Day Game Denial

I was sitting outside today in the sun, seeing a few single girls here and there doing likewise and I caught myself thinking “I wish I could go up talk to them”. Then I thought…. Whoa! WTF? I’m supposed to be a wannabe PUA here. What am I doing? I mulled this over and realised that I’ve been in denial about day game. I did the approaches on the Bootcamp and then I did a few little bits here and there, then started to do Gallery-game but what I’ve essentially done is chickened out and bypassed the problem of being unable to cold-approach a girl on the street. I’ve weaseled out.
Thinking more about this skill I realise it’s as important, if not more important than bar-game. This is game I can practice anywhere, for free. For free! Just go out, walk around and talk to people. And this exercise will do me untold good. Reading secret_pua it’s easy to see how just being positive, adding value and talking to strangers can potentially be life-changing.
I realise I still have AA regarding day game. I also realise I am lacking technical chops: I honestly am uncertain how to get talking to people just out on their lunchbreak, sitting on the grass, etc, without making a fool of myself (I’ll have to see these people again and again afterwards). I want this skill so bad. I look around me and see women EVERYWHERE. I could be getting an extra 50 approaches a week in here! I have SO been in denial.
Time to change.
1) Use my last one-to-one with Johnny/Suave for day game training
2) Get a wing(s)
3) Set a timetable and goals. I am thinking on every free weekend do a good session on each day i.e. two day game per week PLUS…
4) Start talking to people on the street more, asking fake-directions, the time, etc
5) Move towards a lifestyle of constant interaction with joe-public
I feel sickened that this amazing tool has just been sitting there, I’ve been fastiduously reading Krauser’s blog yet been totally in denial. AGGGH!!

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  1. Yes yes yes – do it! So much more rewarding than going to bars and competing with other blokes for the girls’ attention.

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