s… it must be that you’re just not much of a man, have no masculine qualities, and probably have no idea how women think nor how to talk to them. Hint: you need to be respectful and masculine. That’s it. I’ve been 3 times now and I’ve had sex with at least 40 Colombian women, out of the top 3 women in my life, 2 of them were Colombian. Sad you had such a failure of a time. Sad.

  18. […] The reason for these shenanigans might be a lack of trust within the society (people not respecting agreements), but it is my European superiority complex speaking here. On that note, if you want to observe that complex fully, read a hilarious Colombia review by a former PUA here: […]

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