Howard Roark is dead. Long live Howard Roark.

Steve Jobs died today. I am deeply saddened by this. To me Jobs was the modern-day incarnation of the Howard Roark archetype. Please read a little about him and the history of Apple and you will see a supremely talented, fearless man who had a deep personal vision and had no quarter for anything else. It was inspiring to see a company run mercilessly according to the vision of one genius, rather than a swarm of moochers passing second-hand ideas around (e.g. Microsoft). When you bought an Apple product you know that Jobs himself had had an intimate involvement with every aspect of it.

Now illness has struck Jobs down. Will his successor be another Howard Roark? Probably not. But there are more Howard Roarks out there. If you’re reading this Howard; you are right: stick to your guns.


Contrary to the belief of some fools Apple products are not themselves “Beta”, they just happen to be popular with Betas. The exception is iPads, which definitely are Beta.

6 responses to “Howard Roark is dead. Long live Howard Roark.”

  1. Who are those fools, Bhodi?

    I agree on the Roark thing. I don’t care for Apple’s design aesthetic at all but I do recognise a talented driven man who brings shedloads of value into the world. Sad to see him go. I wonder what he thought of all the Apple fanboys who surrendered their balls to him – I’d have expected he found it distasteful.

  2. Jobs was great, I admire him but I don’t think he was someone who created new technology and world change like Bill Gates did. He made cooler, more aesthetically pleasing versions of other people’s technology.

  3. verticallyepicanthicvag Avatar

    As he is buried in the grounds of a huge stained-glass covered cathedral, Steve Jobs will die how he lived…

    …. overshadowed by windows.

    Now can you reply to my email please?

  4. What’s up with the blog update bro?Come on -get active lol!

    Anyway,I actually written a blog post about the iPhone being the worst thing ever invented(and I still stand by that).Not that you’d mentioned it:I guess they’re for betas lol.

  5. You have exactly the same blog theme as me

  6. HOLLY CRAP i read “STEVE JABBA died today”. Shocked me more! haha