Guest post: Game Vindication!

Hello readers, today we’re having something a little different. My good friend DrunkenBaker has just had a stunning first success with Game so I’ve invited him to write a post…..


POST by DrunkenBaker

Finally.  Just when I was getting committed to the idea that 2010 was going to be a dry year for me, I got some action when I was least looking for it.  I’ve been chasing tail through online dating and text messaging, but it was on a night when I took a random decision and was definitely not expecting anything to happen that I did my first SNL of the decade.

I broke up with my longterm girlfriend at the beginning of this year and haven’t had a proper sexual encounter with a woman since then (not that the relationship with the girlfriend was a sex-filled adventure – it was quite the opposite in fact).  Bhodisatta has introduced the world of PUA to me and encouraged me to read/watch The Game, The Mystery Method and The Blueprint as well as near daily contact where we have talked about our development.  Until now though I never took it all that seriously, even though Bhodisatta thinks I would be a natural.  I’ve pulled a few girls randomly and met and even kissed a few girls from online dating, but I’ve never successfully managed to sleep with them or even meet me for a second date.  My flake ratio is out of this world.

All that changed last night.  I was out with some work friends when I get a text from an old female university friend that her company was having a free bar tab at a bar in Clapham and that I should join.  It was pretty late when I got there and the bar tab was gone, but the place stayed open late and my friend introduced me to her mostly drunk work colleagues.  The majority were drunken wenches on the wrong side of thirty, but I felt an immediate acceptance as I was being introduced by one of the group as her old uni friend, so I had no problem with being cock-blocked out.  One girl was pretty cute and I started talking to her but without any intention whatsoever of trying to pull her.  She had a double barrel name and unsymettrical hair which I immediately started negging her about.  It was only when the majority of the girls left to go home that I started to show interest.  I was left outside with my friend and the uneven hair girl, while one other girl was having an intense discussion with a colleague who she was in love with but already married.  My friend left and by accident rather than design I was left alone with this girl who seemed quite happy to speak with me.  That’s when I started doing game.

We started discussing the girl who was declaring her love for her married colleague and I stated that women find this type of man attractive because they’re unobtainable and pre-accepted and women are attracted by a man who can make a certain decision in life.  She disagreed, so I challenged her completely and basically recited Game Theory that women don’t know what they want and are carried by their emotions.  I may have even used the term “Attraction is not a choice” from David DeAngelo!  This was followed by some heavy kino when I asked her to think back on people she had been attracted to in the past and how she felt – classic technique which I couldn’t believe was working right in front of my eyes.  She let slip how an old gypsy woman in her past had said she possessed “The Gift” which was an obvious DHV, so I followed through on a combination of comments about her energy and negs about her wonky hair.

As we were walking towards the night bus she casually asked if I would like to see her flat and I popped onto the bus with her all the way home with some mild hand holding and I talked about how I loved my nephew and nieces.  When we arrived at her place she gave me a drink and a tour of the house, and when we were in the garden I pushed her against the wall and went in for heavy kissing.  She responded beautifully and within minutes she had dragged me into her bedroom.  I had to be awake in a few hours and wanted to not escalate things so that I could keep her wanting, but she ripped off our clothes and practically forced me to have sex with her.  Even after sex and I was just lying there contemplating how to get to work as it was light already, she was humping my leg and just crazy for more.  The ending was beautiful: I said no to more sex and when I got to leave she begged me to take the day off work and spend the day in bed with her.  I casually put a namecard on her table and told her to give me a call.  Sure enough she’s been texting me today which is another first for me: a girl initiating text.

I was doubtful about a lot of the stuff I had read and learned, but I just wanted to share this story from a once Doubting Thomas and show others that there is method within this madness.  Good luck!

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  1. Nice story, but she sounds a little needy asking a dude she just met to skip work and stay in bed with her… and then text messaging so quickly. But, still you got the SNL which is always a good story – don’t have to see her again if you don’t want to.

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