The perfect day (game)

Sunday was a great day. A classic. I’m going to pop the memory of Sunday into a little glass-sided presentation box and keep it on my memory-mantlepiece. Why so great? Another hill crested on my way up the mountain range.

I didn’t think the day would be so good. In the morning my bottle of cod liver oil slipped out of my hand and smashed a plate: a significant plate. I’ve had this plate for 13 years. I was bought for me by a friend at university. A beautiful (9/10), intelligent girl who I was in some weird kind of LJBF situation with, a perverse kind of sisterly love born out of total, 100% self-desexualisation. I kept the plate (it was quite nice) and it always reminded me of her. There it was, smashed to pieces.

I had my final one-to-one with Johnny and Suave booked and had decided to go for day game AA work. The weather was great and I went into town to drop my mate off at the bus station. Had an awesome full-english while I was there. Day was starting to look good.

Met up with the guys at Covent Garden to begin the session. This was it.. time to work on day game AA. Plenty of fit women… all over, worshipping their god, Mammon. I was to use a direct opener and the first few times I did it I couldn’t quite get used to the concept of boldly running up and jumping in front of the girl. Cue a few pathetic shuffles alongside.. nastily in the peripheral vision to freak her out. A few times I fell into the horrible position of following a girl, inching closer. Wrong wrong wrong. The guys told me to try doing it properly: run alongside, run round in an arc and boldly jump straight in front of her.

So I gave that a go. Wow! The bolder the better. Did my first successful approach with a gorgeous, gorgeous HB9. And suddenly it all started clicking. Sank back into my posture. Eased back. Relaxed. Started chatting. Started vibing. Made myself desireless. My god… I was enjoying myself! Asked for a number and she told me she was married….. “sort of”. Ha!

And that was that. Boom. I crossed some kind of internal bridge and was just in a new kind of zone. I repeated this over and over and got blown out a few time and had just the most wonderful fun. Walking round in the glorious sun, going up and talking to beautiful women. Revelling in being more relaxed than I’ve ever been when approaching women before, night-game included.

A pretty Venezuelan girl was on her lunchbreak. I sat down beside her and got chatting… facebook and email.

A half Japanese/ half Chinese girl was slinking along. I opened, calmed her down… whipped out the Mandarin Chinese.. vibed and got a number close and plenty of smiles from a face that was initially surly.

A very sexy western half Thai half Chinese girl, with a great rack was sitting on the base of a pillar resting. The guys pointed her out and I let out a low moan. Previously her fitness would have made my AA worse.. on that day it just made me want to approach her more! Ten minutes later I had her Facebook.

The highlight of the day was when I opened a petite, gorgeous Indian girl. This was special. This was my first daygame set where I actually felt something.. ‘click’. We vibed.. I was getting IOIs like crazy. We had a great laugh. She mentioned she was doing Salsa on Wednesday and I asked if she’d take me and she agreed. Unfortunately she then realised the class was intermediate and I hadn’t done it before… argh! Got her number and we agreed to meet up the week after. I then made a kind of abortive attempt to bounce her to an instant date but she said she had to get going. Nevertheless it was my best set…. ever!

In hindsight I learned that I should always be going for the instant date if I get such a good vibe, and I should time it right. Not at the natural conclusion to the interaction but earlier, when the vibe is high. And don’t ask for a number before the bounce-attempt.

In a few months I’ll probably look back on some of these and realise I was getting more IOIs than I picked up on and could have bounced more of them and been more confident with it. Just take their arm and declare “let’s get a coffee”. Already I look back on the approaches I did on the Bootcamp with a sense of distant wonder. It seems so long ago and the person that did them seems so clueless compared to me now. I can’t believe how strong some of the IOIs were that I got and didn’t act on! Argh! The hot French HB9 in the nightclub…. Nooo!!!

A total of 11 approaches done and a result of 2 Facebooks and 2 phone numbers. I didn’t bother adding one (thai/chinese/jugs) onto Facebook as I didn’t feel that she was a good enough personality fit. Out of the remaining 3 none have flaked. Awesome.

As the day wore on Johnny and Suave said “there wasn’t much to say about my day game” as it all seemed to be pretty much there. This quite suprised me but after reflection I suddenly realise how much I’ve changed since this all started on March 5th. Eleven weeks and less than a hundred approaches and I feel like a new man. I’m not saying I’m there yet, or even half way there yet… but definitely the beginning has ended. Johnny said the change from the Bootcamp has been drastic.

At the end of the day me, Johnny, Suave and Krauser ended up chilling in the pub, plus a French PUA who had earlier twigged Krauser’s game and introduced himself. I don’t think I could have been comfortable sitting with the guys like that back in the early days. I’d have been all jittery and felt a kind of inadequate student to teacher thing.

I think what clicked is that I now fully accept it is possible. Rather than dealing with the “is it possible” question I finally fully accepted that it is and suddenly the question simply became one of logistics and hard work. This is a massive, important, psychological milestone to go through and I think one that all RAFCs who want to be PUAs need to go through. If you’re still doing approaches to ‘see if there’s anything in this’ then you aren’t there yet. However you will hopefully eventually click and realise it is possible.. it’s simply a question of time, effort and willpower. The challenge just becomes logistical and the outcome becomes inevitable. That’s what happened Sunday. Having made this leap I felt absolutely no incongruity sitting there shooting the sh1t and talking shop with the guys. They’re just the same as me but a bit further on than I am.

I chatted a couple of hours with Johnny about life, the universe and everything then headed back home, high as Towelie on computer duster. Arriving home I went into the kitchen and saw my smashed plate staring up at me. I’m not a superstitious person but it made me wonder. My symbol of former chodeliness and failure, smashed to smithereens. I looked up in the cupboard and saw my other good plate, an expensive one I bought in 1997 during one of the most unhappy times of my life. I thought for a second then tossed it on the floor as well. Boom!

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  1. Sounds like a good day.

    Definitely some things I can take from this post and work into my own day game (which is very much lacking). Thanks.

  2. Hey Willy thanks for the comment. Is your blog ok there are no posts?

    1. My blog’s fine. I don’t know why it goes to that blank blog on the link though…. need to find out how to get that fixed.

      The actual blog is the

      1. Thanks for pointing that out though man… I think I may have finally fixed it…

  3. It really was a great day. I spent the winter daygaming through wind and snow so I’d be ready to take advantage of summer days like this.

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