Turned on by a Zwinky.

I’ve just finished watching a South Park episode online. I notice a little advert for something called a ‘Zwinky’. Something like this (can’t find the original ad):

Although my ad had little click-boxes to let you change the upper clothes, lower clothes and accessories. At the start the Zwinky was in her underwear. I’ve seen these things for years and ignored them. Tonight I find myself quite into it, switching between the different tops, skirts and trousers to find the most alluring outfit for my Zwinky. I’m struck by what a nice bod my Zwinky has in her underwear. Good jugs. Tight waist. Bet she exercises and eats right. I like the long hippy-skirt with the white gypsy-top.. classy and alluring but it’s not showing her legs off much. Hang on. To my suprise I realise I’m actually getting quite turned on by this. I’m on day 4 of no wanking… my God it’s taking it’s toll. I’m turned on by a Zwinky!

And the worst thing is I know that as soon as this I have to stop immediately or it’ll be too late. I decide to head over to the quiet earth to read a post… oh no! Soft-por.n image. Immediately I close the site.

I literally feel a little nauseous from this unspent s8xual energy in my body. My body isn’t used to it. I’m having to try really hard now not to think of sex all the time. This is hard work. There’s cheap titillation everywhere. Think caveman. Think Alpha. This is definitely going to make me more Alpha. God people complain they dont have enough energy or libido…. it’s easy! Lay off the porn.

This is great. I feel like a sex machine. If Kylie turned up now I’m confident I could pound her for hours and hours and hours. I’m looking forward to going out this weekend to just flirt with some women and get close to them. Smell them.


p0r.n = unnatural

lust = natural

Stop anaesthatizing yourself.

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