Struggling Writer’s Awesome Natural-Game

There’s a wing I met with recently who’s worth a mention. When I first met this guy I thought he was a geek. He work geeky clothes, seemed quite nerdy and talked, talked, talked about game, life, the universe, everything, yet showed no willingness to do any approaches. I later found out that after I’d gone home he’d done one approach and K/N-closed a 19 year old blonde ballet student. I was devastated. I later found out he repeated this twice on further nights (not neccessarily with blonde 19 year old ballet students, that would be impressive!). The guy is an enigma. I bump into him one day near Trafalgar Square and go for a pint with him. He gives me the lowdown on his first close and I marvel at the genius of his game.

His image

I take a closer look. He’s not geeky.. he’s artfully dishevelled. Think Shoreditch. Grey casual blazer, tight white t-shirt, cool scuffed sneakers and a trendy fine scarf tucked around his collar. Book tucked under arm.

His patter

It all went down something like this:

-They are in some awful lame Leicester Square type club. Full of chavs. Hardly any women. His wing cunningly makes them stand near the door and they literaly grab two hotties as they come in. Struggling Writer gets talking to one:

-SW (Struggling Writer) + HB: exchange pleasantries, fluff for a minute

SW: you seem like a nice girl, classy, why would you be in this place? [I don’t normally come to dumps like this, I’m classy and am filtering here incase you are not classy as well]

HB: yeah yeah it’s someone’s birthday I had to come. I’m actually a ballet student..blah blah [qualifies to him]

HB: what’s with the book

SW: oh I like to read, I read it on the way here [strong reality, doesn’t try to make excuses]. Do you like to read? [already making her qualify to him]

HB: Oh yes, yes

SW: Really? What? [strong frame. is not trying to impress. skeptical that women are well-read enough for him]

HB: blah blah [desperately tries to qualify]

SW: Yes this is a book of interviews with writers, them talking about the craft of writing.  I travelled a year last year and read and wrote a lot. I’d like to be a writer. However it’s hard so in the real world I’ve found myself a job I love and write as a hobby. [Apocalypse DHV. Chick-crack to most artsy women]

HB: blah blah ballet, dancing, hard to succeed, etc [desperately tries to qualify even harder and strike a commonality]

SW: so many people are so superficial in London. I like the fact that superficial women filter me out because I have a book with me. All some people are concerned with are looks. [genius]

HB: blah blah [almost feints]

-Friend turns up says they need to go off wish someone happy birthday

-Wing tells SW they must split immediately and not follow [good]. They wander off looking for more girls to talk to and set up a jealousy plotline. 5 minutes later they accidentally run into the girls again.

-Wing starts to move on friend. SW tells HB it’s too noisy and they should talk and have a proper conversation. Bounces her to a seated area.

-SW starts to talk about family, the zoo, etc [building comfort] makes no overt kino move [super comfort]

SW: it’s still too noisy here, let’s move upstairs [second bounce!]

-they move upstairs. talk for a few minutes. kiss close.

SW: (pulls away) no! you’re too young for me. How old are you? [two steps forward, one step back]

HB: 19

SW: see, I told you. This is not going to work.[push/pull. reframes himself as the pursued. awesome!]

HB: I’m really mature!

SW: you’re probably not half as mature as you think you are [awesome neg]

-he takes her hand and tells her they should go back

-he’s already N-closed her and she rejoins her friends

-time passes, later on she proximities near him and he grabs her again and pushes her against the wall and k-closes her[alpha]

SW: (breaks it off again, pushes her away) Ugh! You’re too sweet. It sickens me. You’re too young. [more genius. Tyler-D style push/pull]

HB: [dying with lust] blah blah.

I have to admit I’m obsessed by StrugglingWriter’s game this night. It’s absolute genius at every step! Natural game. The great thing is he didn’t lie about any of this stuff and most of what he said were his natural reactions and real thoughts. As Agape said.. he’s just naturally attractive. Not in the way most guys are, but in his own special way. He just fits right into one of the stereotypes that women like. He displayed supreme non-neediness by pushing her away and telling her she was too young, whereas most guys (me included) would have been slavering over her like pigs. The appearance of a struggling writer, the frame of a ladykiller.

A week later I find out that for each of his three day 2’s, he turns up and is stood up. He’s a really nice bloke but I’m so jealous of his “3 Approaches – 3 Closes” fame that I struggle not to delight in the blow-outs.

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  1. This is the most awesome post I’ve read in ages. Is he consciously into game then?

    The only thing I don’t like is the year abroad thing, very gap yah. But then like you said he’s a Shoreditch type so it fits his image.

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  3. Good post, learnt alot 😊

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