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Someone who left a comment on my site suggested this blog:


I’ve just read it from start to finish, every post. Some fascinating insights, and the guy has obviously undergone a spiritual change as part of his daygame journey.  It’s heartening to see a “PUA” with such a value-giving and profound attitude.

At first I wondered if it was real as his success sounded too good to be true and halfway through he took on clients. However he’s apparently stopped the blog and that doesn’t seem the move of someone looking to fake it.

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  1. I read the blog too. Like you said it seems too good to be true. Maybe, maybe not. It’s certainly possible to have those results and I think the reason is this: the guy was not “broken” before he started pick up. Therefore he didn’t have anything to fix, he just needed to get some technical skills and some experience. Most guys have more work to be done. For my own part, my technical skills are just fine but its the inner game that’s difficult and gets in my way – not surprisingly considering my route in to game.

    I’m not sure if I believe the guy given the lack of evidence and the rapid success, but I believe him more than I disbelieve him.

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