Mounting obsession

I am becoming obsessed with game. I think about it all the time. I can’t concentrate at work. Work seems pointless, like some kind of sick puppet show. I sit in the afternoon and think “what am I doing here? I could be IN SET now and I’m wasting my life here“.
Game unleashes the primal urge: procreation. For most people the mating game is a mystery and causes them endless misery and confusion and they have few options. Game, however, gives you a framework for understanding it and a set of steps to follow to get success. As long as you’re not deformed and have OBSESSSIVE DRIVE then that’s it… it’s a done deal.. you can make it. You can fuck hot chicks. Lots of them. You can have options other men only dream of. You can eradicate all of your neuroses regarding women. Gone. Scrubbed clean.
Isn’t nearly everything else in life about this anyway? Isn’t the reason people do most of the shit they do to try and get successful in the mating game anway? All the gym-going, the self-betterment, the salsa classes, the new hobbies, the getting rich, the being succcessful… it’s all about pussy. Women are the ultimate prize. Everything is judged by success with women. You go off do all this other shit then when you get into game you realise that the answers are right here. Don’t study oceanography to get good at sailing. Study sailing.
Before game it’s all a mystery. Getting good with women is not something you think can ever be studied. It’s a knack. It’s magic. You have it or you don’t. Then you discover it can be learned. My god what a discovery that is.
Cue obsession. Major obsession. Why not? Is it not the most desirable skill to have?
Everything I read relates to game. I listen to audio courses on my way to work. I watch dvd courses at home. I go out sarging 4 times a week. I’ve cut down the wanking, started eating right, started going to the gym again. Never mind the time I spend writing this blog (which can really be classified as ‘ordering my own thoughts’).
The job just seems irrelevant now. My contract’s up in mid-August and if they don’t renew it I’ll not be that bothered and probably just launch myself into a three month full time game odyssey right here in London. Three months? Maybe six would be better… think how much could be acheived.
I have to get this DONE. I have to get this acheived and out of my system.
Yet I have to be careful. You are not your khakis, you are not your self-development. Game is a process to help you become the man you can be. It is not who you are. You are more than game. If all you become or all you are is someone good at game then you are not very much. Where is the depth? What else have you achieved? What are your passions. At the minute I struggle to keep hold of this truth but I know the importance of doing so. You are more than game. You are you, the other stuff. Game is there to make that person able to have the self confidence and options with women that you deserve.
I’m prepared to let myself become obsessed for a period because I know that obsession is a powerful tool. It is the ultimate tool on the road to mastery.
Ultimately, however, game is a phase.

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  2. I can relate. I spend way too much time thinking about game. You’ve read ‘The Game’ so you know about the contempt Style had for the people that quit their jobs to practice game. Jobs are important for game. Maybe you just need a job that puts you in constant contact with women. In a way that won’t get you fired if you game them. 😉

    I’m stuck in a position right now with women coming and going all day, but I haven’t found a way to game without getting fired. Any tips?

    1. Sounds hypocritical of Strauss considering that’s basically what he did (give up his life to life in the mansion).
      Just game them with your eyes and your smile.

      1. That’s the beauty of what he did. It was all ‘work’ in the sense that it was research for his book.

        Probably one of the “Greatest Jobs in the World.”

        In my 20’s I quit many jobs to go touring with my band, so I guess it’s the same thing. Save up a bunch of money and live off it for a while.

        1. I couldn’t watch that video Roissy links to on that post. It made me fucking sick. I program computers surrounded by Indians.

  3. It could be a LOT worse. You could be married with kids and recently realise that, if this stuff had been around 25 years ago, you could have fucked a lot more women.

    One thing is for sure. When my boys are 16 I am going to introduce them to The Game. They won’t have years of going to night clubs and going home by themselves and all the other shit that AFCs do.

    1. At first I was like “oh I’m so old I wish I’d known this when I was 25”. Now I’m like “oh thank god I found this when I’m only 35 and still unmarried”.

  4. I do believe that game, and in particular inner game, have changed your perspective. Which is one of the additional benefits of game!

    I have found that even though it is impractical for me to go out and use game on a regular basis, I have felt the benefits from inner game in my every day life. I feel much better within myself. Unfortunately, one of the by-products is that I don’t feel overawed by my wife anymore and have been considering going it alone. Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not a depressive or negative post but one of freedom. I don’t feel scared about splitting which I did a few years ago.

    Inner game is a powerful tool for everyday life. You have written plenty about social conditioning and it reall does keep the masses down. However, the likes of you and the other PUAs have seen the light and can get on with enjoying life rather than just existing.

    You never know, in a few months you have another wing!

    Sorry for rambling on your blog.

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