Best Game Movies

On a lighter note..

I was reading Big-Toes blog and saw he was watching a Paul Newman movie. This got me thinking I should land-grab the topic of “Best Game Movies” and start a list.

If you’ve got suggestions, whack them in the comments and I’ll add them to my new exciting page devoted to this list.

I want movies with REAL men in them. Classic masculine figures from the golden age of cinema. Men that the vile filth in Hollywood dare not portray, or even conceive of anymore. Male figures of quiet strength, resiliance, honour, resourcefulness and kindness. Sheesh… can anyone remember what real men are like?

  • No bullies. No men concerned with how ‘hard’ they are (like 90% of men in the North East btw). Real men don’t wander round thinking about this all day, building shells of muscle and tattoos around themselves.
  • No one-dimensional men. Remember the old cowboy movies you used to watch on a Saturday afternoon at your nans? How there was always a few scenes where the hard-as-granite hero sat by the campfire telling a moving story. Real men are sensitive. Yet can still blow Lightning’s (his faithful horse raised from a foal) brains out with his Peacemaker lest the Commanche get him.
  • And we want Game. These men know how to deal with women. They’re not afraid of them. They’re intelligent. They’re smart. They know how to manipulate women.

I remember Roissy I think it was, had a clip of an old black and white movie on with a snapshot of game. It blew me away. The intensity of dialogue. The STRENGTH of the male character. It was like an aura projecting from him. I’ve never seen men like that in modern movies and it’s my loss.

I’ve been thinking for a while now on two conclusions:

a) old movies are loads better than modern ones

b) a steady diet of old game movies will provide nourishment and some kind of brain-programming stimulus for the Alpha within us.

Happy viewing.

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  1. When I saw “A Streetcar Named Desire” for the first time, I honestly thought Marlon Brando’s character of Stanley was supposed to be the good guy. The “heroine” Blanche Dubois is a spoilt, delusional parasite who is jealous of her sister’s raw love for her husband, and Stanley is the only person who sees her for what she truly is. Marlon is terrific in the film and has a real sizzling allure in his blue-collar masculine role.

    Imagine my horror when I did some research after watching the film and found out that we are supposed to hate Stanley and see Blanche as a poor victim and the abused heroine of the movie. I’ve never been so wrong about a film since I was told Schindler’s List was “a real box of tissues” movie.

    I didn’t wank once. Not even during the shower scene.

  2. Watch Paul Newman’s few short scenes in Road to Perdition. He was old and frail but still dominant and yes intimidating, a masterclass in both acting and frame control.

  3. Readers of Bhodisatta’s blog – what’s wrong with you all? The man is writing gold for you all here in his last few entries and people are not leaving comments. Krauser gets about a dozen comments each post and all he basically does is copies and pastes his Facebook conversations with naive Estonians. Sort it out.

    1. vert: we want lay reports, that’s what.

  4. Hey mate, inspired by this post I began thinking about peer groups and how they related to becoming an alpha male.

    I’ve stuck this post up on my blog (I’ll put a link in once I have changed my blogs name from my real name). I would appreciate your thoughts on my (leftfield) interpretation of what you are thinking in the above post.

  5. If you really want to see two guys always at the top of their game, then watch almost anything with John Wayne or Humphrey Bogart. Specifically watch Rio Bravo, McClintock, and Donovan’s Reef for John Wayne and The Big Sleep, Casablanca, and Sabrina for Humphrey Bogart. They both have more movies than that but those are some of the best. In 2 of the John Wayne movies he spanks the woman for catching an attitude with him, something that would never be shown in a modern day movie!

    1. Could be worse, I saw an old war movie with Rock Hudson in it and he cheekily raped a woman to teach her a lesson. Can you imagine that in a Brad Pitt movie?

      1. Sadly, Rock Hudson was a bummer who died of the bad AIDS. Never would have put him down as a crafty butcher.

      2. A lot of clint Eastwood films show some solid alphaness, like later in Gran Turino now he’s old.

        Saw High Plains Drifter the other day and one of the first scenes after rising into town and shooting a few troublemakers is him casually raping one of the towns women. A women who walked out of her way by 60metres just to ‘accidentally’ bump into him.

        Not condoning rape but one of the few films which references how a lot of women want that forcefulness and treads the fine line.

  6. Love Bart Lancaster in From here to Eternity. Embodiment of masculinity.

  7. Hey it would be interesting to hear if there are any updates on your plans, and where you are on leaving the North of England (if ever)?

  8. Alexander Nevermind Avatar
    Alexander Nevermind

    Purple Rain. Has push/pull, cocky/funny, the lot. And Morris Day running pimp game. Genius.

  9. Ryan Gosling in Drive (released 2011)

  10. Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling. Chateau Heartiste has a good post where the
    different scenes are connected with the principles of game.

  11. The Tao Of Steve. Gets a bit wishy washy at the end, but still one of the best movies of all time.