More Facebook. Prompts general rant.

NB: More updates on my previous Facebooking but in the original post


Finally got a reply from a really hot Thai chick I N-closed a while back. Pretty terse and boring. A big IOD.

Bhodisatta June 2 at 7:49pm
hi FiDolla,
sorry so long to say ‘hi’ to you… i was back in X taking care of my dad.
so how r u? hope yr enjoying the few warm days (but of coure nothing like Thailand ;-( )
[notice my cunning DHV. asian chicks dig family values big time]
FiDolla June 10 at 2:08pm
Sorry for lately reply. Got loads of work to do-_-! Am still ok.
How are you? Hope you and your father are all right.


The hilarious thing is I noticed the same day she replies she changes her Facebook picture from a random one of her to this:


Which is a non-too subtle flag to the world saying “I have a boyfriend”.

Fair enough, like, but what sickens me is the picture. That, ladies and gentleman, is a Herb. A good looking Herb. A vain Herb. What does he think he’s on an album cover or something? And who looks the most dominant on this picture? Her! He’s fluttering round behind her like a Geisha girl. Ugh it makes me sick.

I used to be a Herb, though. I had my little Tiawanese girlfriend and used to fawn on her and do the baby-talk and even gradually started to imitate her mannerisms. Not any more.. game is changing me. I feel more… ‘solid’ now. The thought of kowtowing to a woman makes me ill. It aint gonna happen. I’ll be the oak and they can be the squirrel. They’ll fucking bounce offof me. I’ll be a kind of dominant, alpha sex-oak.

Then I get the fear. Maybe… maybe what’s happening is now that society society has given women “power” that women become the selectors.  “Females are always the selectors” various chumps bleat out. Not so, I rejoinder. Look back a thousand or so years. You think in villages, tribes, whatever, when men had ALL the money and power women were still deciding who and who they would not marry? Bollocks. Whichever man had the money and the power did that. Women couldn’t even own money unless it was through a man! Yet now society, or rather the machine has decided that women will be equal, and actually put in a place a big system which simply takes money and power off men and gives it to women, even though the men actually do most of the work. So now the women have this artificial power. What do they do? This is my fear… do they go for a dominant alpha male or do they go for a good looking, submissive male, just like men do with women? I really fear that this is exactly what they do. I’ve seen this over and over again with friends. Good looking Herb friends get dominant, HB8-9 girlfriends. They don’t want a man who dominates them. Well, they do but at a deep level which they deny, and instead just indulge themselves and go for a man they can get what they want from. It’s like letting dogs choose their masters. Madness. It’s like letting the chimps control the zookeepers! They can’t really help it. Don’t forget, most women don’t really even understand themselves. To them, everything they do is perfectly logical, even though to a man it’s plain fucking retarded. So, these poor creatures look inside their small brains and think ‘what will make me happy?’ and think ‘oh! being the boss, just like all the media in society conditions me to want’. Then they go do this and think they’re happy. Dogs are happier with a strict master, so are children, so are schoolchildren, so are women.

This scares me. Ultimately it means that in a couple of generations the ultra high value members of society, the brainiacs, engineers, etc will be weeded out of the gene pool by women with an artificially provided level of power in the mating game. Stupid, hot, men will be the new fashion accessory.


So, fellow PUAs, tell me that being Alpha and dominant is what women really want. I know that’s what all the literature says. Endless PUA courses say the same thing. Women are attracted to men with inner strength. They are attracted to Alphas. They are attracted to men with a strong and grounded reality. It goes on and on. But is it true? Is this not just what we’re sold in order to buy material, to buy these personal development courses?

And then you get women like my sister who, bless her, says she is actually sickened by how many women she sees with submissive men and thinks that they are “damning themselves to unhappiness”. God bless sis. My sister has not gone for a hot-Herb but has got herself a ‘real man’. But even then.. he doesn’t really dominate her. They are more ‘equals’. Apparently.

What calms me down a bit is seeing the various guys from RSG and the fact I know they are all pretty alpha and all pretty much fucking hot girls. A lot. Maybe it’s just a case of selecting the right kind of women. You get alpha, then the Herb-Hunter hotties don’t want you anymore but the other women, the ones with a strong feminine energy and a deeper sense of what they want and what they like, maybe they are the ones that you attract. I hope so.

Failing that there’s always Taiwan. Seriously. They have proper women there. And they FUCK LIKE STOATS.

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  1. They’ll get sick of dating the herbs and betas and cheat on them with alphas, or find an alpha for themselves once they get rid of the herbs and betas.

    Women don’t want submissive men, even the ones that think they do, they just have yet to be turned out by a real alpha.

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